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Final Fantasy XIV finally gets same-sex marriage

  • Maryland Kid

    This makes me extremely happy. Final Fantasy IV was the first video game I ever played, and I’ve always loved the franchise. It’s good to see that Square Enix aren’t just brilliant developers, but upstanding members of the community as well.

  • VP

    I think you mean “speaking via an interpreter”. Live, real-time, face-to-face conversion from one language to another is generally referred to as interpreting, “translating” is generally only applied to written documents.

    I thought I’d best say that, because my twin brother is one of Square Enix’s translators / interpreters (very possibly the one mentioned, given that he’s doing E3 this week) and he constantly upbraids me for getting it wrong.

    Also, that picture is from Final Fantasy VII (or, rather, one of its spin-offs). Are there no public domain images of XIV to choose from?

    • Arthur Sataine

      Plenty. Non-gamers reporting on something tend to completely mess up gaming coverage.

  • gingerlycolors

    Great news but no doubt the Ruskies will be throwing their toys out of the pram over this and either slapping it with an adults only certificate or banning it altogether!

  • CamashRed

    Final Fantasy VII (1997) had its fair share of the (stereotyped) gay too. Anyone remember the “Group Room” in the Honey Bee Inn? FFIX has Quina as well, who didn’t really /have/ a gender, and was referred to by a s/he pronoun (but in game, was sometimes he/him and wore both gender’s armour.)

    The jury’s still out on Lightning though… ;3

  • E.

    That picture is of Zack from Final fantasy VII: Crisis core

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