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Activist: Gay rights will lead to men jerking off next to you at bus stops

  • Mumbo |Jumbo

    I only masturbate at the bus stop when the 69 doesn’t turn up.

    • Steven Gregory

      This kind of comic brilliance makes me have crushes.

    • Jones

      All aboard!

  • si

    I thought what a ridiculous idiot when I read the headline. Then I read the article and as soon as I saw it involved Peter Labarbera I felt validated that it was indeed a ridiculous idiot!

  • Martin Woodgates

    I’m straight and I already Masturbate at Bus-Stops….. gay people should have the same opportunities as I do… its only fair!

    • Steven Gregory

      Hear!! Hear!
      And on those days when you’re feeling weary, wouldn’t it be nice to know someone nearby might be willing to help?

  • Brian Martenis

    Interesting since the vast majority of men who expose themselves in public do it for women/girls. Masturbating in public is not sexual freedom and no Gay man would think this unless he were a pervert … Kind of like this creep. Bet he hit the men’s room right after he said it. Twisted views/ideas.

  • Hurrah! At last. Something to make that interminable wait for the 37a bearable.
    Where is this mythical bus stop?

  • doug

    What the heck! I imagine the Pope did it all the time in Buenos Aires.

    • Chris in LA

      There’s safety and privacy in those voluminous, flowing robes.

  • Bruce Brown

    God I hope so. Does it have to be limited to bus stops? Thats not real freedom.

    • doug

      ‘Does it have to be limited to bus stops?!

      I’m afraid so, Brian Souter says so!

      • Philip Marks

        Obviously have not ridden on the Tokyo, NY or SF mass transit systems
        where (apparently) straight men w**k next to you (or closer)…but I’m
        just speaking from my experience, maybe yours is different…

  • Peeeps99

    ‘Masculine men do not have sex with other men’. Haha, they really don’t know (m)any gay men do they. Oh well, at least they’re largely only talking to themselves

    • Philip Marks

      Indeed they don’t know many straight men, apparently, either. I’m pretty sure some of them have sex with men…in fact I’m call that personal knowledge.

    • Steven Gregory

      Aussie comedian Steve Hughes has a great bit where one of his mates says he doesn’t like gays because they’re not tough. Hughes points out that while he is with women and their soft curves and sweet smells, some gays are taking it in the ass from another bloke. Tell him that isn’t tough!

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Daring humour! I’m amazed! Thanks for that, Steven.

        • Steven Gregory

          My pleasure. This is from 1994 and Hughes says it is still his most popular bit. He said on the ROVE McMANUS SHOW that people are finding homophobes stupider and easier to ridicule. That’s why homophobes feel so victimized these days: they’re so understood.

          • Psychologist

            Yes Steven – homo-PHOBES have indeed become the focus of ridicule nowadays.
            Not surprising really, as science has proved homo-SEXUALITY to be really quite natural. However, Homo-PHOBIA is a psychological disorder, as are ALL PHOBIAS. It is the fear of homosexuality (not of homo-SEXUALS, as some think) .
            It is actually the fear of their OWN suppressed homosexuality. (that is literally homophobia – though the word tends to now be used in a wider context – “social homophobia”.

          • Steven Gregory

            A local playwright presented two acts of his as-yet-untitled play at a table reading and people were in tears. It’s about finding out that his mom and dad suspected when he was a little kid that he might be gay. They saved photos, wrote down anecdotes, and jotted down his own spoken childhood thoughts. If he came out, they wanted him to know he has been gay all along, it’s nothing new or weird. If he didn’t come out, they wanted him to understand people who are gay and that he was once considered to possess such potential.

