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Australia: Opera singer calls gay people ‘faecal masses’ in violent homophobic rant

  • Dazzer

    What a deeply unpleasant woman. I can’t see her having much of a career in opera any place other than Russia now.

    • lit per

      Australia has a lot of homophobes who will support this scum. After all more than 50% of australians voted for homophobic PM.

      • Joeoz

        Sorry… but I disagree…

        • lit per

          Their PM is “threatened” by homosexuality and wants to install Christian Sharia in schools, and more than 50% of Australians support it.

          • lord thorpe

            People are starting to realize that our prime minister Tony Abbott is an idiot, it just takes some people a little time to cotton on. Unfortunately we are stuck with him for a while. I don’t think 50% of Aussies support him. His sister is an out proud lesbian. Tony Abbott is an import from the U.K. he was born in London, wish we could send him back!

  • ^GAY ΠΑΟΚ^Πειρατικό ΕΛΛΑΣ^28^

    Αnd this is how anyone kills his career with his own hands ladies and gentlemen… :))
    Since she decided to make a public statement about her true homophobic beliefs and at least she didn’t just keep it for herself only so no one would knew otherwise then her job deserves to just die…R.I.P. she won’t be missed..

  • Rehan

    What an appalling individual. I can’t help wonder why, if she admires the attitudes of her home country so much, she doesn’t just f**k off back and fester there for the rest of her miserable life.

  • That There Other David

    It appears faecal mass is all that exists between her ears.

  • doug

    They allow anyone into Australia nowadays.

    • sara

      Nope..not boat people! Apparently we’d rather welcome this vile creature into the country. Sad huh? I’d much rather extend a hand to a family escaping violence and poverty than have this thing in our country!

  • Marc Webster

    Well this nobody certainly knows how to commit professional suicide…I doubt people in the opera world will want to work with her now

  • Mark Y

    So bored of these stupid homophobic bigots getting away with it in the World and carrying on regardless. This Woman had better get sacked from her position.

  • David Greensmith

    Disgusting. I suspect her career at the Opera Australia is likely to be cut short. Pretty stupid of her to make anti gay comments when she’s in an opera company. Let the boycott commence!

  • jayjonson

    I think any career she might have coveted in the West is not going to materialize. I hope she likes Russia.

    • lord thorpe

      Perhaps she could form a double act with Anita Bryant and tour Russia.

    • lit per

      She will sing for Tony Abbott.

  • kenthomes

    Good riddance to a disgusting piece of Georgian rubbish!

  • Neil Rhodes

    I like how these people so frequently demonstrate the courage of their convictions by …. deleting what they said. Hmm.

  • Peeeps99

    Oh dear, how long before the ‘apology’ and ‘my words were taken out of context and I didn’t intend to cause any offence’ comes out. My money is on shortly before she realises she is likely to be relived of her singing duties.

    • Silence Is Golden

      Just happened – look on her FB page: “I am shocked and saddened by the reports in the internet and in the Australian media calling me a homophobic.

      For my entire career I have been working with gay people and some of
      them are very dear friends. All of them can confirm that I never lost a
      word that might associate me with homophobic ideas.”


      • Peeeps99

        haha, well found, and straight from the cut and paste PR handbook on rebutting accusations of homophobia, we could all have written that ourselves! Never ceases to amaze me how many gay friends these homophobes claim to have

        • Silence Is Golden

          But wait, this is even more laughable: “Besides
          myself my husband was using my Facebook account at that time and he is a
          very religious man with a tough attitude towards gay people. He copied
          my text, changed it considerably and posted it under my name. You might
          imagine that I was not happy with that at all and I immediately deleted
          it when I saw the text about half an hour later.”

          • snowy

            EEouch! what a piece of work.

          • Steven Gregory

            Throws her husband under the bus, what a laugh!

          • Sister Mary Clarence

            Tell it to the judge in the divorce court …. your husband has just cost you your career …. and therefore your visas to remain in Australia

  • Roland Rocchiccioli

    Send the wretched woman
    back to Georgia. If things are so wonderful in her homeland why is she here where she’s not wanted. Go home you vile woman! It is incumbent on Opera Australia to sack her with out a moment of hesitation. She, and her twisted little mind, are not wanted in this country.

  • vversatile
  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    As much as I love opera, I could not, if the opportunity arose, attend an opera that featured her. She is finished in that field. She had better look for a new job.

    • sde20

      Cleaning latrines in Uganda.

  • CHBrighton

    Not only was her rant vile, but she also exposed her own inner workings. I’d be interested to hear what a good psychiatrist made of her outburst. She also makes it clear that she doesn’t think much of thevWest in general. But she wants to participate in our economy. But I would guess that her own words, so full of hate, will end her hopes of success.

  • Steven Gregory

    She is incredibly lucky that gays don’t care for opera, don’t populate its ranks as creatives or directors, and that the art form is robustly supported by homophobic neanderthals.

  • Steven Gregory

    It ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings… tra-la-la!

  • Brian Apple

    And women don’t have faeces? Give me a break!

