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Anti-gay Ugandan Foreign Minister rejects criticism of his UN appointment

  • Mijacmad

    Oil …. Still I say let it happen and see what happens when he starts with his opinions then, At least he will be in a reachable position to change his views.

  • Mark Y

    So the UN endorse the homophobic ‘kill the gays’ laws passed by Uganda. At least we know the UN is homophobic.

    I know the UN would not allow a politician who had recently passed a racist law calling for the death penalty of white or black people to become the president of the UN. But obviously the UN don’t mind as its just the gays that they want to kill.

    One rule for racism, another for homophobia.

  • Keith Francis Farrell

    This homophobe must never be allowed to stand for any position within the UN. The UN stands for equality, at least that is what I thought. If he is elected then we need to insist that our countries withdraw from the UN and stop funding the UN

  • Eugene

    Boko Haram is terrorising and murdering innocent people in Nigeria and this is bad but it is okay to terrorise and murder innocent GLBT people? Clearly most Africans abhor logic and empathy.

    • Extremist Muslims want to murder Christians and install an Islamic state, but both Muslims and Christians want to murder LGBT people.

  • Steve_R

    I hope this erupts into a media storm similar to the one we witnessed with Firefox CEO, I realize this is different in that there are no users to damage the brand. How ever people around the world do have a voice and the use of the Internet to demonstrate the tide of opposition to Uganda’s lack of human rights and the appointment of the Ugandan Foreign Minister to a UN appointment.

    Organizations like the UN need to learn that they should be using discretion and validating their own integrity as an organization by appointing people of exceptional character and conviction instead of embarrassment to these positions,

    • kane

      homophobic countries are in majority, so expect a lot of support coming in for his candidacy

  • David Greensmith

    His appointment just further undermines the credibility of the UN.

  • So, he has no argument other than “please stop talking about it”?

    No, the guy is a lunatic, a bigot, a hateful cretin from a hateful government of similar cretins. He should not even be considered for this position.

    The UN had better pay attention to public opinion, it is already lacking credibility, appointing this man will utterly destroy any remote possibility of coming back from being a useless and expensive waste of time and money.

    I think it’s time the UN was replaced with something fit for purpose, a body that rejects despots from the table and tells governments in no uncertain terms that to be involved in international relations you HAVE TO COMPLY with BASIC Human Rights laws.

  • Craig Young

    In 2012, the US State Department released a scathing report on the woes of that nation. Government corruption is a severe problem- the State Department rated it a risible 140 out of 176 nations in terms of such problems. Indeed, $12.6 million dollars was embezzled from the Office of the Prime Minister alone, prompting the European Union, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Norway to suspend intergovernment aid. This is probably set to worsen given the passage of Uganda’s Petroleum Bill that same year- it was supposed to bring “transparency” to the petrochemical sector, but has failed to satisfy international economists and political analysts. As for the voluntary sector, organisations are hamstrung by the Non-Governmental Organisations Amendment Act 2006, which imposes onerous entry, activity, funding and assembly restrictions. Corrupt registration processes, onerous regulation and rigorous restriction of foreign fund transit further obstruct NGO activities against the ruling regime. A recent Public Order Management Bill has also notably restricted freedom of speech and expression.

    So yeah, Ugandan government corruption is a fairly major problem.

    • kane

      poor countries awash with corruption, there’s shocker

  • kane

    the reality is western, gay friendly countries are in minority and un politics reflect that

    • BUT:

      Charles Radcliffe:
      Ban Ki-moon:

      UN Human Rights Office:

      Hillary Clinton:

      • kane

        i know there are elements in un that champion human rights but they are limited in what they can do. in the end it is down to general assemble, made up of all member countries, to vote on and pass resolutions. this is where numbers really matter and right now most of members of un are homophobic. and even if resolutions are passed this doesnt automatically guarantee that they will be implemented, see israel (resolutions are generally non-binding towards member states).

  • This appointment conflicts with the UN’s own charter:

    Charles Radcliffe:
    Ban Ki-moon:

    UN Human Rights Office:

    Hillary Clinton:

  • Rumbelow

    Sam Kutesa is a corrupt, self-interested, ignorant, arrogant and cruel man who does not belong at the UN in any capacity , certainly not as president of the general assembly. What a conflicting message his disastrous appointment sends out to the world and to those suffering from oppression, he’s poison.

  • Christopher in Canada

    It would appear that the West’s assumption for the last couple of centuries that it has been leading the world into a bright new future has been false.

  • JackAlison

    I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH ALL THE POSTS HERE ABOUT THIS PIECE OF HUMAN TRASH BEING GIVEN A POSITION AS THIS. However it may be the straw that breaks the camels back as he is gonna find life very difficult under constant scrutiny and maybe Africa will have to come to the table and stop using gays as a whipping boys for their own economic inadequacies. Its a plan that could well backfire and bring real gains for african gay rights?

    • JonParker

      or avoid the issue completely giving them free reign to do whatever they like. Giving a corrupt, ignorant and arrogant politician like Kutesa more influence can only lead to badness

      • JackAlison

        exactly…..BUT he is NOT in Africa..ALL THE WORLD IS WATCHING

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