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Christian Concern worried that a gay couple adopted children neglected by their Catholic parents

  • Danny

    These sick birth parents are not interested in their children receiving love, because their homophobic.

  • Yesh U R

    Let’s face it Andrea Williams is deeply concerning in every possible way, little Miss cut and paste with her own personal soap-box.

  • David Jordan

    If your believes involve beating your children, then no you should not have any right to direct how those children should be raised when the state had to intervene to protect them from you.
    If you don’t realize that beating a child is wrong, then you have no real idea of what is good for your child.
    Again we see Christian fundamentalists protecting child abusers.
    Something I’ve noticed here in Ireland where every now and then someone suggests introducing a Swedish style ban on parental corporal punishment is that me and my gay friends all support such a ban, most straight people I know are kind of, sort of opposed to such a ban but and all the devoted Catholics I know strongly opposed such a ban.

    • Christopher Saxon Whittle

      If you did anything violent to another person which you can legally do to your own children, you’d be tried for common assault. God knows why we allow it to happen to kids.

      • Rickster Rickster

        if my daddy did to another what he did to me he’d get life in prison.

        • Lion in Winter

          You’re not the only one. Mine broke my nose at age 17. I did not have the money a the time to fix it. It would have cost less than a paycheque at the time, but it might have well have cost a million – I didn’t have the money, and it was considered cosmetic. My deviated septum got fixed, but not the broken bone.

        • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

          If my Mammy did to others what she did to me and my siblings, she would have spent her life in prison on hard labour….At sixty three I am still suffering! Btw, she was a “good” catholic too!

          • Rickster Rickster

            so was my daddy

  • Dan

    So hold on a minute. These children were denied the protection they deserve as children and abused, and they’re still banging on about the Protection of Marriage and the birth parents rights? The very same parents that abused the children. Absolutely unbelievable.

  • She does look like the lizard lady from V, the series. It’s scary.

    • johnflondon

      Oh khayx yes!!! I have been puzzling for ages who this woman reminds me of every time I see her. And you have nailed it!!

  • George Penfold

    God needs to do something about this women, he’s getting some very bad press because of her ! :)

    • Truth

      Correct! However, as she / he never seems to intervene no matter what the circumstances and it’s left to people like this woman to ‘interpret’ ‘god’s’ will – wouldn’t you think more people would question the mental stability of these individuals? If anyone else claimed to know what a sky fairy does and doesn’t like, they’d be locked-up. But, because these ramblings and vile insults go under the guise of ‘religious belief’, no-one challenges them for fear of causing ‘upset’. Well, I for one, am SICK of them getting away with it. These people should be prosecuted for ‘Incitement To Hatred’ EVERY time they use the bible to justify their hatred and bigotry. Fortunately, the law doesn’t permit the burning of heretics any more so we should fight back at their ridiculous, hurtful nonsense.

  • Brett Gibson

    If this woman spent the money she uses on fake tan and whitening her teeth on poor starving Africans….this world would be a better place, she would also be acting like a true Christian.

    • Truth

      Exactly! People are hypocrites .. and religious people, it seems, are the biggest hypocrites of all. Well, intelligent people have seen through the money-making nature of so-called ‘charities’ like this. That’s why the civilised world is turning its back on organised religion in greater and greater numbers. We’re MUCH better off without its hatred and division.

    • Graham

      I hate anythind to do with religion, but im sure there is a better way to spend money. I won’t send a penny to Africa, they hate us remember. what about the poor sick and mistreated animals. thats where my money goes these days.

  • Rumbelow

    Christian Concern should really rename itself Obsessive Compulsive Concern, or Vexatious Christian Dominionist’s. or Chronic Homophobic Coocoo’s.

    • obsessor

      Hey! Don’t diss us OCD folks!

  • The Kitty Channel

    The parents gave away their right to have any say in how their children were to be parented.

  • doug

    Thank God the judge has more sense than her were children are concerned.

    • Ra

      Lets be thankful the judge has more sense than their god. Who or what allows people to have children to be abused.

      • Truth

        Funny how god didn’t intervene when the children were being abused, don’t you think? He again hasn’t intervened now they are going to gay parents. Shouldn’t that tell Xian Concern something? GOD DOESN’T EXIST YOU CRAZY MORONS! It’s ALL in your warped minds!

  • Bluggs

    The Judge clearly stated that since the children had been put up for adoption due to the necessity of removing them from their birth parents (due to inadequate parenting) the court was bound to respect the views of the parents BUT the children’s future should NOT be determined by them.

  • Some slightly skewed priorities from Christian Concern. No wonder they’re so concerning…

    Also, I feel that “Children Belong to Parents” is as bad a name for a charity as it is a concept. Nobody, no matter their relative positions, belongs to anybody.

    • Martyn

      Why don’t we start our own group?

      How about “Concerned About Christian Concern”?

      With an equally memorable acronym of CACC.

