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Big Brother’s Catholic topless model: Shoot poofs that use words like ‘lush’

  • Rain

    Pretty pathetic when someone has to use homophobic slurs to try to gain a little fame ……

  • Gareth

    It’s people like her that are helping to end religion. Keep up the good work amoeba.

    • Steven Gregory

      True. People watch and hear her, and don’t want to join that club.

  • Karl smith

    Ugly both on the outside and more importantly on the inside – hopefully she will be gone by weekend

  • Jeff Duncan

    CALL CHANNEL 5 – LIKE I JUST DID – say you wish to make a complaint pre- calling into your local police station – she has committed a hate offence in her tweets and at least will be cautioned if enough people do this – Channel 5 might just kick her off show if enough of us bother to call them

    Channel 5 complaints:
    020 8612 7700

    By e-mail using the following address:

    • michael anthony

      I agree. I’m from the US and have read in UK media of arrests for passing out anti gay literature. What’s the difference? Let her know there is consequences to her actions.

      Personally, I thought this was her “angle” to become famous. Too bad she didn’t, or couldn’t. Think it through!

      • Rehan

        I can’t be sure, but I’d say it lies in the intent – would anyone believe this impossibly shallow and vacuous creature was seriously advocating the murder of anyone? I think it’d actually demean anti-hate legislation if it were used frivolously – this perfect example of pond life has had too much attention paid her already.

        • Lamia

          Nevertheless, as already pointed out, she contributes to the mood music of homophobia to which violent thugs actually ‘dance’. The case of the two women who shouted homophobic abuse before the attack in Vauxhall demonstrates how the two work together.

          It may not be direct incitement but it’s certainly encouragement. That is not a ‘frivolous’ matter.

          • Rehan

            I sort of see what you mean, ‘frivolous’ was the wrong word really.

            It’s a tough call but I do think actual anti-hate legislation should be used sparingly, against Anjem Choudary and pigs like him rather than some pointless attention-seeker. There seems to be little doubt she’ll have to face quite a public backlash when she emerges into reality.

          • Lamia

            I agree that in her case public disdain will probably be sufficient punishment.

    • Rehan

      Channel 5 will probably just be delighted she’s drumming up so much publicity for them.

  • Valksy

    Don’t tell me you’re religious, dear, let me guess….

  • Joanie Bologna

    This idiot poses no threat to me and my belief system. Just consider the source.

  • Truth

    Yet another brainwashed, confused religious nut job. First day in the house, she complained about the amount of swearing. Last night, on learning she was up for eviction, a positive torrent of ugly expletives issued from her foul mouth. Hypocrite? You bet your sweet scantily-clad, repressed, catholic ass she is!

  • Cal

    Silly scrubber.

  • atalanta

    Thank goodness we have such a well-mannered and refined person as Ms McMahon to tell us all how to behave. Has she considered a career with Debrett’s?

    • Steven Gregory

      Have Debrett’s issued etiquette guidelines for Hooter’s, pole-dance clubs, and red-hot confessionals?

  • David

    I’ve met women like this before, distrustful of men impervious their feminine wiles. Sad really as they won’t have those wiles for ever… then what?

  • CHBrighton

    This woman is a total waste of space.

  • cw


  • Katie

    Oh no, not another one of those Barbie dolls…I mean, those Klaus Barbie dolls.

  • Steven Gregory

    It’s very kind of Pink News to refer only to her topless and lingerie modeling, McMahon has also worked as a web cam LUSH.
    “Hail Mary, full of grace, take that load all over your face. Swing your beads high and low, come on Mary, GO! GO! GO!”

    • Joeoz

      You must have gone to a different catholic school, then I did…
      We never learnt that version of, “The Hail Mary!”

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Blimey, she’s outdoing UKIPers, maybe she IS one.

    • Barry Scarfe

      She is certainly dim enough!

  • Robin Day

    Hypocritical religious “adherents” have become so commonplace, they have become a cliché.

  • Brian Apple

    Are there still gay guys out there who insist that all women are wonderful creatures who are natural allies of gay men? LOL. Think again.

    The truth is that women find male homosexuality offensive. For one thing, it represents a rejection of women. For another, it represents the ability of men to resist a woman’s charms, something women find extremely hurtful.

    Women might tolerate “cute” gay guys in small doses in gay clubs. However, this is a phony acceptance based on segregation. It’s a shallow tolerance based on “knowing one’s place”.

    There are women working behind the scenes to take our rights away from us. They oppose male homosexual acts..

    • Peter Pumpkin

      This is perhaps the most ridiculous and generalising pile of crap that I have ever read.

    • That There Other David

      Please find a dark corner to curl up in.

    • Lamia

      Bigoted nonsense.

  • AdrianT

    All that remains now is for the Sun to offer her Mary Hopkins’s column.

  • D.McCabe

    The girl is a complete and utter bimbo! I have found her twitter feed and it looks like she is the queen of re-tweets! Hardly an original thought in her head.

    If you want it, she is listed under @CLASSICFOX

  • That There Other David

    Language like this can quickly lead to ammonia being thrown in peoples’ eyes outside nightclubs. She’s a very insecure pathetic little creature, mouth and all. No wonder she runs to religion. It thrives on those like her that lack their own humanity.

  • lee

    she really is a dumb person, period. She can;t be brainwashed theres nothing there.

  • lee

    Oh do and look at the website is very funny looks like some old brass the coke bottle in-between the legs – the only people looking here are dirty old men love in rain macs :)

  • Lamia

    How lush and lusty the grass looks! how green!
    Gonzalo, The Tempest, II i

    Shoot the poofs Gonzalo and Shakespeare! Shoot them now for using girls’ words!

  • ian123

    What a sad shallow creature.

    Would probably do or say anything for some attention.

  • Adam

    Why is anyone even watching this utter rubbish any more? All you are doing is perpetuating the endless conveyor belt of making idiotic brainless losers into what we now call “celebrity”

  • rapture

    I wonder will rylan clark be grotesquely appeasing this extremist filth on her exit?

  • Here’s a thought ~ just maybe other bigots will realise how idiotic she sounds and won’t want to be associated with her and her views. Ya never know, they might just shut up!

    • Barry Scarfe

      Good point. Of all the various prejudices people can have, homophobia and biphobia must be the worst because they have no possible rational/scientific basis for them and also if someone is gay or bisexual then that doesn’t really affect anyone else. Undoubtedly, you DO have to be very thick to be a homophobe or biphobe.

  • VP

    I’d really rather this air-headed bigot wasn’t thrown out of the Big Brother house. I’d much prefer it if all the rest of them were thrown in with her.

  • Stevie

    As she descends into whichever hole that big brother losers are consigned to when they have been rung out by Ch5 there will always be work for her wopping her pups out as a calendar girl for UKIP

  • Jestlick

    Just another good, Christian girl.

  • TheMo

    Does nt she know a large percentage of catholic priests ARE gay ?

  • pheonix621

    Wots up Danielle,are u worried there will be less men for you,

  • John Bane

    How many of you guys would get arrested for hate speech? It’s terrible if someone says something bad about us, but we can talk all the trash that we want about them. The legal system is a two way street and we still have freedom of speech, unless I missed something. Every time someone says something that we disagree with, we do not need to try and ruin them… What’s next? Thought police?

  • John Bane

    I will say that the girl definitely does not represent the Catholic Church.

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