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US: Texas Governor stands by comments comparing homosexuality to alcoholism

  • Valksy

    Of course he did – he either believes this (read about Perry and roll your eyes at how much of a bobble-head he seems to be) or he has had his strings pulled again by those on the right who own him.

    Do not ever trust a Republican on LGBT issues, it really is that simple.

  • Truth

    There’s a difference. Alcoholism is destructive and ruins many lives. How exactly does that translate to someone gay … unless, of course, Perry has struggled with his OWN homosexuality and feels his suppressed desires have affected him adversely? Many gay men, in denial, turn to alcohol to ease the enormous pain of constantly having to suppress their true orientation. His analogy between being gay and an alcoholic is VERY revealing – much more revealing than he would want people to know.

  • Len

    Either he’s not very bright or the hair-dye has seeped into his brain (finding it must have been quite a feat) – seriously, when will he and his like realise being gay is a simple fact not a lifestyle choice?

    • Truth

      Ah … but just suppose his whole theory is based on his own experience of making a ‘choice’ to be straight? No doubt he fully understands the pain of that and drinks to deaden it.

  • Rumbelow

    Rick Perry’s comments “stand on their own.” as sheer homophobic nonsense.

  • Daniel Spence

    Why is this superstitious, small-minded cretin a governor? He isn’t competent to be put in charge of a book club, let alone an entire state.

  • Psychologist

    Comparing homosexuality to alcohol addiction ???
    Not even in the same ball park Mr Governor !
    Homosexuality is entirely natural – plus causes NO HARM. However ADDICTION to alcohol IS UNATURAL, usually as a result of some sort of psychological disorder, and is HIGHLY damaging to themselves and to others !
    This display of blatant homophobia says FAR MORE about HIM, than it does about the victims on whom he projects his homophobia. Insecure about his OWN sexual orientation is the usual cause of homophobia !

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