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Gay marriage resembles ‘Sodom’, says pastor linked to Northern Ireland First Minister

  • Neil Rhodes

    His entire rant is laced with lunacy, but I’m just going to pick on one item: what rights to equality, free speech or expression of views can Christians (or any religious sects) have when there is absolutely no demonstrable evidence to prove their claims? I’ve never quite understood this.

    Equality is for members of the human race, not for fictional deities.

  • Mark Y

    Why are so many anti gay christians also anti muslim? They have so much in common.

  • Eugene

    It never ceases to astound and annoy me when characters like this
    throw around the word “Sodom”. If they would like to look it up, they
    might discover:

    1. The city had been condemned for its multiple sins (none mentioned specifically) long before the incident they think proves it is a sin to be gay.

    2. The men outside Lot’s house raped women the whole night until they died. Perhaps I should use twisted logic and conclude that it is a sin to be a heterosexual male.

    3. those women out his house to be raped so that his male visitors would not be raped and he is called a good man in the Bible. Perhaps we should also praise people who hand over their mothers, wives, daughters or female servants to be raped. Seriously, if Lot was good, get a clue about how evil the other people must have been.

    4. Rape and sex are not the same thing. You also cannot tell someone’s
    sexual orientation from a rape. Rape is about power, not sex.

    5. The city of Capernaum was declared centuries later to be much more evil
    than Sodom and yet there was no mention of man-on-man sex or of rape in
    Capernaum. If being gay is so evil (it is not at all) what must the
    terrible sin of the people of Capernaum have been? Perhaps they were not
    gay enough.

    • David H

      If I recall correctly, wasn’t one of those multiple sins inhospitality toward strangers? I’d suggest Mr McConnell has more in common with Sodom than anyone he’s criticising.

  • And just how does he know what Sodom is like?
    Is this the voice of experience?

  • His wife described homosexuality as an ‘abomination’ (obviously quoting 3,500 year old Leviticus), however, later, the Minister’s wife was discovered with a young man who was NOT her husband. I know that ‘adultery’ is also an abomination in Leviticus.

  • CHBrighton

    I don’t think the man is very bright. I imagine on the one hand he wants to live his life according to unprovable old writings while on the other he takes advantage of all modern life’s benefits. it must be very odd inside his head with his mind swinging wildly between 2014 BC and 2014 CE.

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