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Video: Adorable film tribute to adoptive gay dads

  • Danny

    Should be shown to the old staid Bishop’s, who criticize LGBT people who love each other and care for the welfare of others, Is that not what Christ was about/

  • CRW

    Well so far today my adopted daughter has pissed the bed and slapped me round the face to wake my up from a peaceful snooze.

    Maybe I will have a wait a few more years for the thanks!

  • Ukstopgaybully Lgbt Stopgaybul

    Totally Awesome, renews Our Faith in Humanity ! How we wish we had Parents like that ! ‘Weird’ You aren’t, Brilliantly Kind, Caring, Tolerant and Loving You are ! How we wish other parents were like that !!! Happy Fathers Day ;o) XXX

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I love the fact that the two fathers are not caucasians. (Wake up China, Korea, Singapore, etc!)

  • Peter

    aaaaaaawwwww is all I have to say

  • Cal

    It was cute but the fact that it is complete fiction renders it a bit meaningless. Who is it for? Showing real families in real situations would have been more effective in this instance. Sorry.

  • barry

    As my civil partner and I are gay dads, i’d just like to say “Thank you” for this affirmation of love by our children.

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