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UK: Transgender vicar made Minor Canon of Manchester Cathedral

  • Benjie Watson

    Rachel Mann, you are my new trans heroine. I love your style, your confidence, you energy and your faith which for me in particular (an agnostic these days), is very inspiring. Thank you sister, I’m really wanting to come back to faith and even though I am still on the fence I’m going to pray for you anyway, because seeing you say what you say makes me feel there must be something and it gives me some hope. Much respect from a transgender bro, myself xxxxxx

  • Glen

    Can you imagine this happening in the Catholic Church? Henry VIII was right!

    • Benjie Watson

      Heck no. It’s things like this which bring me hope that there is at least one branch of the Church which is willing to at least accept that there is such a thing as diversity, rather than doing what Catholics tend to do and ignoring it, lest it challenge their ideas and beliefs too much. I want to see the CofE become more accepting of LGBT, particularly transgender (which is definitely something a lot of cis people find hard to deal with, particularly men), because right now I’m sitting on the faith fence and I need to feel safe with churches and their communities and unfortunately I haven’t had the best experience. The thing that put me off happened early in transition, when a lady at a church bbq attacked me, stripping me naked in front of the other church members, including quite astonishingly their children (who were obviously in tears). Rather than see this as a barbaric act, they justified it unanimously as educating me about my true sex, before barring me from ever attending the church. This was a very traumatic experience for me as you can imagine, so loosing my faith was the least of my concerns. I’m writing this because I hope that my story may get back to someone in the Church who may feel, after reading it, as I do that things need to change fast.

      • Christopher in Canada

        You were raped by this woman. What is the statute of limitations where you are? You could press charges. Sounds like there were lots of witnesses.

        • Benjie Watson

          I did try to press charges but this particular church operates more like a cult, they stick together to defend certain beliefs and in my case everyone who witnessed my assault denied it happened. All I had were ripped clothes and cuts and bruises to show the Police and I was later advised that there wasn’t a strong enough case against them. I tell people in my local area about what happened there, though, it’s the only choice I have really. I agree though, Christopher that sadly I was raped and humiliated by this woman and around 30 grown adults and their children. My self confidence has been on the floor for the past 2 years, I’m unemployed and have tremendous social anxiety to deal with. But I’m concerned that attacks born from prejudice against any minority group or individual needs to be stamped out, it’s not the world we want to live in and I feel that the CofE can help to change things for the better by being more inclusive of different people. Rachel is definitely my new heroine, she’s the best!

  • Joanne Alice Brown

    As Someone who identifies as intersexual and also transsexual I see this as a positive story of a trans person instead of the negatives the media portray us and use sensational mis truths
    I’ve had a lot of backward people who were uncomfortable about me including a female priest as if I was transsexual or not,in the past people have being happy when I have left their parish and church as a problem solved,I’ve had people in County Durham in England verbally abuse me,accost me and try to kick down the door of the house I currently live to hit harm and assalt me
    My faith has got me through these peoples hate and intolerance of people like me as I identify as a woman and one of God’s creatures.
    I’m so glad this lady has been made a canon of the Church of England and as someone who feels called by God to do something and spread the good news of the Christian Gospel I can identify with her journey and struggle
    Joanne Alice x

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