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Italy: Findus releases ad with gay man coming out to his mother

  • Michael2912

    You write; “The controversy comes…”: I’m at a loss to identify what is controversial here. Am I missing something?

  • Luke

    Non capisco proprio il fatto che non si fanno vedere.

  • Jesse Vincent

    Interesting. Who knew Pastas and fast foods were so interested in sexual orientation? Well… pasta’s always been seen as romantic but only recently has there been a controversy around it. Maybe frozen dinners are hoping to follow the gay rights supporting pasta companies financial gains?

  • Gerry

    Strange camera technique. No faces, just like Tom & Jerry !

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Can we have someone to translate what takes place in the advert? I haven’t a flucking clue what any of its about. The food looks unpalatable btw.

    • Mrs-Slocombes-Pussy

      Basically, the translation is as Pink News wrote it…….mother comes for dinner and thinks it’s home-cooked (Really??!!), son says I’ve got a surprise for you, I prefer sausage to fish, mother says I knew that years ago when I couldn’t tear you away from those gladiator movies on TV.
      It’s very surprising, considering how macho Italian culture is, but I’m very pleased to see it.

  • Truth

    I’ve always liked their fish fingers

  • Ross

    Great to see. There was also a demand to show the Lesbian love story from Cornetto in Italy by the LGBT community. After the Barilla fiasco, it’s nice to see companies like Findus and Unilever with brand managers that aren’t afraid to show that there’s nothing wrong with love.

  • CHBrighton

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when an old priest in the Vatican is watching his favourite programme and this advert comes on.

  • Rehan

    Good for Findus for trying a new tack, but I can’t be the only one who finds the faceless direction odd – is it an existing Italian advertising style or can they not find actors who’re willing to appear gay on TV?

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Good on them at least someone is trying to be positive!

  • JackAlison

    um why are they invisible???its prejudice at its worst

  • Psychologist

    It’s great when these massive corporate giants realise that a significant percentage of the customer base are gay people. So why not INCLUDE that section of your customers in your TV ads ? So welcome to the 21st century Findus. (even though I don’t speak Italian, so don’t understand the ad). But in principle … great.

    However, D & G were broadcasting same-sex TV ads over 5 years ago ……

    Watch this ……..

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