  • TomSatsuma

    “Why not seek adoptive parents who share the beliefs of these parents?”

    Um… because those beliefs involved abuse?

  • Lee Wilson

    “Why is it not possible to accommodate the beliefs of the natural parents and act in the best interests of the children?”

    Religion is not in the best interests of any children.

    • Because their standards and morals are exactly why their children were taken from them.They have no moral right to make any decisions about the future of the children they abused

  • cipher

    “We do not know all the details as to why adoption was deemed necessary … “

    Yeah, that part she isn’t “concerned” about.

  • rapture

    So this evil woman and the other witch from an alleged charity are supporting abusive ,unfit parents who are taking a case to Europe because they failed as parents and violated their children. Is this for real? you couldn’t make it up.
    Something similar to this happened in harrow, where Somali community were protesting on behalf of the abusive parents who did not want their abused kids being put under the care of a lesbian couple. Don’t know what the outcome of that was , only that the wishes of the abusive Somalis seemed to have delayed the process so far.
    It seems that the wishes of parents that abuse their own children are now more important than the welfare of the child.

  • gingerlycolors

    Christian Concern are certainly not concerned about children.

  • Mark Y

    Children should never be adopted by homophobic or racist or misogynistic couples. Which would rule out 100% of religious Catholics. It’s impossible to be a true catholic without being both homophobic and misogynistic.

  • misfit44

    are just four cases of gays abusing and molesting children in their
    1. A Harlem lesbian beat the toddler son of her female lover to death –
    fracturing three ribs and rupturing his liver – simply because he
    soiled himself, law-enforcement sources said yesterday. Carmen
    Molina, 32, and the mother, Zahira Matos, 20, were charged with
    second-degree murder in the death of tiny Yovany Tellez Jr. -who had
    60 bruises all over his body – and face a maximum penalty of life
    without parole.
    “They brutalized the child over a period of time. They’re simply monsters
    who beat children,” one cop said.

    Writing in the South African paper, The Star, journalist Baldwin Ndaba reports on the outcome of a court case concerning the death of four year old Jandre Botha, a young boy who according to evidence given in court was beaten to death after refusing to call his mother’s lesbian love “Daddy”….Court testimony from employees of the lesbian couple indicated that a major assault on the boy occurred as he refused repeated requests to call de Nysschen “Daddy”.

    Mark Newton and Peter Truong were a “married” gay couple convicted of buying a black-market baby through a Russian surrogate mother, smuggling the child back to Australia, and then using their purchase as an international sex slave:
    In 2005 they found a Russian woman and paid her US$8,000 to bear a child. Newton was the biological father. The mother handed the child over five days after birth.
    The pair began sexually abusing the child when he was less than two
    weeks old. They also took him around the world and allowed him to be abused by at least eight men in several countries. ….The men told the child that the abuse was normal behaviour and coached him on what to say if he were ever questioned.


    A lesbian couple accused of starving their three children and chaining their eight-year-old daughter to the wall so she could not get food have had further charges added to the case against them.
    Initially charged with felony child endangerment, Eraca Dwan Craig, 31, and Christian Jessica Deana, 44, have now had false imprisonment, child neglect and child abuse added to the laundry list of accusations levelled against

    • Ian

      And your point is….?

      • Yesh U R

        The point is he hates gay people and is typical of rabid fundamentalist haters such as him in that he is entirely selective of what he uses to denigrate, but is of course completely blinkered on all other matters. He is just a sad self-hater with a messiah complex.

    • David Jordan

      Any links to gay organizations attempting to defend these child abusers, no, didn’t think so.
      Now as for christian groups that defend child abusers in their own community, well it was (and still is) the policy of the Catholic Church to cover up and protect child abusers in their ranks, to hide information from the state about such abuse and to fight any claims for compensation in proven cases of abuse, and other fundamentalist churches are not much better.

    • Wow, well done—it would take me at least two minutes to find news about four straight couples who horribly abused their children!

    • trinielf

      And when you look for cases of heterosexual parents abusing their kids, Google literally explodes from the millions of results.

    • Craig Young

      Have you ever heard of Graham Capill, misfit? Leader of New Zealand’s (happily defunct) fundamentalist “Christian Heritage Party”, jailed in 2007 for nine years for pedophile serial rape of three little girls?

    • Who’s defending what the people in those 4 cases did?

  • Truth

    Of course, it’s always beneficial for a child’s welfare to have parents who repeatedly abuse and beat them than to allow them to be brought up by a loving gay couple. How much more absurd, objectionable and bizarre can these Xians get? Perverse? I’ll say they are!

  • lee

    she should be concerned that the children have been taken into care in the first place – whats the church teaching and doing if their followers are having their children taken into care in the first place.

    As she ever spoken out about all the abusers in the church of her so called wonderful religion

  • Rob

    Any abuse towards children is abhorrent, I don’t care if the parents are gay or straight!

