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Ann Widdecombe: ‘I was very alienated by gay marriage’

  • Robert W. Pierce

    I suppose her gay friends are opposed to equal marriage!

    • Marc Webster

      And are religious and call themselves an abomination perhaps?….why would they want to be friends with her is a mystery to me

      • Truth

        Self-loathers, oviously. I note that the confirmed spinster doesn’t say whether her alleged gay friends are male or female. I suspect the latter. She has all the classic attributes of a rabid self-hating closet case ….

  • Rehan

    This is giving the woman far too much publicity.

    • David H

      Blooming woman’s hardly ever been publicity shy.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      But she articulates what a lot of others are thinking but dare not say, so to publicise what she says and react to it is to help alter the thinking of those who, so far, are of the same opinion as her. That’s the value of putting the spotlight on such loud voices and giving them the battering they deserve. Fail to deal with those who DO speak out, and their number and the number of supporters increases.

      • Rehan

        That’s true enough, but then we should be battering her on the Telegraph site or through her publisher, not here – I don’t see that that’s achieving much apart from allowing us to vent a little. And giving her book even more publicity.

  • Sevrin Caswell

    hurry up and die already old woman.

  • Truth

    I was very alienated by a woman who left her church because that same church was accepting women priests. A woman who hates women. Just as well that Parliament wasn’t as misogynistic or she’d have never been an MP.

  • Daniel

    Well Ann, I felt rather alienated at your relentless religious dogma that you kept spewing demanding that we all live by your values and not accept equality because it offended you.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      A truly nasty bit of work is Ann Widdecombe. The following paragraphs are from an interview published in The Independent some years back.


      If Miss Widdecombe is scary, she is most scary when it comes to her views.

      Aside from being anti-abortion, pro-hanging, anti-divorce and all the
      things we already know she is, I discover quite a few of her other
      betes noires.

      Feminism is one. “What a whinge!” she cries. “And positive
      discrimination! I would find it humiliating.” Working mothers are
      another. “So sad. If you have children, the children must come first.”
      And then there is sex before marriage, which she is all for. No, only
      joking. She is rather against it, as you can imagine.

      It undermines the family unit, she says. Yes, she appreciates sex
      isn’t just about procreation (“Otherwise, why would women past the
      menopause still want to do it?”) but, still, it is only for marriage.
      “It is the physical side of a life-long commitment,” she says. Sex
      before marriage, she continues, is only acceptable if you do it with a
      fiance. “At least, then, you are going to marry him.”

      Miss Widdecombe has never had sex. Yes, she’s still a virgin at 50.
      She’s only ever had one romance. It was with a fellow undergraduate at
      Oxford. But they never became engaged and so never slept together. I
      wonder, naturally, if she will ever look back and regret not giving sex a
      try, if only out of curiosity, if only to see what all the fuss is
      about. “Goodness gracious, no,” she exclaims. “Why does everyone think you can’t manage without sex or telly. I do very nicely without both.” No telly? “Too much filth,” she barks.”


  • Ms XMP will soon be moldering in the boneyard somewhere she won’t be bothered by marriage equality.

    • Steven Gregory

      She strikes me as the kind of person who each time she sees a happy couple — gay or non-gay — a piece of her wilts and turns to poison.

  • IEatCereal

    Ann, even if the conservatives hadn’t supported gay marriage they would’ve lost ground because of their unwavering austerity only stance. Naturally though its easier to believe that supporting us sinful gay people lost you seats.

    • Steven Gregory

      She has to blame someone, because she’s incapable of shouldering responsibility.

      • Rumbelow

        She’s incapable of loving relationship’s too, instead she has dedicated her life to the promotion and dissemination of malicious lies

  • Ra

    Westbroro Widdecombe is a hag that eats bad, ungodly children. Go away and guard some bridge you troll.

  • NickDavisGB

    You disgust me Miss Widdy, I feel alienated by your adherance to a dogma that kills people.

    • That’s the funny thing. She doesn’t adhere to all dogma. She was CoE until they started letting women in, then she converted to Catholicism.

      Not because she realised that it was the true faith or anything, presumably she didn’t agree with all the crap that comes with being a Catholic, transubstantiation, the infallibility of the Pope, saints and so on.