            In one scene, he’s not yet out, that happened when he was 15. He and his mother are eating lunch in a restaurant, saying nothing and listening to the table behind them where three adults are sitting. They are carrying on about gays and spouting the usual lies and crap. She finally gets up and goes to their table, saying, “Will you please hold it down? I am sitting with my 12-year-old son and we can hear what you are saying.” The loudest guy apologizes, but the playwright’s mom carries on, “I don’t want my son hearing lies about gay people. There are gay people in our lives who are honorable and whom we love; and the ugly, vicious lies you people are telling is upsetting to both of us. You should be ashamed.”

            I like to go to table readings and this is one time I can remember everyone — readers and observers — breaking out into applause. The woman reading the mother’s part said those are among the most powerful lines she as an actor has read. I may not have gotten them 100%, but I’m sure it’s close. I’ve asked to be part of the next table reading. I think this is really something that is very relevant.

          • Psychologist

            Thank you for sharing that Steven. What a beautiful story !
            It’s so heart-warming to hear such warmth, love, understanding and human compassion – in sharp contrast to the blatant bigotry, discrimination, and hatred from many extremist religious believers. What a lovely antidote to hate !

            Thank you Steven.

      • Psychologist

        Thanks for that Steven – Brilliant !
        I especially liked his closing line, “straight – is the new gay” ….!

  • Oliver216

    “Masculine men do not have sex with other men.” What in the devil’s briefcase is he talking about??

    • Gareth

      It takes a man to take a man, as a drag queen once told me!

      • Philip Marks

        I’ve made several.

  • Psychologist

    The item says ….. “David Ortiz claims ‘sexual freedom’ will lead to bus stop masturbation” … !
    It sounds to me like that may be HIS secret, suppressed desires, projected as the opposite to what he REALLY feels ! Classic homophobia !

    • Truth

      I TOTALLY AGREE! I’m no psychologist but it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to see what it is that drives this man’s imagery, does it? Could it be that people who froth at the mouth like this have ALREADY indulged in a little bus-station same-sex activity … and the guilt has got to them? Certainly, what he describes is a totally alien concept to me, personally. So, is he speaking from ‘experience’ ….?

      • Psychologist

        Indeed TRUTH ! I deal with this sort of “suppressed desire” syndrome regularly. It’s really quite transparent to see – that if someone expressed “apparent” disgust to something (which NO ONE else has suggested, and is not the “norm” – in this case I can’t even imagine happening at all) then it CAN ONLY be coming from a suppressed desire within HIM !

        My guess is, he’s passed a bus stop one day, and been sexually attracted to a guy standing at the bus stop (which he suppressed). This experience becomes played over and over in his head, (along with his added suppressed sexual desires) causing unconscious sexual arousal, which is being heavily suppressed. He then deploys TWO Freudian defence mechanisms, in order to remain in denial.

        1. “Reaction Formation” (saying/displaying the OPPOSITE of what is actually being FELT.) (ie the “apparent” repulsion, is as a direct result of suppressing the ATTRACTION) ..

        and 2. “Projection” (which is attempting to remove the desire which is in HIS head, as though it were a desire of someone else’s). (thus allowing the attraction to be played in his head, but “pretending” that the attraction/arousal is SOMEONE ELSE’S !

        These defence mechanisms are often deployed by the homophobe.

    • Steven Gregory

      Good point. I have never thought about men masturbating at the bus stop… but now I might.

      • Psychologist

        Yes, Steven, he many have inspired many ! (through revealing his OWN suppressed desires ) !

    • Steven Gregory

      Maybe bus stops will become more friendly all around!

      • Psychologist

        Yes Steven, maybe they will, according to him. However, he DID only indicate his suppressed fantasy as being limited to “masturbation” !
        But then, given time ……! :)

  • Neil Rhodes

    Hmm. Time to start using public transport I think. Yeehaw!

  • Chris in LA

    These freaks are way off. No one is going to masturbate anywhere near them. What is it that makes these macho uglies have such ideas? And express them?

    • Rumbelow

      Endlessly hopeful perhaps!

  • Cal

    Bus stations are the historic rendezvous for inebriated straight youngsters to get a quick knee-trembler before going home to mother.

