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Texas Governor admits he ‘stepped right in it’ by comparing gays to alcoholics

  • Truth

    “”I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way.”” By this, isn’t he saying that he, himself, is gay and is suppressing it? How ELSE can he possibly say, with such certainty, being gay is a ‘choice’? As with ALL homophobes, they are simply closet cases. What truly heterosexual man obsesses about homosexuality like THESE people do?

    • anon

      I have a different theory why there is so much obsession with LGBT people from supposedly heterosexual men, because I don’t think “every homophobe is a closet case” can possibly be true all the time.

      When the Salem witch trials are on, you must denounce witches.
      When McCarthyism is on, you have to denounce communists, least you be suspected of being one yourself.

      I don’t pretend to care about American politics, but this has all the hallmarks of moral panic, with increasing hostility between “them” (LGBT people) and “us” (god fearing moral Americans). It’s basically a propaganda technique, aimed at an apparently unsophisticated electorate.

  • anon

    Die religion ist das opium des volkes.

    Just say’in

  • Katie

    “Texas Governor admits he ‘stepped right in it’ by comparing gays to alcoholics”
    Nah, I think that’s just an excuse: he didn’t step in anything, he always smells that way.

  • Mike

    I think you “aroused controversy” not arose

  • Translation:

    “I’m a bigot, with ignorant bigot opinions, and now I’m finding out that even fellow Republicans are not as bigoted and ignorant as me. Now I wish I hadn’t said it because it was a miscalculation, I had no idea that I was in an ever shrinking minority of hateful and idiotic people. My ignorant and religiously delusional opinion is the same, but I shot myself in the foot thinking all other Republicans were still as backward as I am”

    • anon

      Haha, nice

      • It’s what these nutters always do. There are a lot of Teabagger loons in the Republican party who don’t understand that the public is not on their side on this issue. They didn’t study the numbers of the last election and they haven’t worked out their moralistic and religious bullsh*t is being rejected by more and more voters.

        He’s just figured out that he’s still living in the 1980’s while much of the Republican party has moved on to at least catch up with early 00’s thinking. Of course, the Dems are in current frame of thinking when it comes to social justice and equality, but the Republicans are always a decade behind.

  • gingerlycolors

    People like Rick Perry drive me to drink!

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Why do these people keep spouting this garbage. Dont they know how to think before spouting this?

    • lord thorpe

      I am getting on a bit and have been listening to the same old garbage for over 50yrs. The sad old gits have nothing new to say. They keep spewing the same old rhetoric
      .Every day, every week, month and year they get less and less support. It’s a long struggle, keep chipping away.
      This of course doesn’t answer your question. The answer is I don’t know! But keep chipping away. It will happen it may take another generation (my generation) keep chipping away.

  • David Waite

    Dear PN Editors: Please compile a list of US pols who have stated “homosexuality is a choice.” If you do such a list as a story, together with their statements, I know how to make it go viral in the US. Together, we can force them to stop saying this in public.

  • to_tell_the_truth

    “STEPPED” in it??? He bloody well WALLOWS in such filth, nearly every time he opens his mouth.

  • I’m gud at wirting

    Perry arose controversy? That can only have come from the keyboard of Joseph Patrick McCormick

  • Brian Wagner

    Why do things that are potentially harmful seem to be the most pleasurable? Maybe Perry has a point, since in all their attempts to prove otherwise, science has not yet confirmed a “gay gene” or an “alcoholic gene”.

  • Gary D. Sargent

    Perry and his ilk can be summed up as nothing more than cheap opportunists and manipulators. Like the fictional character, ‘professor’ Harold Hill from the American musical, The Music Man, they have no religious convictions, they have no moral imperative, they have no public good that they’re defending; the only thing that is their one and driving goal is their self aggrandizement, and they count on the gullible public to buy into their smoke and mirrors act. Well, like most egomaniacs, the reality of the changing world has no credence with them. They have their ‘script’ and that’s what they stick to. We were the time honored boogeyman they could use to frighten the rubes into supporting them, but that has changed. The public is seeing us, now, as their friends, children, relatives, their doctors, lawyers, their sales assistants, the truck drivers who deliver the very things their daily lives depend on. We have become people, just as they are. They’re beginning to question these ‘shuck and jive’ artists and seeing them for what they really are, and they’re stepping away from them. Perry didn’t just ‘step into it’; he crossed that line drawn in the sand and now the piper will collect his due.

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