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Video: Ricky Martin changes lyrics from ‘she’ to ‘he’ during Morocco concert

  • Pet

    I like him. I’m not keen on his music, though.


    Rainbow flag at the same concert: #Morocco #Pride

  • Psychologist

    It’s always seemed strange to me, that singers who we all know are gay, still sing love songs as though they were aimed at “opposite sex” relationships. Surely they would be better singing such love songs as though to their lover of same-sex. It would have much more credibility, and perhaps even enhance the performance, from having more integrity.

    • JJJ PPP

      Totally disagree.
      Songs are fiction, just like acting.

      • Psychologist

        That’s your opinion, and of course, you are entitled to them.
        However, acting is almost always just that .. ACTING a part. Whereas many singers write songs “from the heart”, and often about from their personal experiences. In these cases (and it was specifically these I was referring to) it seems to have more integrity for a gay man to be singing love songs which refer to a lover of the same sex. For me, it has much more integrity, and also opens up a “new era” of same-sex based love songs.
        I can’t think WHY you wouldn’t agree with that.
        Also, voting up your OWN comments – NOT COOL !

        • John

          Ricky Martin does not write his own songs….



    • Guest

      must be wonderful to live in black and white world

  • Christopher in Canada

    He bangs.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Too funny! I’m sure he does! :)

  • Perpetua

    Dutch singer Emmy Ameling sang “The Girl from Ipanema” about 20 years ago, changing girl into boy half way through and then all the “boys” go “oooh” for the “boy”.

  • Moroccan

    Obviously he thinks he is being so controversial and edgy by proclaiming his love for a partner during song using masculine pronouns, but in fact this is the norm in Arab countries. We sing about our girlfriends as if they were male. Even our gay singers sing about their love for their boyfriends publicly instead of spending twenty years pretending they are singing about a woman before coming out and trying to publicise their homosexuality in muslim countries to compensate for it. Take Mashrou3′ Leila for example: A gay guy in a Arab country singing about how he wishes he could take his (ex) boyfriend to visit his family.

    White gays need to learn more about the world than what they need to pull their “tropical and exotic white loving twink”.

    • Christopher in Canada

      Such an approach to life surely must be tiring, if not schizophrenic.

  • Jestlick

    Good for Ricky

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