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Oxford students called ‘fags’ in homophobic assault

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Oxford is sadly not the place it used to be. We watch Oxford’s TV news regularly and almost every week there is news of a court case involving the sexual abuse of white Oxfordshire women by Muslim men living in and around the city of Oxford, generally in the densely populated “suburbs” of east and west Oxford.

    Oxford was once “The City of Dreaming Spires”. Oxford now accommodates a total of five mosques.

    • Ed

      Oh please. ‘Almost every week’ – only not really.

      Stop spewing forth prejudice. Yes there are mosques. Big deal. Race relations in Oxford are pretty good.

      • Suddenly Last Bummer

        Well Ed, we’ll just have to wait what race the victims were and what race the attackers were.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I’d like to share something completely unrelated, but which should be of interest.

    I’ve just finished looking through the 114-page magazine called “Completion: The Definitive Guide to Moving Home”, published by the NAEA, the National Association of Estate Agents. Estate agents throughout the UK are currently giving this magazine to people who are selling their houses. So that means thousands of people are seeing it.

    Altogether this glossy magazine features no less than 31 photographs of couples smiling at some stage in the process of buying a new home, and of those 31 couples 30 of them are heterosexual! There really isn’t a gay or lesbian couple in sight! Furthermore, EVERY single couple is white! There isn’t a brown, black, or oriental face amongst any of the couples featured.

    The only photograph which does not feature a heterosexual couple is a small shot that appears on p.99 showing two young women pushing a trolley of boxes along a corridor in a storage depot, and there’s no suggestion in the photograph that the two women are romantically linked. All of the other couples are clearly romantically-linked couples.

    This is outrageous. The net effect of this magazine is to make me and 1000s of other gay and lesbian couples feel totally excluded. But we buy houses too!

    I’m writing to the NAEA to complain immediately. I hope others will do the same.

    Write to:
    Mark Hayward,
    Managing Director,
    National Association of Estate Agents.
    Arbon House
    6 Tournament Court
    Edgehill Drive
    CV34 6LG


  • Tayo

    “The victims suffered minor injuries.”

    wait, these people were physically attacked? but you only seem to mention that they were only called “fags”

  • trinielf

    Homophobia also hurts straight people. When people exist in a narrow stereotype world of what men are “supposed” to look like, act like, dress like, speak like, ANY man who falls outside their narrow definition is game for abuse, whether they are actually gay or not.

    It’s essentially robbing all men and women of the fullest freedom and range of individual expression and corralling people into these preconceived molds, making them all uniform, like sheep.

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