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Catholic school teachers resign, rather than sign anti-gay clause

  • Ad Lib

    If every teacher or at least a majority of them refused to sign that clause, it would have sent a clear message to the church about “morality” in the hearts and minds of their parishioners.

  • Marc Webster

    The other teachers did have a choice….they could’ve said no as well….then what would the school have done with no teachers to teach the kids?….well done the teachers who didn’t sign it

    • Rickster Rickster

      do you not understand the need to HAVE A PAYCHECK TO SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY AND PAY YOUR BILLS AND OBLIGATIONS? they pretty much don’t have a choice.

      • Chris in LA

        There are always good reasons for deciding against action. I have seen it in the workplace many times. However, if everyone stood firmly together, they would succeed. People NEED to stand by each other. It is what gives unions their strength. It is also a Christian thing to do — a valid way to look at this situation. Jesus said: Greater love hath no man, etc. No one is expecting teachers to put their lives on the line, but if people are unwilling to risk any kind of sacrifice for others (their own colleagues in this instance), what kind of Christianity are they upholding? What kind of Christian and Catholic example are they setting the children under their guidance?

        Time and again polls indicate that a large number of practising Catholics disagree with the clerical hierarchy on a number of cultural matters. Archbishops and cardinals will not change, unless the laity demand that they do. This was a great opportunity missed. Imagine the outcry, if a whole district’s Catholic schools were left without teachers? The Church’s leadership cannot afford another major scandal.

      • Derek Williams

        If EVERY teacher refused to sign, then the Catholic Church would have had to sack 100% of their staff. That is what should have happened here, but I have the utmost admiration for those that put themselves in harm’s way.

        No doubt there are teachers in the situation as you describe it, and yes of course it would be hard for them. But my perception is that if the entire staff banded together then the church would have backed down.

      • Tristan

        I agree with you to a certain degree but if we all had this attitude the world would be a far different place. Progress = sacrifice. Whether or not some are willing to “sacrifice” for “progress” is an entirely different question, of course.

      • Marc Webster

        Oh yes I do so I don’t need a lecture in the hardships of lfe from someone who knows nothing about me….

  • Fabio Trajano from Brazil

    As a teacher myself, I totally support those who resigned for a HUMAN education :D

  • David Greensmith

    What kind of message does teachers signing this kind of contract give to their pupils? Shame on them.

    • Rickster Rickster


      • David Greensmith

        This isn’t about making a statement. This is about a teacher’s role in a pupil’s life. Teachers are there to nurture, mentor, encourage, teach and provide a role model to their pupils. What example have they set? That it’s OK to be bigoted or to appease bigotry? Imagine a gay child who knows now that their teacher is either anti-gay, or doesn’t care enough about what’s right to make a stand. Being gay and a child is difficult enough – too many young gay people end up closeted and unhappy and too many contemplate ending their own lives. So I say, right back you – shame on you Rickster Rickster for supporting appeasement of bigotry.

    • Rickster Rickster


    • Chris in LA

      I suspect they feel that shame every time they see judgment in the eyes of their students.

  • Pariss

    Good for them. If only more religious people stood up and declared that anti gay teaching is an abomination then maybe these fairy believers would drag themselves into the 21st century

  • Rehan

    Lost in admiration. It takes some courage to chuck in a job you’ve had for 50 years out of principle.

  • Rickster Rickster

    to all you dolts castigating the teachers that didn’t resign, HOW DARE YOU! YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THEIR LIVES. YOU DO NOT CONSIDER THAT THEY SIMPLY CANNOT UP AND QUIT THEIR SOURCE OF INCOME! JUST HOW STUPID AND SELF CENTERED ARE YOU? THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO CHOICE! but, you did. you CHOSE to make asinine judgmental comments about them.

    • Chris in LA

      Your block capitals suggest that you feel very strongly. Good for you.
      However, there is no need to be abusive and call people “dolts” and
      “stupid” because they express an opinion that finds the actions of
      certain teachers to be praiseworthy, even if their opinions are not the
      same as yours. The others are in no way condemned, but the situation
      creates a comparison that does not show the majority of these teachers
      as shining exemplars of the Christianity they espouse. In that, they
      are like most of us, I regret to confess.

      The children will be
      their teachers’ harshest judges. Children are ardent moralists, because
      they have not yet had the experiences that require them to make
      compromises. In life, we adults generally compromise, because we are
      prone to self-interest, self-preservation, and self-advancement. It is
      the human condition. Children only see those who do the right thing
      and those who do not, even if those who do not do right do not actually
      do wrong. In this case, those who signed did not do anything wrong, but
      the children will judge them as adults who failed to live up the moral
      values they seek to impose on the young.

      However, let us not
      forget those whom we habitually praise. May I remind you of just one
      example: the French Resistance to the Nazis during WW2. Some of these
      people helped British and American soldiers and airmen to survive.
      There were three kinds of people in France at the time: resisters,
      collaborators, and the fearful majority. We always castigate the
      collaborators, especially those who betrayed the resisters to the

      • Rickster Rickster

        it isn’t my fault you’re all dolts and stupid. you dolts haven’t taken all facts into consideration.

        • Chris in LA

          So glad you have, though. You make very clear how we should think.

          • Rickster Rickster

            you invoked Nazi’s. plus cupcake, you SHOULD take all facts in to consideration. evidently you are not old enough to be able to see real life needs and concerns. you’re the one saying all of them should do something when you have no idea of any of these peoples life circumstances. you are using narrow agenda driven thinking. the lot of you are judging all the people who haven’t quit and you do not have the right. as far as I am concerned the ones that think they should all resign no matter what the cost are no better than the rightest my way or the high idiots on the other side. in closing, cupcake, my way of thinking is correct, yours is not.

          • Tristan

            Rickster its good that you feel passionately but making statements that we are all stupid is a little unnecessary.

      • Rickster Rickster

        you take the cake with asinine comments. and like a right wing nut job you invoked Nazi’s.

    • David Greensmith

      I don’t know their personal circumstances. I do know that every single gay child they teach now knows that their teachers are either anti-gay or prepared to sell out when they are asked to. That’s pretty pathetic. If the teachers had any shred of integrity they would have banded together and all refused to sigh. The fact that some did refuse to sign shows that they did, indeed, have a choice – and they made the wrong one.

  • John Butterfield

    The questions should be why we put so much on teachers and then refuse to pay them a wage that can support them and their family. As to the church all the PR in the world for the new pope aside, if you allow your church to do this then you are just as responsible. The history of the catholic church isn’t pretty. When do we draw the line ? Since when does your employer get to ask or demand any such action, I don’t care if you are a private school. You do not have the right to ask this of an employee period.
    It is very easy to sit back and say well I would walk, we all would like to think that we would do the right thing, but it is a hard choice to do the right thing, to be the tall poppy, to make a stand takes courage not everyone has the capability to do this.

  • Rita OLink

    If I may paraphrase a quote from To Kill a Mockingbird….
    “My fellow citizens, stand up. Your teacher’s passin’.”
    I am in awe ……. what a wonderful example for our children!

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