      But she was prepared to believe it if it meant not letting women in.

  • ian123

    So not being able to make others feel as alienated as she would have liked left her feeling “alienated”? So tough.

  • Terry Tezza Eastham

    I can understand that AW’s remarks upset people , and I agree with a lot of the comments here, but I do find it distasteful how often comments are simply along the lines of “why don’t you die?” or similar. Wishing death on anyone just for their views – bigoted and stupid as they are makes us as bad as the original commentator in my opinion.

    • clive

      I agree – and people can change (I know: I did). However, her views and pronouncements on this are so appallingly bigoted. Obviously she appears blinded and stupefied as a result of religion-poison – as was I for years!

      • St Sebastian, the Humanist

        There is one word that can replace all religions, respect. Ann, you and your religion fail that benchmark miserably.

    • Ra

      Anyone who is so uncreative to do nothing but be destructive and negative is already dead. I’d just like if ‘it’ would lie down and stop breathing so we can bury it.

      • Cheeky

        You would have to dig a big hole.

    • I have a great deal of sympathy for this argument. In any case AW did once live with a cat and I had a certain amount of sympathy for her when her cat died.

  • doug

    ‘…people were often surprised that she has gay friends.’

    Of course, they’ll not be so surprised when they discover they’re all catholic priests.

    • Dazzer

      That was so evilly funny. Thank you for that.

    • gutaitas

      LMAO!! I nearly choked on my breakfast. Excellent comment!

  • TampaZeke


    I can think of no other group of people more deserving of alienation than BIGOTS!

  • Ray

    Will no one rid us of ‘Doris Karloff’ already? (I suspect real aliens -even the Daleks- would give her a wide berth…)
    She really should just stay in her cottage on Dartmoor and frighten the local sheep or such during a full moon as:, the ‘hound of the tory basketcases’

  • Lee Hobson

    Join UKIP you pointless creature

  • Valksy

    And the tiniest fiddle in all the world plays a sad, slow lament…

    (She does realise that there are other people in the world, right? And that her personal needs are not paramount? I know solipsism and narcissism are common amongst both the right and the religious but still…..)

  • Mark Y

    Anne Widdecombe’s biography….. on sale now from all good petrol station bargain bins for 50p. Free with a can of oil or if you use the car wash.

    Who the fck would buy that book?

    • Finnigan

      More likely pulped at the toilet paper factory, where it will have its true worth, wiping the sh*t away.

  • Carl

    Ooooh, poor Ann.
    BUT, what about the alienation that gay people have suffered (and continue to suffer) for centuries at the hands of religion? She doesn’t care about that, does she?
    And if she thinks same-sex marriage has not been tested, then what are civil partnerships? What about other countries that have had equal marriage for years now? Of course that doesn’t count for this woman. She is truly a bigot.

  • Rumbelow

    I hate gratuitous liars like Ann Widdicombe, I think lying is deeply immoral especially when someone is lying to deliberately hurt others as she does.

    The repeated lie is that same sex marriage was not in the 2010 Tory party manifesto document “A Contract For Equalities”.

    In reality this freakish alleged/self-proclaimed virgin and compulsive liar is just highly peeved that this equality measure was implemented at all.

    I cannot imagine how same sex marriage can possibly have any impact upon an unmarried alleged virgin spinster and lying sore loser.

    Vile old crazy sow and a compulsive liar is Ann Widdicombe.

    • Truth

      And Widdecombe has always bent the truth. Without a scrap of evidence, she has regularly used emotive phrases like, “the majority of people think …..” think this or that. That has the effect of making you believe you are in a minority if you disagree with her. Like Norman Tebbit, she’s a Neanderthal religious fruitcake bully stuck in a bygone, irrelevant era. Thank f**k she’s out of politics.

      • Psychologist

        Indeed truth – HORRIBLE woman ! Best thing she ever did was …. being dragged round the dance floor like a MOP, on Strictly Come Dancing ! (she makes a good floor MOP !)

      • Norman Tidbit?

  • Sparkyu1

    I was constantly alienated by her endless venemous hatred and the bigotry of her church.

