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Sam Smith comes out: My album is about a guy I fell in love with

  • Joe

    I think that Sam Smith has been setting off a lot of people’s Gaydar ever since he appeared on the UK’s charts… the mannerisms, the pierced ears, the way of speaking… It’s not terribly subtle. But good on him.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    My gaydar went ping when he said in an interview he was bringing the ‘diva’ back to music and saw himself as a male diva. Its an interesting move, was the album lagging in sales and therefore this revelation might see a spike in sales courtesy of the pink pound or was he going to be outted by a tabloid or ex? Call me a cynic but usually in the world of sales and commerce the question of sexuality could potentially damage a product or indeed have the opposite effect.

  • Purple Mask

    Such a talented songwriter and an amazing voice. I’m in awe of the talent more than anything else. But if he wants a date, I’m single. :)

  • Michael2912

    I’ve not heard of him but it’s great anyway.

  • Danny

    Think most of us has loved and lost, and it does hurt; but like they say we pick ourselves up, brush us down and on we go. Hope the next one returns your love. x

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