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Channel 5 won’t remove Big Brother contestant who called for ‘poofs’ to be shot

  • @Mike-uk2011

    If this had been an issue of race, something tells me things would pan out differently.
    Why the double standards? Hate is hate in any form.
    It’s in your right to be a bigot, or a racist, but calling for gays, or blacks or any other groups of people to be killed, is going beyond plain bigotry, is it not?

    • gutaitas

      I remember all the fuss when Jade called Shilpa a papadum. And yet, here we are…

  • Brett Gibson

    Channel 5 show absolutely no regard for gay people. We had something similar with celebrity big brother and they did nothing.

    Precisely why I won’t be supporting Channel 5 by watching it.

    Gone are the days of Channel 4 respect.

    • Alex B

      Are you kidding? An overwhelming number of people at Channel 5 are LGBT, including a reality director for Big Brother and a number of the senior producers. This comment is completely unfounded.

      • NT

        Then those LGBT people need to hang their heads in shame and disgust at how low they have stooped to be associated with the kind of drivel and homophobia their employer puts out.

  • Mark Y

    If there was a young white/black guy on saying white/black people should be shot – he’d be taken out for his own safety. Just imagine what would happen to him when he did get out.

    If there a young muslim lad on there who had said Jews should be blown up and was being anti-semitic – he’d be probably be arrested, at least watched by the secret service.

    Yet a catholic says gay men should be shot, and they think its okay. Channel 5 obviously needs to be reprimanded about this at a high level. Beyond disgusting.

  • lee

    Just replace the word with Jew or Black or Muslim they would have acted -but its channel 5 full of crap

    • There is a very simple solution
      (a) Bombard C5 with complaints and
      (b) Switch channel
      (c) If you really feel strongly then make a note of every advertiser in the show and complain to them and say you will be boycotting their products

  • Guest

    It doesn’t surprise me that they’ve taken this position. I would like to think they would have acted differently had she made these comments while inside the house. As it is, channel 5 should have vetted her more thoroughly before giving her a public platform, but ultimately, I suspect, the sensational aspect of an incendiary character like this trumps any ethical dimension to a discussion on removing her.

    I will be interested to see what the wider public response is. In my experience most people don’t really care that much about homophobia. It’s the last acceptable bigotry.

    • TampaZeke

      I’m pretty sure that transphobia and immigrant phobia are still acceptable in the general public. The latest elections across Europe are proving this to be true.

      • rapture

        I would say immigrants are given better tolerance than LGBT in the uk, and in Europe , as long as they are not gay, that is.

    • rapture

      Most people do not care about homophobia/animal welfare/transphobia in the uk, it’s true. If this was a racism or religious issue , there would be outrage from the general public.

  • Rich the sutHrIVer

    She hasn’t made these comments on the programme so I don’t see why Channel 5 should remove her. She’s not the first contestant with objectionable views. In a way its good to see just how two faced and plain nasty religious hypocrites like her are-swearing & topless modelling are ok with her God but not gay marriage. Silly girl-she won’t last in house long.

    • @Mike-uk2011

      It’s not mere “objectionable views” though. Had she merely said she doesn’t agree with gay marriage, or disliked gay people, then maybe so, but calling for certain people to be shot, clearly surpasses such a thing.
      I agree with the second half of the comment though, hence the thumb up.

    • Paula Thomas

      That’s not the point though is it? If she’d said black people should be shot she’d be out. So why in Channel Five’s view is it acceptable to shoot gay people? Hmm?

      • Truth

        Exactly. Homophobia is, it seems, more acceptable to Channel 5 than racism.

    • Truth

      She made them BEFORE being selected as a contestant. Now that Channel 5 know what she has said, she should be removed. Otherwise, they are condoning those vile opinions.

  • Pembers

    Catholic -Topless- model, wow that sentence is more wrong than her stupid little brain.

    • Rumbelow

      I will pray that this self-proclaimed devout Catholic girl finds her true calling and gives up the vulgar and suggestive nudie modelling and stops the crude homophobic talk once and for all and instead joins an obscure convent where she can remain out of sight for eternity.

  • Rovex

    Well I doubt they would bother because lets face it, who watches Channel 5 anyway? Will this offend more than 12 people?

  • NickDavisGB

    It’s car crash TV, she is getting them lots of column inches. Bet she doesn’t get voted off till the end.

  • Truth

    In my opinion, what she said is in citing a criminal act – let alone inciting hatred. As such this is a criminal matters and should be investigated by the police. For Channel 5 to condone that sort of language is reprehensible. Complaints should be made to OFCOM.

  • soapbubblequeen

    Stupid attention-seeking who’re. I hope she trips down those stairs and breaks her neck when she’s evicted.

  • James Orpin

    I would boycott Channel 5 but that would involve watching it in the first place

    • Rich

      Same here. I hadn’t realised Big Brother was still on.

  • Daniel Spence

    I’d boycott Big Brother, but that would entail me watching Big Brother in the first place.

  • Brian Apple

    Channel 5 is a lame channel which is using bigotry to stir the pot and get people to watch their lame shows. There are even gay people who work at Channel 5 who are part of this bigotry.