    She doesn’t have to marry a woman. I have to endure people like her in government and positions of power

    • Truth

      Ah! But there, I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Is she yet just another sel- loathing, homophobic closet case? How could you, as a woman, turn your back on an organisation because it accepts women into its ranks? It makes no sense whatsoever ….. unless it is the ultimate example of internalised homophobia: a woman who hates women…?

  • Oliver216

    Forgive me if my sympathy is rather limited.

  • spiritbody

    “David Cameron just bulldozed the whole thing through, though it had never been in any manifesto or tried or tested.”

    Dear Ann. Gay people are not there for you to discuss what rights they should be given, and what rights they should be denied, or for you to debate whether they are a danger around children or not, or whatever other crap you feel you should have the right to argue. You don’t. It was absolutely right that this legislation was pushed through as quickly as possible. You’re angry that you feel you didn’t get the chance to put forward your cruel and bigoted views.

  • CHBrighton

    It’s sad when a person like this is unable to understand how her own attitudes marginalise and alienate whole swathes of people. There is nothing preventing her from practising her religion but, like others of her ilk, she wants to dominate others and make them live their lives according to her religious dogma. Those days are over, Widdie; we’re trying to build a society where everyone has an opportunity to flourish.

  • Peeeps99

    She might think she has gay friends, more likely they’re just too polite to tell her where to go, and tolerate her rather like a dotty old aunt

  • Rich the sutHrIVer

    This woman & her views are irrelevant.

  • Katie

    Before you start to feel too sorry for yourself, Ann, you might care to ponder that the fact that the self-proclaimed ‘politically neutral’ BBC accorded you the privilege of being on Strictly Come Dancing – whilst it still refuses to do the same for same-sex couples – might be some indication that as a heterosexual gender normative individual you still very much receive preferential treatment. Just sayin’.

  • Steven Gregory

    Maybe Widdy thinks if gays can’t marry each other, one will marry her. She obviously has no gay friends, just look at that hair!
    What a pompous skinbag.

  • johnflondon

    This woman is shown a respect, tolerance, understanding and forbearance that she consistently denies to other people. I just don’t get it.

  • Psychologist

    She’s just a pompous old ******* ! A Hateful old B******* ! A Homophobic bigot, you can’t trust a word she says, because she constantly bends the truth to somehow legitimise her views ! Horrible woman !

    The best thing she ever did was being dragged along the dance floor like a mop, on “Strictly Come Dancing” !

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      My, my, Psych. Haven’t YOU forgot your professional standards of behaviour? :-) Or is your outburst illustrative of a mighty and uncontrollable impulse that seizes you at the mention of this particular individual’s name?

      • Psychologist

        :) Sometimes, it’s just HIGHLY therapeutic to “say it like it is” and get it “off your chest” …..! Expressing disgust (or any feelings for that matter) is good for us, as opposed to bottling it up. :) (even I’m allowed a day off from being “official” ! :)

  • PJ

    What about the gay people alienated by the refusal of bigots like Widdy to follow the teachings of Christ and not judge others and treat others as they want to be treated? Or does Widdy think that just because she never married, no-one else should be able to marry the person they love? National Treasure? National Disgrace, more like.

  • Gruffling

    People are surprised she has gay friends? Really? I’m surprised she has any friends at all.

  • Sandbur

    Alienated because no woman chose her!

  • Michael David Barber Moghul

    Lol. Who cares u bigot.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Widdecombe has a considerable following in the UK, Michael. That’s why we care that she keeps popping up and reinforcing the hatred of her band of followers. For many she’s a “fine figure”, a “national treasure”, a “British matriarch”, for reasons which we find inexplicable.

  • RobVancouver

    “David Cameron just bulldozed the whole thing through, though it had never been in any manifesto or tried or tested.”

    Not tried and tested? The UK was the umptieth country to gain marriage equality. Whatever your views, it has definitely tried and tested.

  • RedDevil9

    Isn’t she also rather alienated by straight marriage too, or by sex of any kind, or by any loving at all? She’s quite possibly a middle-aged virgin. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, each to their own, but just because she’s not getting any, doesn’t mean she has any right to try to stop other people who are in committed relationships from getting married.

