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Luxembourg: Parliament to vote on same-sex marriage bill ‘before summer’

  • Richard

    More positive news from Europe, I can see gay marriage being legal in all Western European countries before the end of the decade (possibly not Italy).

    • lukefromcanada

      I think at the end the two hold outs will be Greece and Italy

      • Luis Del

        Italy, Guernsey, Greece, Faroe Islands, Monaco currently offer zilch; the first three places have bills pending for civil unions which usually occur before marriage while I believe the Faroe Islands could revisit the marriage issue so in the end the last hold out might be Monaco.

        • Louis

          We attack the ex-USSR, Asia and Australia for being backwards but Europe is no gay paradise either. Northern Ireland will not have SSM for a long time, Austria and Italy frown upon it and even Germany’s government, led by chancellor Merkel, continues to oppose LGBT equality. France’s Catholic Church are campaigning to repeal the Taubira law, which is not inconceivable, given Hollandes extremely low popularity ratings.

          • Madgeographer

            Many ex-USSR countries are in Europe, and 3 of them are in the EU (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

          • Luis Del

            If put to a vote I think Austria could pass it, but as for Germany could they sue for marriage or it’s not that easy like Northern Ireland?

        • Madgeographer

          Faroe Islands are in northern Europe. Italy and Greece are in southern Europe and so is Monaco.

      • Madgeographer

        They are south European

    • Madgeographer

      Not true. You forgot Guernsey… It has very bad records

  • A very minor correction: Luxembourg will be the 9th EU country to get equal marriage, and the 11th European country (Iceland and Norway have it but are not in the EU).

  • Madgeographer

    The love will always win

  • john

    Luxembourg tends to follow France a lot I think, didn’t they bring in a more or less identical PACS (called the same thing) after France, they then changed it recognise foreign civil unions after France did it and now it seems they are following in France’s footsteps and bringing in SSM. Looks like the more and more countries that progress LGBT righs there is more of an incentive/pressure for others to follow suit.

  • Andrew McFarland Campbell

    “If the bill passes, Luxembourg will be the eighth EU country to recognise same-sex marriage – following the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, France and the UK.”

    Please remember that same-sex marriage is not recognised in the UK – it is recognised in England, Scotland, and Wales, but not Northern Ireland.

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