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CPS launches new drive against anti-LGBT bullying in schools

  • Psychologist

    Excellent news ! It is way overdue for homophobic based bullying in schools to be addressed with some power and conviction.
    However, these initiatives have been done before, and the schools who somehow get-away with NOT engaging in them, for the most part are “FAITH” schools !
    They should be FORCED to take part in these initiatives ! Children are there to be EDUCATED, not INDOCTRINATED into some “sky-god” belief system !
    Religious belief is NOT a legitimiser for exemption to equality education !

  • monica

    I applaud the move. The CPS should serve to add legitimacy and credibility to the cause. Stonewall already have excellent resources for schools for tackling homophobia (less so for transphobia).

    There is, however, little point in just developing resources and distributing them to out to schools. There needs to be a legal requirement for schools to deliver this (action:Gove?) before headteachers will sanction their use.

    Teachers are generally very nervous about delivering this and understandably so given the hostility they feel they may face. Teachers are so easily given criticism these days.

    There’s a whole lot of top-down work needs to be done first if it is to be successful.

    • Psychologist

      I totally agree with you. Some teachers appear to think “section 28” still exists.

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