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US: Republican congressman to speak at NOM’s anti-gay rally

  • Paul

    Yes Mr Huelskamp, all those economic problems and all you can concern yourself is attempting to prevent two people from marrying one another, two people from committing to care and look after one another, and darn it, guess what, we belong to families too! There are indeed more pressing problems, it’s a shame you wish to spend your time encouraging hatred, division and sadness in other people’s lives. Some politician.

  • david

    The rally, which will be held on June 19 in DC, will be followed by a gala for which tickets cost up to $15,000 (£8960). and the begging begins, sorry continues

  • Mark Y

    Will he be wearing a white pointed hood?

  • jlvnv

    Senseless twit!

    I wonder if there will be as many participants as at the recent gathering sponsored by the Tea Party to take back the government. In the past NOM supporters have enjoyed their anonymity when it came to donating. I thought I read somewhere that Mike Huckabee wasn’t going to speak because NOM couldn’t assure him payment of his requested speaker fee.

    Interesting. Very interesting.

  • Rumbelow

    “National Organisation for Whiteness”
    Congressman to speak at NOW’s anti-black rally

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