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US: Gender non-conforming teen forced to ‘look like a boy’ for driver’s license photo

  • Rai

    If binary females are allowed make up in those photos, then he should as well.

  • Rebecca Armstrong

    discrimination anyone … men can wear make up infact more men do than you think … goes to prove the people who work in these places dont get out much every single person you watch on your tv wears makeup in some form or another

    go back in your cave and pay more attention wile watching your only social obligation the box in the corner of your room

    what a pathetic bigot

  • Sean Prunka

    It seems to me that the law that prohibits disguise should, in fact, force him to wear his make-up, not prohibit it. If he wears make-up all the time, then that’s his normal state, and a lack thereof would be more akin to a disguise.

  • Charlie Galvin

    The purpose of photographing someone is so that they can be accurately identified as the holder of the driver license. This would suggest that they should be photographed as they customarily appear. Regardless of whether the photographer happens to like their style.

  • chrisjames147

    eh, South Carolina DMV where everyone can purchase their Jesus Saves vanity plates for the front of the car (no lie). Of course they discriminate.

  • Erica Cook

    Not to meantion if he is pulled over for any reason, he won’t look like the person on the ID because he will have makeup on in real life.

    • Paul – Canada

      I have to renew my licence next year. Maybe I’ll send in a photo with me wearing makeup.

  • So, to clarify, women are forced to remove their makeup before having their license photo taken too?

    • anya

      no they are not when i got mine both in minnesota and in north carolina i had on make up and was never asked to remove it

  • Brianna Braxton

    People are making a big deal out of nothing. If a woman was wearing enough makeup to look unrecognizable from her true self, no one would care that she had to take off her makeup. But since it’s a boy, it’s top news. Get over it!

    • Emma

      Clearly you are missing the point of why this is a problem……read some of the other comments.

      • Brianna Braxton

        It seems like the problem with most people is that females are allowed to wear makeup. But lets say a female walked in with a fake beard and mustache, regardless of if thats what she usually wears, she would have to take them off. I don’t understand the issue here.

        • Emma

          Look at this way, generally cis females will wear makeup to take their photo and no one will take a second glance. This is because that is what that individual cis female is presenting herself as and no one would argue with that. However in this scenario, the cis male tries to portray as feminine regularly. It’s not a disguise if the cis male is dressing accordingly to what they normally do. I hope that helps clear it up.

        • C Nelson

          If that’s what she usually wears, she should *not* be forced to remove them. The point of the license is to *identify* you with a photograph of what you look like on a fairly normal day. If they force you to be photographed looking completely unlike what you usually look like, they’ve rendered the license useless as photo ID and caused you multiple problems down the line every time you need to use it as photo ID.

  • Philip Marks

    Well…I think I can explain it all in two words:

    He will win once the lawyers engage.

  • Jessie Armentrout

    “… but was told to “look more like a boy” because regulations prohibit license photos taken in “disguise”.

    number of states have similar prohibitions, and they have a good reason
    for it. Your photo should look like you as not to confuse anyone looking at your ID.

    is where s/he should explain that ‘looking like a boy’ would be a
    disguise. What they have ordered actually goes against the intent of the

  • Katie

    The irony is that the paranoia surrounding photos on driving licences probably has something to do with the USA’s ‘war on terror’ – so in pursuit of this Idiot America prosecutes a crackdown on those who dare not gender conform with characteristic talibanesque fervour(!)

  • VP

    I notice that Pink News’s commentary chose to refer to Chase as “they”, while everyone else involved, including Chase’s mother, used “he”. Now, we don’t appear to have Chase’s preferred choice of pronoun to settle the issue, but given that the mother seems very supportive and uses “he”, and Chase’s own response is along the lines of “boys can wear make-up too if they want, it’s how I like to be dressed”, rather than “I do this because I feel female and would rather not be labelled as a boy”, using “he” would seem more appropriate. Just because someone doesn’t conform to traditional gender stereotypes in one area, that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t be comfortable conforming in others.

    In fact, were Chase transgender of some stripe, and not comfortable identifying as male, then he actually wouldn’t be gender nonconforming – he’d be using the traditional trappings of his actual gender.

    • Jezzer

      I’m pretty sure he’s not transgender. There’s no mention of him stabbing gay allies in the back.

  • Steven Gregory

    If the law is against disguises, then all applicants wearing makeup should be required to remove it. all people with dyed or bleached hair should be required to restore the natural color, and all applicants should be stripped naked.

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