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World Bank: Homophobia costs Indian economy 30.8 billion dollars

  • Read

    This story is utter balls.

    • Cocteaut

      As are your comments. Birds of a feather perhaps.

  • Riondo

    I don’t know how the figure can be so precise, but the point is important – stigmatizing and marginalizing people is disastrous for their productivity and contribution to society.

  • Lew

    not sure how I feel about this… it’s certainly pragmatic…but then it maybe leading us down a dangerous path but simply measuring peoples rights on an economic level. What if there are situations where being different is not economically sound? Where does that lead? I’m sure there are many bigots who will bend over backwards to demonstrate this. After all you can argue black is white with statistics. Once again the most sound way to fight against fear and ignoranceis to educate and to demonstrate our humanity.

  • Huge Move

    Bad for us, Indians.

  • A monetary quantification of an idea called homophobia. I wonder how much money love costs an economy, if we were to try to quantify it in such ways?

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