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Tory anti-gay candidate fails to be elected in Newham

  • Truth

    So …. there is some sanity out there after all. Very worrying – the rise of right-wing nationalism across Europe. I think people should be VERY careful what they wish for …… history has some valuable lessons, if only people would heed them. Whatever you think of EU, it has brought stability and prevented war for the past seventy years.

    • Homo Demon

      It’s not just the Tories in Newham that are homophobic. The Christain People’s Alliance fielded multiple candidates in each ward. Their hatred of gays in palpable. I am surprised the the CDA slipped under the radar during these elections and received no visible press coverage.

      So, what was the outcome in Newham? Labour won 60 out of 60 seats and the council is continues run by an autocratic, directly elected Labour Mayor.

      Whilst I do admit to being a Labour voter, the result is that we have a council that can effectively do the fcuk it wants and there is very little internal challenge.

      I guess that this is democracy in action?

      Mind you, it could be worse. Tower Hamlets re-elected Latfur Rahman who some suggeste was bankrolled by extremists. Tower Hamlets, of course, being the capital of electoral fraud and where the male head of the household often controls the voting of those that reside there…

      • Truth

        I don’t know what the Newham local voter turnout was but if it was similar to the national figure, 60% of people stayed at home. So, voter apathy is offen responsible for the result no-one wants. People cannot complain about their elected representatives if they couldn’t be ars*d voting. Hitler came to power because his fanatical followers voted while his indiferent opponents didn’t.

        • Robbie

          That’s not strictly true as I understand it. Hitler rose to power because he engaged in a tabloid frenzy stoking up nationalist sentiment (the same thing happening now) and then gained a minor foothold in government, changed laws, coerced and pressured existing politicians through economic and social blackmail, then stole leadership of the country.

          It wouldn’t have mattered how many people actually voted against the Nazi party, they already had control of the media and much of the political process.

        • Homo Demon

          Voter turn out within Newham varied between a third and a half., depending on the ward.

          I guess my point was more along the lines of democracy within Newham being an ‘illusion of choice’. The only opposition are either Muslim extremists or Christian bigots. The outcome of that is a council that has no internal challenge and does as it pleases.

    • Robbie

      The anti crowd fails in some very basic logic.

      Being in the EU has increased our economic reach, increased our imports and exports, increased employment in this country, allowed UK companies to expand massively, prevented conflict through mutual reliance, increased equality across several EU member states, increased opportunities for women, granted basic Human Rights to billions of people under a common umbrella…

      And these idiots want to throw it all away based on nothing but hyped-up nationalist notions of immigration and a response to the failed politics of the alternative parties.

      People are voting for fascism because they are too ignorant to understand what the alternatives have ACTUALLY DONE FOR US for the last sixty years, they’re too mindless to see beyond the political talking points of the moment.

  • Homo Demon

    It’s the biggest irony ever that the Newham Conservative Association has been taken over by Islamic extremists! PMSL

  • Steven Gregory

    Christians don’t have an exclusive on extremism. Here’s to voters who rejected it.

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  • JD

    Another Faul for this piece of ‘human’ scum!

  • Katie

    I think he should change career and get himself his own touring stage show performing magic tricks. I mean, he may have failed to get elected but the real achievement is in how the heck the nutter got out of the straightjacket (pun intended) to begin with?

    • Homo Demon

      Why should he change his career?

      He is the only Tory that I know who has been brave enough to admit their true colours.

      In a perverse way, I admire his honesty. Nonetheless, I still wouldn’t pee over him if he was on fire.

  • lee

    was here in pirates of the Caribbean>

  • J John Styber

    Thank to the thinking people, this moronic son od moronic religion of Allah got what he deserved. I hope British people successfully relegate the biggest threat to our Anglo-Saxon culture which is Islam.

  • Homo Demon

    LOL I did comment below that Tower Hamlets was the “capital of electoral fraud” and now an investigation has been launched there into … electoral fraud after extremists infiltrated polling stations and allegedly intimidated voters.

    Some may argeue that politics in east London is becoming increasingly dominated by Islamic extremisists with a homophobic agenda.

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