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US: Lesbian Speaker rips into Rick Perry for ‘homosexuality is like alcoholism’ jibe

  • Karen

    If he is so easily “deflected” by a question from the audience then who would want him to be president. I’d prefer a president that didn’t have a mind like a butterfly, flitting from one topic to the next but never staying on one for any length of time.

  • Steven Gregory

    Perry has the genetic coding to be a dolt, evidenced by his inability to resist saying stupid things.

  • trinielf

    Poor Perry, the glasses aren’t having the desired effect of making him seem smarter. Perhaps he should try THICKER lenses, the kind that makes your eyes look all googly and gargantuan like Milton from Office Space.

  • Donna

    Why do the people keep electing “IGNORANCE” such as Perry? At least those who have evolved and now believe that the LGBT community deserve the same rights as everyone, were smart enough not to compare “gays” to addictions.

  • Jon (Malaysia)j

    Rick Perry is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual putrefaction.

  • kenthomes

    Religion……is why Perry keeps getting elected.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Two words explain this man’s idiocy: Religion & TEXAS.

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