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Austria: Gay MEP attacked with acid at Vienna pride parade

  • Timmybear

    And so, when people ask if I’m anti-family, I say: ‘Sure am, given how it’s been coded by these idiots.’

    • Yes, in this context at least, “family” now means “spray acid at complete strangers who never harmed you”. That’s so different from how I was raised to think of family.

  • My heartfelt sympathies Ulrike – I hope you recover soon without any major repercussions

  • Daniel Spence

    Spraying someone with acid is truly barbaric. Since many of these nutjobs do this crap in the name of their religion, maybe they should ask themselves the question: “what would Jesus do?”. Because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have done that.

  • gutaitas

    Shocking! I hope when they catch the bastard they lock him up for ever!

  • Mat. XD

    What a disgusting attack, thank goodness she’s alright, physically anyway.
    I hope the attacker is caught and given a severe sentence. Acid attacks come with a lifetime of suffering, something not to be wished upon anyone.

  • SM Kovalinsky

    How awful. Unbelievable. :(

  • Leonard Woodrow

    It’s the evil side of “Christianity” rearing its ugly head.

    • RedDevil9

      Or non-religious bigots using religion to justify their hate. Repeating phrases like ‘God made Adam and Eve..’ to try to ‘validate’ their homophobia, when they don’t even believe in a god and aren’t religious. Neither am I, but I’m sure we’ve all come across people like that before. Hate and prejudice grows, it festers inside some people. I hope they get caught and get a long prison sentence, though it shouldn’t be longer just because she’s an MEP. All sentences against people involved in malicious hate attacks like this should be long.

  • SpaceDandy

    The peaceful religious people attack the evil gay society. Actually extremist religious people are the reason homophobia exist.

  • This could be either the “pro-Family” extremists or far right extremists, both are becoming more dangerous and desperate around the world right now.

    I hope she recovers fully and shows these little fascists just how they are continuing to lose completely throughout every aspect of society.

  • Rehan

    Truly shocking, as is the fact that the acid-thrower got away. It’s also a grim reminder that we can’t become complacent just because we live in advanced, developed societies: there are plenty of people out there who’re violent and deranged and wish us harm.

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