    • Rumbelow

      Middle-aged? that is rather generous of you.
      When asked if she had ever had a sexual relationship, Widdecombe laughed “it’s nobody else’s business”, so it’s a pity Ann herself refuses to mind her own business when it comes to poking her own nose into gay people’s relationships then isn’t it?

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      She IS a virgin, and very proud of it. See quote from interview at top of this thread.

      • Joeoz

        Perhaps she wants to stay a virgin…
        So she can be one of the 72 given to a martyr…?

      • Steven Gregory

        It would probably take a nuclear missile to puncture that hymen. EEEEW!

    • john lyttle

      Ann left middle age behind some centuroes ago.

  • St Sebastian, the Humanist

    Well Anne luvvie, perhaps you understand how we have felt for millennia. No sympathy, it doesn’t affect you, nobody is trying to force you into a same sex marriage.

  • Nicky Mitchell

    I’m heartbroken…I have always carried a torch for you Ann….but alas you will never be mine and I’ll never get to take you up the aisle! Seriously, who cares?

  • Jon (Malaysia0

    Ann, you need to focus on the fact that gay people are here with you, not for you. Not for you to discriminate against, regulate against, criticize, marginalize, trivialize, or hate. We are here with you to enjoy our time and lives here the same as you. I see that pic and read those words and see a bitter old woman whose life has been privileged so the bitterness looks a bit dramatized. She and I are about the same age and I can’t find anything but joy in myself watching the equality evolving. It’s a wonderful thing.

  • JackAlison

    fartarse Ann and Lady Tebbitt make a good pair.
    Both in God’s waiting room
    Do us all a favor

    • PJ

      What a repulsive comment. I have no idea what Lady Tebbitt’s views on gay marriage might be, but neither she nor Widdy deserve that level of abuse. If you can’t say something intelligent, then do us all a favour and shut up.

      • JackAlison

        oh and I thought I was being nice?
        U might hurt my feelings?lol
        these 2 pieces of vermin human trash deserve every bit of abuse for fueling vicious vindictive hate speech over the years.Unlike you I have seen how toxic their views have been and as for intelligence troll back through many of Tebbit and Widdy’s “delightful” comments on gay ppl. and what I have said is mild considering their “intelligent” comments.
        point 2
        theyre in the public eye as elected officials that means what they say is up for reply and abusive response considering their own toxic views have been incredibly damaging over the years.

  • raphjd

    While Ann claims to be against theocracies, she believes that every country should be ruled by the bible.

    Obviously she cherry picks the bits she likes about the bible, such as hating gays, while ignoring that god also said that the 7 deadly sins were abominations. She was clearly a fan of gluttony for several decades.

  • Avalon666

    She should go and live under a bridge with Peter Hitchens !!

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      A very apt pairing , Avalon. I wonder if they could get on. Who would let who be boss?

      • john lyttle

        Ann is a top.

  • Alex

    Oh dear, poor her. It must be so hard.

  • Stephen

    She can take her buybull and shove it up her unf***ed vagina.
    Why is a geriatric, virgin’s opinion on marriage of any relevance to anyone.
    She is a Tory – they Tories hate gay people,.

    • JackAlison

      LUV IT
      the old virgin witch

  • The Halcyon

    Widdy alienated by gay marriage. Unlike the female prisoners she insisted be handcuffed to prison wardens when giving birth.

  • lord thorpe

    Why would an elderly virgin spinster feel alienated by same sex marriage? Surely the poor old biddy should feel more alienated by heterosexual marriage. Unless she is a closet lesbian. Either way do we really care? Poor old soul.
    She should be in a home for the terminally bewildered for her own safety and the good of the general public! I mean that in a nice way.
    Any compassionate lesbian ladies out there willing to take pity on the poor old soul and marry her?
    I don’t mean to be unkind (not in my nature) BUT—- imagine how much nuttier she would be if she had, had her brain’s banged out on the bed head! I don’t mean that in a critical way. You have got to feel sorry for her.

  • Steve Cheney

    Christian persecution complexes irritate me, but we shouldn’t just dismiss them as mad people.