    In fact, women are much more dirty than men. Women, in addition to having feces, also have monthly wastes. Ewwww.

    • lord thorpe

      I find this remark sexist and bigoted.

  • Sister

    I trust she’ll be flying (cargo) back to Georgia in the next few days.

  • Brian Apple

    She might have a lovely singing voice but that’s where I draw the line at lovely.

  • Jordy

    She’s also sealed her fate by singing the role of Desdemona.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    She’s a rabid dog…….treat as such and shoot her. OK, maybe that’s a bit too much but, she should at least be sent packing back to that piss-hole of a cuntry she crawled out from.

    • tillthen

      Who are you talking about? Mooshelle Obama, or Conchita? It’s hard to know.

  • lord thorpe

    She is not very bright and could well be biting the hand that feeds her. If I was in Opera Australia I would refuse to work with her,I have been retired for over 10yrs but such behaviour would not have been tolerated in my work place and I am certain all my colleagues would have supported me 100%. I think they should sack her and replace her with Conchita Wurst!

    • tillthen

      Oh, to be sure! Concita would make a great Brunhilde in Das Merry Widow.

  • Bob

    No, it’s not okay to be a bigot, or homophobic.

  • wildseas

    That is the end of her career. Silly woman. I have signed petition.

  • lit per

    Well, what would you expect from a country with anti-gay PM who is “threatened” by homosexuality.

  • Sean Egan

    Why is it that so many homophobes focus on poop?

  • Truth

    Great career move, love! But then, religious brainwashing knows no bounds.

  • sde20

    She might as well leave now as she will only get booed off the stage. She will never work in Australia, UK or USA again. Good riddance to her. She needs her mouth washed out with soap for blaming her husband for her vile comments. How Christian is it to lie and spread hatred like she does?

  • Daniel

    Bigotry will always out, as the moronic gene stampedes over common sense and intelligence.

  • doug

    She has the look of Eva Bruan.

    • tillthen

      Don’t you wish you could pull that off!

  • Rick

    This will not influence her career that much. Here in Austria opera diva Anna Netrebko appears on AIDS charity events, but when at home in Russia, she is very outspoken about her love for Putin and everything he does.
    Then there is the star conductor Valery Gergiev in the UK, who made apalling homophobic statements and expressed support for the Russian homophobic laws. Nothing happened to him either.

  • Wuang Zemin

    Boycott all her performances and records. Flood her agents which can be found on her websites with protests. We will then sit back and wait to see when she herself will truly be knee high in her own fecal mess. HURRAH!

    • jayjonson

      Don’t just boycott her performances, disrupt them.

      • tillthen

        You can take away the rights of others to enjoy their choice of artists. Why not! The gays, including sh!t, p!ss, and drag queens, have the SUPREME RIGHTS over all others, and all you butch straight guys don’t you forget it, and divas too. The Grand Wizard of the Gays has drawn a red line, which he learned to do from Baracko Obamo, and don’t you dare cross it. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I really mean it, just like Baracko…….and BTW, Moochelle will be holding a seminar on how to illegally fill out your wardrobe with Versace and Chanel using other people’s money. You must be a lib to get in.

  • Zambanini4Equality

    This rant was available online (though not on her FB page) over a YEAR ago! I notified 2 opera venues where she was going to perform in Austria and France, enclosing copies of the letter in Georgian along with the English translation. I never heard back from them and they let her perform! Hopefully they will boot her in Australia now that this story has hit the Internet big time!

  • Dan

    Opera Australia – she NEEDS to go!

  • Scott Amundsen

    This horrible woman must be labouring under the misconception that her status as an operatic diva makes her somehow a figure of authority. I was an actor in New York for ten years back in the Eighties-early Nineties, and I have news for her: the only place a performer has authority is onstage. Once we step off that stage at the end of the performance we are just ordinary people who happen to do work that others may consider extraordinary, but in reality acting or musical talent is no more extraordinary than what it takes to be a good doctor, engineer, lawyer, accountant, you name it; everyone has a skill set.

    But eye digress. Opera Australia would do well to get rid of her, and fast, because I suspect that a good portion of their audience are LGBT and they could lose a lot of money. And THAT, when you get down to it, is what it is really all about.

  • JackAlison

    australia will do nothing. its all slap on the wrist and “she’ll be right mate” the recent revamped federal anti discrimination law to cover anti gay discrimination was enacted with all the major religious organizations including govt. funded religious social services,hospitals and schools etc ALL TOTALLY EXEMPTED so the major discriminators are protected!!!!

  • sde20

    I suspect she has already left Australia ahead of a public lynching. Or maybe she’ll come down with a mysterious laryngitis on the nights of her shows.

  • Paul

    She’s entitled to an opinion but to openly advocate violence, let’s hope this shot in the foot causes her to professionally bleed to death, whatever talent she may have is now very tainted by the bile in her soul, she should stick to singing for rednecks in TX rather than educated people with taste in the world of opera.

  • Jasper Taylor

    Never heard of her and sorry I did hear of her. Unfortunately, her words have the power to incite violence in Georgia, so we need to shut her up. Petition is here:

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