  • The children were forceably removed from their abusive parents therefore they have absolutely no right to judge anyone who provides a loving home to them

  • Halou

    Christian Concern: Child abuse is better than child care.

  • Jeff

    Present distress to the parents? In this country we have to have a license to own a dog but any two idiots can have a children. The courts determined these fools were no longer allowed to raise these children. These so call “good Christians” no longer have anything to say. Bless the gay or lesbian couple which came forward to clean up the mess these fools made. And as for the crazy lady in the picture….she needs a new picture.

  • Stuart

    ‘We do not know all the details as to why adoption was deemed necessary
    but leaving that aside…’
    In other words, she knows enough to know that the Catholic couple probably behaved indefensibly so let’s avoid dwelling on what actually led to all this.

    ‘Why are these beliefs about
    marriage, which the government claims are protected, being trampled on?’
    It is absolutely academic what the couple in question think about other people’s marriages. Sort out your own back yard.

  • Katie

    Erm…shouldn’t Christian Concern instead be concerned about the fact that the children were neglected by their so-called ‘Christian’ parents?

  • trinielf

    Just because you CAN get pregnant by having sex does not make you qualified to be a parent. Apparently these Christians do not seem to understand that.

  • Peter

    I wish someone would tell Andrea Williams to go fourth and multiply – that’s putting it polititly she is so bigoted. Britain is not a Christian country we are governed by law and not religion – rightly so.

  • Craig Young

    You expect these sort of sick aberrant values from fundamentalist “Christians,” though. When New Zealand banned parental corporal punishment of children back in 2007, the NZ Christian Right turned out, drooling and slavering for the restoration of the “right” to hit kids with riding crops and other instruments. Incidentally, your “Christian Institute” collaborated with “our” Family First over that…

  • Christopher in Canada

    Why is it ok for parents to indoctrinate children into a religion in the first place?

  • Tristan


  • Ashley Rae Boedeker

    Well, the parents neglected and abused their very small children to the point that they were taken away, and in the parent’s views, this was how a ‘good Catholic’ would raise their children. It looks like all the parent’s views toward raising children are tainted, so their opinions on the safety and upbringing of these children should be avoided.

  • Mancs Guy

    Seems appropriate that she speaks for the madheads [unChristian Concern] since she really looks demented in her pics. She makes me think of Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations – bit of a mad witch.

    But I’m guessing they didn’t have anyone else to front the group, as it only has few members, when they had to replace the previous nutter after his wife & kids went public with claims he beat them.

  • Steven Gregory

    Can’t Christian Concern at least TRY to appear concerned about the children over and above their obsession against gays?

  • SFn8ive420

    “We do not know all the details as to why adoption was deemed necessary but leaving that aside, this case raises profound concerns,”

    Yes, we do know why adoption was deemed necessary, the children are 2 and 4 years old. They were neglected, kept dirty and unkempt, and regularly beaten. Where is your concern with that aspect of their lives?

    “Why is it not possible to accommodate the beliefs of the natural parents and
    act in the best interests of the children?”

    The ‘beliefs of the natural parents’ were shown to the court to include neglect and abuse. It is hard to understand why you think those beliefs would be in the best interest of the children.

    “Why are these beliefs about marriage, which the government claims are protected,
    being trampled on?”

    Removing the children and putting them up for adoption has nothing to do with
    beliefs about marriage.

    “It is causing great present distress to the parents…”

    And yet neglect and abuse of the children caused no distress to either

    “…and as they have outlined is likely to cause great distress to the children
    in the future.”

    The children apparently have had enough distress already in their young lives.
    It seems the court found they would be better off in a caring and loving home.
    Perhaps their new family environment will allow them eventually to cope with
    who their birth parents were and how they were treated in their early years of

    “Why not seek adoptive parents who share the
    beliefs of these parents?”

    Because putting the children back into a home
    that believes in negligence and abuse is ridiculous.

  • lord thorpe

    These kids have probably had a lucky escape. I don’t know any practising catholics but I know plenty of lapsed catholics. All of those who had catholic education’s speak of the cruelty of many of the nuns and priests. Perhaps the natural parents learnt this behaviour partly due to a catholic upbringing and education.

  • Mark Jeremy Thomas Hitz

    Since when are courts going to take in consideration the biological parents beliefs in a situation where the child was abused and neglected not to mention the biological parents are hypocrite but that’s besides the point. Look lady they are going to change that. Such an idiot how did she become CEO anyway?

    • pinus

      Christian Concern is effectively a one-woman show. Her only concern is to be anti-gay.

  • Psychologist

    Item headline says … “Christian Concern worried that a gay couple adopted children neglected by their Catholic parents” ….. !

    So what I read from this is:- “a gay couple adopted children” – GOOD THING to do !

    and … “children neglected by their Catholic parents” – BAD THING to do !

    The decision as to which set of parents is better for the children, is a “no-brainer” !
    Children need care, love and emotional stability ! They DON’T NEED neglect and abuse !

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