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Irish singer Hozier: Religious homophobia is appalling and can happen anywhere

  • rapture

    What a good song and a meaningful vid and message, unlike most of the trash about now. My cousin who is gay and lives in Dublin, said the evil homophobes are rallying their recruits pending the equal marriage referendum. Apparently they are very dangerous, as they masquerade as being very nice and almost gay friendly to a point , but are seething with hate like smiling snakes

  • St Martyr

    Well done mate.

  • Maquis

    We will need help in Ireland to get the marriage equality referendum passed. Whilst, on paper, it looks like this will be a massive win for equality in Ireland (every political party in the parliament support it), the fight is already getting dirty. The most dangerous religious groups in Ireland are not the Church (although the Catholic Church continues to engage in a campaign of hate, shrouded by words of sympathy for the ‘gay condition’), it is the lay groups that are the most dangerous, some bordering on incitement to hatred. They are trying to link marriage equality with endangering children, they have been covertly publishing and distributing literature that is scaremongering. The biggest issue in Ireland is the Catholic Church’s continued dominance in major social institutions such as education and health. They are using their influence here to undermine equality.

    However, the Irish people are compassionate and will react well to the stories of LGBT families. It is these stories that will win it, and the Irish people’s sense of republicanism (not what you would traditionally associate with Ireland, but a more pure form of republicanism where all citizens are equal). Also the Irish people tend not to take the Church seriously on ‘moral issues’ anymore.

    So what could lose it is complacency. The polls all indicate a major win for marriage equality so people may not actually bother voting. You can be guaranteed the lay Catholic groups will be rolling out every corpse it can to win this fight. And it’s a fight, a battle and a war we are fighting.

    I really do hope our friends in the UK help us out on this one; even if you simply encourage any friends you have here to get out and vote.

    The lay groups have a war chest of hundreds of thousands of euro to fight this referendum and an army of American and English volunteers who will be over here canvassing.

    • rapture

      My gran is Irish, she left in the 50s and has never returned because of the abuse she received from the evil, religious monsters there for getting raped and pregnant. I see the same evil groups like iona etc are still infecting evil bigotry to those predisposed to hate.
      But,she would love to go back over there and vote for equality, unfortunately she’s only registered to vote in this country.
      I hope the anti marriage creeps are ostracised by decent people, and that you don’t have the token uncle tom mouthpieces used here against their community like biggins.
      Good luck brave irish LGBT rights warriors in the coming fight.

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