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Gay Republican group ‘stop fighting’ endorsement of ‘gay cure’ therapy in Texas platform

  • Valksy

    Quisling filth.

  • chrono

    What traitors they are to all gay people.

  • Peeeps99

    Just to prove to me it works, you can alter a person’s sexuality, then why don’t these people covert themselves to being gay for a year (they’ll have an absolutely fabulous time) and then convert themselves back again. Then I shall believe them

    • Valksy

      Peeeps, I think that it is important to keep in mind that this isn’t about the truth (we all know that these therapies are illogical hogwash) – this is about throwing red meat to single issue low information voters, reinforcing and institutionally endorsing their bias, for votes.

      The Texas GOP will couch this in terms of fighting the “gay menace”, no doubt with a subtextual inference of “recruiting your children” because they have nothing of substance or value to offer average voters. They can and will invoke their trifecta of guns, gays and abortions because it’s how they get idiots to vote against their own self-interest.

      That they display no regard for the harm done by this deliberate incitement in order to consolidate their own power just demonstrates the depth of their depravity. The sense of security, liberty, safety of LGBT people means nothing to them – it is all about the votes.

      Which is what makes the actions of right wing LGBT people like the Log Cabin especially toxic and manifestly morally unsound. They know it is an agenda-driven self-serving nonsense and yet participate in it anyway. I would hope they hang their heads in shame, but would not hold my breath.

      • Peeeps99

        Yes don’t disagree with you there. Still, asking them and their target voters to consider changing their own sexuality might make them think on a bit about whether they could do it, which of course (whilst allowing for a certain fluidity in sexuality for some), isn’t possible imo.

        Well I did say ‘might’

  • Riondo

    The Log Cabin jokers have been bad news for a long time. The GOP seems unable to deny platforms to every kind of bigoted charlatan. A recipe for relegation to prominence in the whackier backwaters of the American hinterland combined with national decline and irrelevance. Boohoo.

  • Seattle WA

    lol the only gay people recognized by the RNC platform are ex-gays. The LCR should introduce language that defines ‘ex-gay’ as homophobia arguing that ex-gays were never really gay to begin with, but people who were so self loathing they endorsed a gay affect based on their own prejudices.

  • Bloodied

    The headline is inaccurate; you can’t stop fighting something you weren’t fighting in the first place. What a bunch of spineless uncle toms…

  • SFM

    Regroup? Nah, they were rejected as emotionally damaged goods. Their hearts might be in the right place, but they’ve been vanquished by the homophobes in the Texas Republican Party.

  • Steven Gregory

    Meanwhile, the NAACP has decided to donate barbecue for the Ku Klux Klan rally.
    Do these people have KICK ME tattooed on their foreheads?

  • Chris in LA

    Why gays are Republicans has always been a puzzle to me.

    • Eugene

      Because they like being bent over and really taking it hard.

  • Ric Hill

    The Tea Party, which is not a party, can’t get elected dog catcher but knows how to make deafening noise, has a death hold on the GOP. Alternate thought is not allowed. This a shame in a time when the liberals and administration or self destructing also. Having been in statewide politics in several organizations, it is often to pick your fights and swap your silence for something else. This “treatment” bleep has been proven to be bad science. It has been mouth by charlatans for decades. But this fight is in low information, religious wrong and intolerant TEXAS.

    Let’s not take this one report without knowing the full story. Sounds bites always lead to intellectual starvation.

  • TXCriollo

    O boo hoo the lcr allows for different thought, i know jeff davis he is a normal guy not a member of the homosexual supremacy groups. Lcr groups see the true bs behind the gay marriage push make gays forget about how america is going down the tubes, vote for more taxes more illegals. Keep voting for the welfare party and the true bigots, just because they put on a fake smile and say hay we support you, when everyone on here knows the dems do not, heck even obama changed his public views for votes. Who really thinks he agrees with adam and steve?

  • Eugene

    Oh, for goodness sake, can someone please explain to me what the
    “homosexual lifestyle” is all about. I have been hearing about it for
    years and am starting to wonder if I am missing out on something

    Remember the film “Chicken Run”? Some of the chickens
    commented on the fact that they were going to end up as pot roast by
    saying “It’s a living”. Perhaps the Log Cabin bunch should watch the
    film although I am not sure if they will get it.

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