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Stonewall to be ‘guided by trans people’ on how it can support trans communities

  • atalanta

    Hi trans* folk, as I formulate my thoughts on Stonewall’s record of activism, I’m reminded of siblings advising each other on how to deal with their deadbeat dad.

    Cons: Based on Stonewall’s recent work for the LGB community, I’m inclined to recommend a two-word response, first word 4 letters, second word 3 letters.

    Pros: On the other hand they have a lot of cash, so maybe you should see what’s in it for you?

    As with deadbeat dads, on no account should you give them any money.

    • Paul – Canada

      I’m guessing it’s not “love you”… ;) Mum is in the picture now, could be worth seeing what she can do

  • gskorich

    the transcommunity and the gay community are on different paths and should remain separate.

    • David H

      There should only be one community – the HUMAN one. Anyone who tries to unite that community has my support. Sadly, given Stonewall’s track record, that support certainly isn’t unconditional. Atalanta sums up the position very well.

    • James Campbell

      What about trans LGB people?

    • Julian Morrison

      Trans people are measured by a recent large survey (google “injustice at every turn”) as 4/5ths non-straight. And a great many gay people are gender variant at least slightly. We have some of the same problems and a lot of the same enemies.

    • Paul – Canada

      No we’re not. My pain as a cisgender gay person feels no different to that of a straight transgender person. When someone calls me a faggot, it hurts just as much as it hurts when they call that straight transgender person a faggot. We must stand tall together.

    • TerminatriX

      Agreed. One’s either straight or queer. But separate does not mean silencing and erasure of gay folks who are also trans.

      • ‘gay folks who are also trans’

        Or maybe one might say trans and happen to be gay ~ otherwise it sounds like there is an inference that ‘gay’ is the primary identity which I think unlikely.

        Sorry to be such a pedant, but some less trans-friendly folk than yourself think of trans as a super-gay extension condition ~ which of course is nonsense.

  • Delius Rose

    Ruth Hunt trying to look relevant and applicable again now that she brought Stonewall into disrepute…..

  • Given what a terrible job they do of “representing” bisexuals, if I were trans I wouldn’t want them representing me.

  • Jones

    Maybe you could change the catchphrase: Stonewall working for equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.

  • Benjie Watson

    Hi guys, I’m trans and although I recognise that there are clear incidents in the past of Stonewall, misunderstanding or otherwise not properly representing the trans community’s concerns; I feel that their current position is a positive one. Many trans people identify on the LGB spectrum somewhere, and even if some of us are a-sexual or similar, it’s useful to have a large group like Stonewall to shout our message louder if necessary. I have trans friends who reject Stonewall, but I’ve always accepted them as an ally, because I’d sooner be with them working for equality for all minority groups than doing nothing.

  • lee

    they have problem supporting gay people how they expect to support anyone else well?

  • Stonewall (UK) do not enjoy the best reputation in the trans community for inclusion.
    The historical context of the Stonewall Riots is often cited.

    I have taken part in a small number of Stonewall fundraising events to help combat homophobic bullying in schools ~ the film ‘Fit’ was launched as a result. The film was an excellent attempt to challenge homophobic views and behaviours in schools, although the school I worked at was uncomfortable using it as the head himself was homophobic (great for me! ~ NOT). There is a scene in Fit where T issues are discussed but is rather spoiled by inaccuracy and labelling via the ‘tranny’ tag even though the film seems to be at pains to challenge labels within the gay community ~ a bit of an own goal there perhaps. Nonetheless, FIT is a useful tool and a good watch.

    I welcome Stonewall’s idea of becoming more inclusive of trans folk but I do feel that the ideals are not best suited to each other. Afterall sexuality (or partner preference if you prefer) and gender are often confused by the public as pretty much the same thing ~ ‘all trannies are gay, right?’ There is some mistaken belief that m2f TVs expressing femininity is just about ‘as gay as you can get.’ Add to this the Beaumont Society seeming to wish to deny that some T folk are in fact gay.

    GIRES, as but one example, have done so much to further the rights for trans folk that I would not wish to see their role or status diminish as a result of Stonewall’s new-found interest.

    I think it best that special interest groups continue to function separately but work harder to be joined in the common cause of advocating equality for all strands, in fact for everyone (except of course UKIP voters!)

    • Daira Hopwood

      Repudiating and apologising for the offensive trans scene in Fit and replacing the video with a better one might help.

      • Agreed. I think remember GIRES saying that they were invited to see FIT by Stonewall themselves ~ it was of course to late by then.

  • Shan Taylor

    Im a M2F transsexual and also lesbian. I think its only right that Stonewall supports and advises on trans women and men. Trans people were at the forefront of the original Stonewall Riots fighting for rights for LGBT people. If you look at the Umbrella term Transgender under this category there are transsexual, tvs. Cds, drag queens and drag kings. Transsexuals are the only ones under the Trans Umbrella that transition going through the long transition process of Gender Counselling, hormones, gender reconstructive sirgery to beceome the gender we have always seen ourselves. We as Transsexuals suffer everyday problems of acceptance, bullying in schools, in the street, in the workplace. I think Stonewall as the major LGBT Organisation will be a good thing for the Trans and whole LGBT Community instead of having all these different organisations fighting the same cause

    • That’s all fair enough; afterall, there might be nearly as many opinions as there are people. I have one question for you though; are you proposing that established T organisations both national and local move over now for Stonewall to carry the torch?

  • Passing Thro

    Stonewall is about SEXUALITY and Trans is about GENDER – but it could equally be said Stonewall is about money (and sexuality). The best thing trans people can do for themselves is keep well away from Stonewall, probably as much as Bi people should. From someone who has had massive and personal experience of Stonewall lesbians prejudice and discrimination!

  • TerminatriX

    I would think that living up to your existing mission would be just fine initially – and afterwards you would even have some cred re your capability of taking up a new one. How about actually supporting gay and lesbian folks who happen to be transsexual for a start? I have a wonderful young queer woman friend who i think would clearly benefit from less erasure of her sexuality because of her medical history WITHIN gay community. How about opposing members of hategroups getting published in the UK’s gay media?

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