    • Truth

      Funny HE should mention this then? Me thinks I hear the closet door slamming shut ….!

      • Steven Gregory

        But there’s a glory hole in this one.

    • Steven Gregory

      What a wonderful, colorful, accurate term.

  • Rumbelow

    Why don’t they stop fretting about gay sex and go have some sex with women already…sheesh!

    • doug105

      Maybe their broke?

  • Oliver

    I went to college with a boy who claimed to have once relieved himself INSIDE a bus.

    • Philip Marks

      In several cities I can tell you to be sure to check the seats before you sit in them. Body by-products are left in the most unusual places, and sometimes it’s not even that unusual.

    • speedgeek

      A lad I worked with claimed to have received regular oral relief from his girlfriend on the top deck of a Birmingham bus. Must have been interesting for those looking out of their bedroom windows, if they lived by the bus stop!

  • Yesh U R

    I spy with my little eye two fat closet cases, self hating like it is going out of style.

  • SM Kovalinsky

    I think LeBarbara wisely steered away from what even he could recognize as a repressed, Freudian fantasy slipping out on the tongue of his colleague.

  • kirk

    what REALLY amazes me?
    This is being taken serious and debated in a public forum.

    • Rumbelow

      Nah, these two are just titillating themselves, mentally masturbating together in public over their strange gay erotic fantasies.

  • kirk

    BTW, there’s way to change hans and pick up a stroke…

  • Philip Marks

    Clearly these people have not ridden on the Tokyo, NY or SF mass transit systems
    where (apparently) straight men w**k next to you (or closer)…but I’m
    just speaking from experience, maybe yours is different…

  • Spike

    Sounds better than guys dumping at bus stops, which happens sometimes here in San Francisco.

  • Eugene

    So gay men will start masturbating at bus stops but lesbian women won’t,
    or is it okay if lesbian women do. Perhaps lesbians are not gay – these
    guys always focus on two men and not two women. Methinks they are very
    insecure. I promise I will not give him a second look ever. He is very
    safe from me.

    And what is this talk about being a “masculine”
    nation? Is that a nation where it is safe for men to beat and rape women
    just like in the “good old days”?

  • CHBrighton

    What weird fantasies these homophobes have.

    • Psychologist

      Indeed CH ! I doubt if many OPENLY gay men would have such fantasies !
      This smells like a “projection” of his OWN suppressed desires to me !
      Homophobe = closet case denial !

      • CHBrighton

        It was the ‘growing and cleaning up after him’ that gave the game away. He’s done it before! And at a bus stop, too. filthy beast.

        • PhillipSE5

          I think either you’re 100% right, that he has indeed done it before, or, if not, then you’re very nearly right, in that he’s certainly fantasized about doing so big time. I know that in current times my “Gaydar” isn’t anywhere near as good as it used to be, due to all the metrosexuals here in London, but He certainly doesn’t look straight to me; He has that frightened, glazed, “fight or flight” look in his eyes, which we’ve seen with so many active, vocal homophobes who suddenly find they’ve acquired a large media profile.

  • Mrs-Slocombes-Pussy

    I rarely use the bus so I feel I’m missing out on something here. Can I do it at the train station instead?

  • lee

    He really need to be directing porn or writing books with such an imagination

  • C.J.

    The irony when most of they gay guys they are talking about have: a. Bigger muscles than them. B. have gone to the gym more often than them. And c, can probably beat them in “masculine” tasks

  • Leonard Woodrow

    The stupidity of some of these anti-gay pundits is beyond belief.

  • JD

    Like Str8 men already do – to desperately pick up unimpressed women…. Dumb Ass!

  • Jock S.Trap

    OMG… seriously?

    More religious loons with quite some imagination.

    One wonders if they say things like this because they want to be able to themselves but blames all others for their dirty, sewer minds!

  • Rehan

    Why on earth would anyone pay any attention to ‘a former contributor to conspiracy theory website Infowars’?

