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US: First same-sex couples marry in Wisconsin

  • Chocoholic Girl

    While I’m glad that Wisconsin has legalized gay marriage, I’m really disappointed that the first gay couple to get married didn’t make more of an occasion out of it. They look like they got married while out shopping in a mall, on the spur of the moment – no special oufits, hair and make up, no flowers or music. Not how I’d want to remember my wedding day.

    • Magpie

      That’s because they didn’t know that they wouldn’t be made to wait 24 hours, as marriage licenses in Wisconsin USED TO require. They thought they would pick up their license and be able to marry the next day or not at all because our AG is an ass who immediately filed an emergency petition for a stay. I’m sure that if they had known that the ceremony could happen right then and there that they would have. There just wasn’t time. There’s also the fact that every previous ruling of this sort has been accompanied by a stay. This one was shocking in that it didn’t.

      • Chocoholic Girl

        I didn’t know the circumstances. Thanks for the explanation.

    • atalanta

      I don’t have anything against hair and make-up. My own wedding had all the things you mention.

      But when I see those women, what I see is their love and commitment, and their urgency to begin their married lives. What a glorious memory to take away from their wedding day. If my wedding photos looked like theirs, I would be brimming with pride.

      I think those couples who couldn’t wait another second, after waiting goodness knows how long, have got the meaning of marriage exactly right.

      • Chocoholic Girl

        I wasn’t aware of the circumstances (see explanation from Magpie). With the possibility of the law being overturned, I can understand their haste.

  • Steven Gregory

    This much love and joy is making Republican heads explode. BRAVO for Wisconsin couples. To hell with their AG and Governor.

  • Jones

    Congratulations Wisconsin and those couples getting married.

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