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Netherlands: Plans unveiled for new LGBT-only ‘Gay Village’

  • si

    I have to admit I’m a bit mixed about it. On one side it does sound a very good proposal yet on the other it does smack of the self ghettoization of the gay community.
    It sends out the message in a way that says if you attack us we will go away to a place where we will be seperate from the rest of the community.

    • Roku

      I feel similar myself. The idea has its merits though Im not in favour of ghettoisation, although I think its part of human nature.

    • Ad Lib

      I agree. I feel strange about this. I’m not sure it would keep people safe. If you are looking to do violence, I think this neighbourhood would end up being targeted.

      I also love seeing diversity openly, everywhere—in the work place, out in the streets picking kids up from school, everywhere. When you have diversity, people get used to seeing it and by way of familiarity, can empathize. Tucking it away or segregating, I think makes it too easy to maintain detachment and continue to identify difference as “those people”.

      I can appreciate the desire to be around like minded people though. I’m just not sure this is the way to do it.

  • colonelkia

    The stupidest thing I have read today and sets a very dangerous precedent. Tolerance through being intolerant with a dash of segregation?!……..Sad

  • Mark Y

    It’s a horrible world when we have to build our own ghettos to feel safe. But, one of the good things about going out to bars in a gay street/district is not feeling like a minority for a change. It would be a good feeling to live somewhere where you weren’t a minority being judged all the time by heterosexuals. And it’s deffo a good idea for an older gay generation who could look out for one another instead of feeling isolated.

  • Rumbelow

    I think it’s a horrible idea to build walls and create ghetto communities for gay people.

  • Madgeographer


  • Ollie McFadden

    I think some of the other commenters need to remember that no one is being forced to live here and there are plenty of places around the world where this kind of thing has happened organically (certain parts of Brighton for example are almost only inhabited by lgbt people) Also, it is not a walled community and doesn’t sound like somewhere entirely separate, just a place which would be advertised as particularly lgbt friendly. I don’t doubt its being done with anything but the best intentions. I think sometimes we need to not be so tense about the trying of new ideas, personally as I grow older and have a family I think I would feel safer for myself and especially my children in a lgbt majority area.

  • lgbt

    having had to move because of bad neighbours, id buy on in a flash

  • nixiotemba

    one off the most stupid ideas I think
    I am an older disabled lesbian trans woman, not gonna hide myself for no one

  • felicity

    “Gay Village offers everyone from the LGBT community a tolerant, accepting environment.”

    Really? Half the article talks about how they plan to exclude straight people — so I can’t imagine straight transsexuals are going to feel very welcome here.

    I guess they meant LGB.

  • SM Kovalinsky

    I think diversity and openness is better than specialized identity neighborhoods. Things need to be addressed so that these kinds of enclaves are not necessary.

  • That There Other David

    I really don’t like this. Sounds like a developer cashing in on fear more than anything else. Can’t wait to see the ads….

  • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

    NO! We fought hard against Apartheid in S. Africa and we are now going
    to sanction apartheid for ourselves? What on Earth would be the point
    exactly? We are part of society and that’s the way we will stay, Thank

  • Halou

    Because running away always solves the problem.

  • Peter

    We are not going to hide away from anybody, we live in a free country with laws to protect us, we hold hands wherever we go and no one takes any notice. We were at Birmingham Pride a few weeks ago and felt comfortable holding hands, within the City, in fact we were congratulated for being a ‘handsome ‘ couple.

  • Daniel

    Apartheid is abhorrent, particularly when sanctioned by the state. How about tackling the issue itself and stopping the fear/crime.

  • Purple Mask

    Unfortunately it’s not ‘safe.’ What segregation is in reality; it is putting up a big label and a sign that makes it easier to target certain types of people for extermination. In 50 years’ time, when the world’s population gets too large for the amount of food we can grow, expect this to be the first community that disappears. Say no to labels, you’ll live longer.

  • Adam Lucy

    This is a terrible idea. Officially designating somewhere gays only sends the wrong message and leads the field open for other developers to create straight enclaves. We need more integration not segregation.

  • micky

    This does not seem right… if you replaced the word ‘LGBT only’ with ‘white/black only’, ‘hetro only’, ‘men/women only’, ‘christian/islam only’ etc etc etc

  • trinielf

    Getting everyone into one segregated place is where it starts. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. Integrate, disperse and spread the rainbow far and wide! I hope Dutch LGBT people aren’t stupid enough to fall for this.

  • Gary D. Sargent

    This separation from the mainstream of society is nothing new, in fact, it’s been done throughout history, where a particular group of people or religious group has built it’s own village or town where it was able to adhere to its principles, undisturbed. However, there was a period when this segregation reached a horrifying apex, and that was in the ghettos of Vilnius, Warsaw, Prague, and Krakow, during WW2, and it was the Jews who were the separated group. I’m of the generation that witnessed the results of it, and the idea of repeating this segregation sends a chill down my spine. Assimilation is the hallmark of enlightenment, and segregation is hate personified. The poet/philosopher, George Santayana said, “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.” Let us remember those lessons and take them to heart.

  • tjt72

    This doesn’t sit well with me. They are basically saying that anytime a group of people feel uncomfortable where they live, they should separate themselves from the others. I know they will have a choice to move to the safer community but it also sends out the wrong message. People everyday live in areas where they don’t feel so safe, it’s a part of life. If this was to happen for a certain race, people who call it racism and be all over it so why let it happen for people who are gay?

    I understand being scared to live in an area where you may not be so welcome and fear that you might be attacked for who you are. The only way we can fight hate is by standing up to it. Separation is not the answer.

  • Antimony Cup

    It´s a hoax, you guys. Here is a link to a dutch article clearing that up the whole thing was cooked up by Stichting Roze Maandag (Pink Monday Foundation) an organisation that organizes a local Pride event, and they were in cahoots with a property developer and a realter when they came up with this. Purportedly they let fly this ´test balloon´ to gauge the reaction in dutch society (which was predominately negative just like it was here on Pink News) and to give off the signal that LGBT people do experience unsafety in the Netherlands these days, which certainly is true.

    Personally I tink it´s in very bad taste, although I appreciate the underlying message. As usual though, they dance around the main issue, which is that LGBT is so badly viewed in the majority of the immigrant population that 95 percent of all ´incidents´ that cause this feeling of unsafety is perpetrated by this very group.

  • Peter Duncan

    Sounds like Apartheid

  • James

    Totally disagree with the whole idea. This is clearly segregation and not allowing integration with other communities.

  • HappyChappy

    There’s some fantastic sentiment in here in hell no we wont go but lets look at reality as this is not a national or Pan European scheme

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