    Like any privilege, if people are constantly told that it’s a right, they believe it; and when that privilege is necessarily taken away and/or given to others, they feel like they’re under attack.

    The answer to this is not to attack them for feeling that, but to be patient and explain. Probably they won’t listen, but given time and the benefit of experience (e.g. of same-sex marriage conspicuously failing to result in the downfall of humanity) they’ll probably find a way to convince themselves that they worked it out on their own, and in fact always believed it, and that will satisfy their pride.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      That method CAN work, Steve. But loud and humiliating public ridicule can also kickstart change.

    • john lyttle

      I believe we’ve wasted enough time on this lot already.

  • Kim-Berlin

    dreadful woman – but typical of religious people how believe they have the sole claim to morality.

  • qv

    Saddened to see Ann Widdecombe abused on the grounds of being an “elderly virgin spinster” and “poor old biddy”. I too am an elderly spinster and poor old biddy and do not feel that my views are more valuable for having had sex.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      QV, just put those unfortunate descriptions down to peoples’ fury at the insults that Widdecombe continues to publically hurl in our direction.

    • john lyttle

      Is that you Lady Bracknell?

  • Scoutdubna

    Its good that you are no longer in Parliament. Do us all a favour and keep your views to yourself.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Once again, we are treated to the stupidity that is the far right or the religious…..oh, who are we kidding, their the same damned thing. Anyway, to Ms. Waddleccunt’s point regarding SSM not being tried or tested…….uh, excuse me? There are several countries that have had SSM, at least 5 going on 10 years now and guess what? NOTHING! No churches being forced to marry gays, incest, polygamy, necrophilia, fornophilia, nor pedophilia have been legalized. The world continues to spin on its axis and life goes on. The simple, solitary reality in all this is: Religious people are vile and disturbed individuals who should be kept at arms length from the levers of government.

    And no, I didn’t spell her name wrong, I merely spelled it so as to capture her essence.

  • Staircase2

    Not sure why they still keep on with the lie that Equal Marriage ‘was not in any manifesto’ – it was included in the Conservative Equalities Manifesto 2010:

    This was also discussed in Huffington Post here:

  • wildseas

    Um so what if you felt alienated? Who cares because I certainly don’t. You? Who are you anyway? A bag of dirty washing tied in the middle makes more sense than you do.

  • Steven Gregory

    From what I’ve found out, she was also alienated by heterosexual marriage. It seems intimacy has an allergy to her.

    • Joeoz

      I could suggest she buy an inflatable man… but alas, no inflatable product has yet been produced to take her hulking maiden frame!

      • Steven Gregory

        Michelin’s Bibendum?
        A stack of tires for an old wreck!

  • lee

    And yet she is ALWAYS hanging around gay men

  • john lyttle

    The mad cat lady of British politics.

  • john lyttle

    And gay marriage was in theTory manifesto. Can’t the old girl read?

  • gregipoh

    i guess she’s the butch female version of Norman Tebbit, but both their voices can cut through sheet steel at 50 metres.

  • God, everything I was going to say has been said much better by others.

  • Alienation comes from within.
    Perhaps love of the self is the problem?
    Always condemning others who enjoy and love lifes diversity?
    Apples and oranges.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I seriously don’t understand why this bitter elderly woman gets so much face time. In my home country it seems that finished congressmen or senators can’t get any at all unless they aspire to some future higher office ie: failed presidential candidate Rick Santorum (see google).

  • Andrea_Rae

    Damn, I woulda bet a fiver that she is transgender……

    • Joeoz

      I was thinking just the same thing… or perhaps a man in bad drag?

  • kescasper

    has this woman ever been intimate with anyone to understand what love is never mind keep spouting her arrogant nonsense. but to start with why do we need to know what this woman’s opinions are anyway. She is about a relevant as farting. Mind you farting is fun and widdecombe definitely isn’t in any way shape or form.

    • Steven Gregory

      Someone posted that she is still a virgin and proud of it.

  • idavo

    This from the woman whilst Prisons Minister passed a law to chain women in labour to their beds, in case they got up & tried to escape while having a baby.
    She is a bloody idiot with no clue abo anything.
    Stick to feeding your 30 moggies & washing your cardigans in cat piss.

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