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Former ‘ex-gay’ activist: Rick Perry’s ignorance about homosexuality is dangerous

  • Cal

    Not very interested in what this amoral arsehole has to say about anything. He should just go and climb under a rock.

  • Garry

    Quite impressed Paulk seems to have finally come to terms with himself, it’s good that he’s in such a visible position, has experienced the whole ex-gay thing, seen it for the sham it is, and is using the name he established while there to shoot the whole thing down.

  • Yesh U R

    Having spent years harming other gay men and women with his jesus hates you unless you pretend to be straight nice little earner, he saw the way the wind was blowing against that routine and hey presto! Now jesus love you and loves you for your money too. Paulk is a wretch and a prize cows melt and should be shunned.

    • We all should be proud to be gay and never let others force us to live a lie. We are what God created us to be. Many people suffer mental illness because of false religious doctrine. Yes! Jesus does love us, but be wary of those who want your money.

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