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Sergeant Major jailed for sexually assaulting lesbian soldier

  • Steven Gregory

    What a supreme dumbass. A sad shocker for his wife to find out he lied to her and he is a RAPIST. I guess legally if he had undressed a fellow soldier and was between her legs, it can be termed “assault,” but it’s RAPE. Two-and-a-half years is not nearly sufficient punishment.

    It’s sad that one must consider the female soldier — lesbian or not — was inebriated enough to be taken advantage of, and I’m sure that accusation will come up. Why do we teach “Don’t get raped” but not “Don’t rape?” If the legal penalty was harsh — this is not — then maybe men would seriously avoid such actions.

    • tillthen

      You are such an enlightenment and inspiration for all.

    • jelloshorts

      Thanks for being the only comment that doesn’t make me want to slam my head into my desk.

      • tillthen

        I’m with you all the way. The depth and the profundity of steverino’s dissertation is amazing.

  • tillthen

    Awwwwww, I hope she feels better.

    • Brooks Austin

      What a disgusting sexist pig you are.

      • tillthen

        Actually, you’re the one who is sexist, to suggest that because she’s a woman she can’t deal with this. Sexist pig!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Some claim this was rape. Nowhere in this case from what I’ve read of it suggests that penetration or intercourse took place. Sexual assault can mean many things. In spite of that. a disgusting crime. I hope the woman recovers from this awful ordeal.

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