  • Ciaran

    I would suggest people complain to both Channel 5 and Ofcom about the shows decision to have this vile bigot on in the first place citing the Equality Act 2010.
    Secondly she should be reported to both twitter and the Police for possible incitement to hatred under the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 which outlawed incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation the same as racial incitement.
    Its no good moaning about it on here that isn`t going to get anyone anywhere.
    Use the laws that you`ve been granted recently that’s the only way.

  • Having homophobia spewing from the mouth of someone who is an utter moron with hypocritical standards and a low intellect has much less of a negative effect than when educated, erudite and well spoken people go on television to refute the need for ‘gay rights’ and ‘equality’, and claim that ‘homophobia’ doesn’t exist. The dumber someone is, the dumber their opinions seem. If all homophobes in the media were this much of a joke, I feel we’d make far greater progress.

  • Chuck Jones

    This is what I don’t like about this site. It constantly twists people’s words and then uses it for a shocking title that will attract people onto it.
    I don’t like her but she didn’t ‘call for poofs to be shot’. She criticized a guy for saying a word and then said afterwords people should be shot for saying that. This is just a kind of expression people use – they don’t intend it to be taken LITERALLY. ALSO, she was not specifically referring to gay people. ALSO, she said ‘poofs’ in a completely different context.

    • Ciaran

      Stop with your pathetic excuses to excuse homophobia the word “poof” is a term used by homophobes to describe gay or effeminate men.
      She`s a bigot and a hypocritical one at that!

      • Chuck Jones

        I am not defending her use of the word. I would prefer if people stopped using that word altogether, including gay men. I just think saying ‘all poofs should be shot’ is different from the way she said it.

    • Truth

      YOU are, in fact, twisting the facts! This isn’t a story about what she said IN THE HOUSE. It’s what she has said PREVIOUSLY – before even being selected as a contestant. You should be a bit more careful to read what a story is ACTUALLY about before being so quick to defend homophobia.

      • Ron

        I think the point is that if she made the said comment about a jew or a black person OUTSIDE of the house, she would still be dealt with differently, and even though it is a turn of phrase it is not one that is acceptably used in certain contexts. If a non-christian preacher were to say that all western politicians should be shot there would be uproar.

        The use of the word poof can equally be used affectionately and hatefully. It IS a word of hate, but not all the time. In this occasion it is clearly used hatefully.

        I am surprised the police aren’t involved. This is a specific person that she says should be shot and calls a poof.

        What level of homophobia do we need to be concerned? There isn’t much stronger than this.

      • Chuck Jones

        ‘This isn’t a story about what she said IN THE HOUSE’
        when did I say it was?
        And I’m not defending her, I’m just sick of this website making people’s comments out to be way worse than they actually are. It’s a cheap tactic to get people to click on it. ‘calling for poofs to be shot on twitter’ is something completely unacceptable, while the other stuff she said is just run of the mill from the people I talk to

  • Bob Eckert

    Well, let’s all call for Big Brother UK contestants who call for poofs to be shot to have her breasts cut off with a dull knife….

  • Martin R

    Why are some women worse homophobes than men? Aren’t they getting enough from str8 men?

  • jamie

    Sticks and stones, the girl is a clearly a cretin and should get her own house in order before criticising others because of her religious views. The bigger issue at stake here is surely the fact that people still watch this dross.

  • Rumbelow

    I hope her ridiculous implants don’t pop on live television.
    I wouldn’t watch Big Bother if I was paid to.

  • Jock S.Trap

    Seems Channel 5 are cashing in on intolerance knowing problems and homophobia will arise all for the price of so called entertainment.

    If this had been an issue of race we would be having this to comment on.

    Clearly Channel 5 think homophobia means ratings.

  • fortuner_eu

    Hopefully she’ll be VOTED out pretty soon after hearing that comment then.

  • rapture

    I doubt channel 5 will remove this weasel(please show what she really looks like, rather than the touched up pics) as we live in a country where a homophobic murderer(sultan of brunei) is honoured by top universities/organisations. England is still very homophobic.

  • DannyJ

    I completely understand why c5 are keeping her in, she never actually said those comments in the house so why would they remove her?? And she is one of the most entertaining in the house this year they would be stupid to get rid of her.

  • Damian Darby

    To Whom it may concern,

    as an avid viewer of your channel i am disgusted with your acceptance of homophobic slurs.

    show Big Brother has a contestant Danielle McMahon who has been
    revealed to have been homophobic and calling for gay people to be shot!

    tweet as follows,

    “Just seen a supposed guy use the word lush…. Shoot him, shoot him now How utterly cringe and vile #manup #poof.”

    have always been happy to watch your programming but this is personal
    to me. i cannot help but think that if the tweet had contained racial
    slurs she would no longer be in the house!

    I find your lack of
    action on this subject cruel and disturbing. Homophobic bullying and
    abuse are the reason that the suicide rate in young gay men and women is
    so high, and your lack of action against this is basically sticking two
    fingers up to the people who have gone through this.

    the very
    least you could do is issue a statement saying you do not agree with the
    statements, as ignorance is just as bad as the initial act itself.

    i do expect some form of reply regarding this.

    many thanks,

    Damian Darby.

  • Nancy Whitaker

    This is a Reality TV show. No one should be even discussing politics or religion. This is a show supposedly filmed to entertain not to badmouth or debate the issues. Drop it. Lets play Big Brother. Leave the controversy at the door.

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