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US: Wisconsin judge halts same-sex weddings

  • Rory

    I wonder how much money they bribed her with.

    • @Mike-uk2011

      None, she was required to put a stay on it temporarily. She was, and still is for same-sex marriage in Wisconsin.

      • James

        Yeah, the Supreme Court already put a stay on a largely identical ruling in Utah. If she hadn’t, the appeals court or the Supreme Court would have probably overruled her within days.

    • Stefan

      Her comment made it pretty clear she thought it was wrong, but judicially she felt compelled to do it.

      She basically said ‘this is bad and I FEEL bad!’.

  • Jock S.Trap

    This is disgusting. Toying with people’s affection because the religious believe they can.


  • Robert W. Pierce

    What a screwed up system and we thought ours was bad. This is one of the downsides of federalism when it comes to justice and equality for all. I’m so thankful we don’t have it in the UK.

    • Ron

      Yet gay marriage is not recognised in Northern Ireland. We have our own type of religious bigotry in the Kingdom.

      • Robert W. Pierce

        That’s because NI has a devolved assembly. I’d still take the UK system than the American method of administering justice. If the UK were a federal system, we’d never have equal marriage in England, Wales or Scotland, let alone other equality.

  • SpaceDandy

    The best option is supreme court legalize gay marriage for all states in America.

    • Brett Gibson

      They’d never dare do that, there would be national uproar in the red states

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    She is only doing her job properly so nobody with have any reason to disagree when it becomes legal. And as for the couples who are already married I would not worry.

  • David Anthony Evans

    Misleading headline – the judge did not want to impose a halt but was required to while bureaucracy played out.

  • Jordy

    What the hell is happening in Wisconsin. They’ve managed to kill the unions, and now start again with gay marriage.

  • Without public support, this is still going to be a difficult row to hoe.

  • Bruce

    I wouldn’t worry about this much. If anything, it is more than likely tactically advantageous to securing marriage equality in Wisconsin within the very near future. By following the rules and procedures, he rulings cannot be overturned based on technicality or breach of procedure. It can also be seen as fair play toward the anti-gay argument. However, by allowing the window of opportunity for 500 odd couples to marry, she has provided a foot in the door and the opportunity for the pro-equality argument to show evidence of genuine injury, which I believe will ultimately win the argument. A very shrewd move. I commend her.

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