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US: Police officer kisses boyfriend in front of Westboro Baptist Church protest

  • Paul Alphonsis Mcneice

    Fab!!!!! These two guys rock

  • Bikerman

    Love it!!!

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Yes, what an amazing image! A police officer kissing the person he loves, while loons in the background bandy that ancient order to “Repent!” around in the background!

      (Must remember to use that word on my partner, round the house! “Repent!” I demand you “Repent!”) LOL.

  • Ben

    Love it… I’d love to see this with a British cop here in York on the 21st June when we have our Gay Pride day :D

  • Rob

    Big thumbs up to the police officer!

  • Pet

    Yes! No shame!

  • Psychologist

    Brilliant – right in front of WBC protest ! Well done guys !

  • Craig Young

    Well done, Officer Salter!

  • Phoenix

    YES Up their bums for protesting LOVE. Westboro Baptist Christians SUCKS!!! Their no real Christians for casting a stone at ANYONE. Look in the mirror you sinners for the judgement and hate you so called Christians are preaching to the public. Westboro needs to be in church repenting their own sins.

  • Timmybear

    Given that Steve Drain, the resident Bear of the WBC, has a Ph.D., you’d think it would have him review its tweets and correct the ‘their’ to ‘its’, as the proper pronoun for the collective U.S.A. is it, not they.

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