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US: No state same-sex marriage ban remains unchallenged

  • Rumsey

    The U.S. has 50 states, not 51.

    • Maryland Kid

      Yeah, but in this respect, the District of Columbia effectively functions as a 51st State.

      • Bobbleobble

        In the article it says 20 states plus DC with challenges in the other 31. That makes 51 states plus DC. The maths is still wrong.

        • Maryland Kid

          You are very much correct. My mistake! Possibly, they are referring to Puerto Rico, where there has been a challenge filed as well. Either that, or it was just an error.

          • Josh

            If you want to be pedantic, the US has 46 states and four Commonwealths. But let’s not quibble over such details!

  • Christopher in Canada

    What a shame that these challenges had to be filed in the first place. What a way to run a railroad!

  • PeterinSydney

    Sadly, Australia is being left far far behind in marriage equality because of our medieval nasty prime minister M’abbott!

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    What,I wonder, do these religious zealots think about all the praying that they’ve been doing to convince their sky-god to banish gay-marriage from the American Sodom and Gomorrah? They must really be pulling all their hair out in complete frustration. It’s odd, but I couldn’t feel the tiniest bit of sorrow for them. Even that NOM woman is conceding that all that praying was for naught. It shows, I think that preachers such as Joel Osteen who preaches to 45,000 every Sunday,are moved by the money rather than the fervency of religion.

    • CHBrighton

      Their god obviously doesn’t give them what they want, but gives them what they need in spades – some humanity.

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