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US: Gay Republican candidate receives hate letter branding him a ‘n***** fag’

  • shifty61

    What a sick place….such constant brutality – if students aren’t being shot down, then people people running for public office are insulted in such a way. What a sick place…

    • Bob

      Only in that religious, freak nation of a country – U.S.A.

      • Jon (Malaysia)

        Which us why when I, an American citizen, retire, it will be in Canada.

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      To be fair, he is running for public office as a republican…..

  • RamraiderUK

    Interesting how you censor the ‘n’ word and not fag? That doesn’t seem right.

  • trinielf

    Sorry but you lie down with dogs, expect to get fleas. Would I walk into a party full of religious nutters and racists and beg to be accepted by them? No. I have a shred of self-esteem.

    Remember that cool clique at school and there was always one desperate wannabe, clingon on the fringes trying to be part of them, following them around, doing anything to get accepted and they would just rip on him, tease him, make him do their errands for them? Then they never invite them to their parties.That’s minorities sexual and otherwise in the GOP.

    And what makes it more pathetic is the GOP is not even the “cool clique” anymore. It hasn’t been cool since JFK solidified the Democratic party for Civil Rights and the KKK, segregationist, Southern Baptist, fundamentalist Christian Dixiecrats fled to the Republican party and were welcomed with open arms thanks to the Southern Strategy.

    Now you see what it has become. Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt must be turning over in their grave.

    • Leonard Woodrow

      “Now you see what it has become. Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt must be turning over in their grave.”

      ‘God’ will, too … even though he hasn’t quite reached his grave yet. :)

  • Jones

    I’m not a detective either but I can take a pretty safe guess that the Twitter user is the culprit. The fact that his picture is “MORAL SYSTEM OF ISLAM” just goes to show he’s another religious whacko who will believe any rubbish he reads in that draconian piece of literature. For someone who hates gay people the guy seems to have a very strong interest in us, every single tweet is about gay people. He thinks about gay people more than gay people do and here’s a taste of what’s to expect on his Twitter profile.

    “The only rights gay people have is the right to enter the HellFire”
    “Gay people it’s so evil to go out your way to force your gayness on people who do not participate in being gay”

    • Steven Gregory

      Many religious people use that religion as a cloak for bigotry, violence and as an excuse to entertain and savor the seediest topics. Listening to people like the sender of these messages and Julia Gasper (and so many others), it’s obvious that they DREAM about this stuff, it consumes them completely and passionately.

  • Steven Gregory

    Racist, homophobic, religious: he has simply received the first round of welcome messages from the GOP. What did he expect?

  • Truth

    I’d like to bet whoever sent the message describes themselves as a christian ….

    • anti-communist

      The picture of the tweet points to something different, but hey why bother “Truth” and “Steven Gregory” with facts, discussions, suggestions, they are not interested in these things. They know everything and just want to stay committed to their far-left agenda.

  • Omar

    Hey Mustafa, I am gay and Muslim. Your ignorant fool harassing a person that’s better than you. You live in America and so don’t act like your about to stone him.

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