  • jaz

    Hang on a minute, you mean you are not supposed to do that? Ooops.

  • Psychologist

    Hec .. Does that mean they’re going to have to build bigger bus stops ?

    I know that’s a ridiculous comment – but my point is .. it’s not HALF as ridiculous as his !

  • Matt Kovach

    sounds like he’s projecting his own desires onto gay men…”Haggards Law”

    • Psychologist

      Indeed Matt – Ted Haggard, another classic homophobe ! This one seems to projecting the same inner-suppressed desires.

      • Matt Kovach

        google Haggards law lol

        • Psychologist

          Yes, I knew the Ted Haggard story – just didn’t know America had created a “law” around it ! But thanks for the enlightenment – yes classic homophobia.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I’m getting tired of this unceasing tide of hatred towards us, bashing away at us all over the world.

    One of these two simpletons appears to believe that the United States of America must be “a masculine nation”! Is that not an insult to the female proportion of the USA’s citizenry? Of course it is. Where are you, heterosexual American women? Why do you allow your idiot husbands to spout beliefs that demean you, which abuse you?

    And enabling respect and dignity towards homosexual citizens will result in men masturbating at bus-stops? This is desperate imagination. This is imagination designed to scare unthinking women. Do these homophobic “activists” truly believe that people will accept that such a scenario could happen? Is the American public considered to be that stupid?

  • Bikerman

    Newsflash – one moron talks drivel to another moron.

  • Rob

    What a f**king moron – thats all i can think to add!

  • Rovex

    These people have to be trolls, arent they actually helping us by making the anti-gay side look so moronic?

  • Calamity_Jean

    Both of those men are so stupid it’s painful to listen to them.

  • Benjie Watson

    I read the bit about masculine men not wishing to sleep with men. Surely that’s a barbaric statement and demonstrative of a failure to understand attraction in gay relationships. It is indeed possible for a masculine man to be attracted to other men, because men are attractive, simple really. I’m not cis-gender male so it’s a little more complicated for me to understand cis-male attraction to cis-males, but I have noticed that most gay males are genuinely seeking more masculine men, purely because they like men. The more masculine the better and what’s wrong with that. Personally and I think this is cultural in my case, I’m attracted to more sensitive, perhaps more feminine men, but still masculine enough to be recognisable as men nonetheless. Of course this is just my experience, and there are always exceptions. Most cis-women I know find the idea of being with a masculine male a real turn on, but would generally settle with a more balanced male, for a variety of reasons. I won’t deny though that every single masculine gay man I’ve ever met has been insanely attractive. So jealous here guys

  • David H

    The sheer insanity of bigoted mind never ceases to amaze me. Half of me would love to try and understand why they actually think some of the things they do. The other half of me just thinks that I really don’t want to know.

    I’m hoping that some of our American friends can shed some light on American bus stops though. Because my experience of them over here seems to comprise of queuing in the rain, whilst you end up listening to teenagers wittering on about absolute b*llsh!t that I neither understand nor want to, or playing “music” that just sounds like noise; old dears who smell like they’ve p!ssed themselves who insist on telling you how old they are and every ache and pain they’ve ever had in their life; a dozen people taliking into their mobile phones so you only get single viewpoints of conversations that are probably nowhere near as boring or surreal as they sound… In short bus stops have to be the LEAST erotic places in the universe so whatever makes someone want to w#nk at Mr Ortiz’s bus stop I really want to know.

  • Ben

    ‘Masculine men do not have sex with other men’.
    Let me put it this way…., If a masculine man is gay and in the closet, NOBODY knows or suspects that they are gay. So, they are totally a masculine guy. Then, the day comes where he comes out. Now you know he is gay, does that make him any less masculine because you know he is gay? Of course not…
    Just cause you know he sleeps with other guys doesn’t mean he is any less masculine.

  • Madgeographer

    this man shuld know where the borders of class are

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Well here’s hoping!

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