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Labour’s Michael Cashman leaves European Parliament after 15 years

  • Thanks for always standing up for us Michael. Enjoy your retirement.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Happy retirement, Michael and thank you for all you have done for us.

  • Homo Demon

    I hope that he is considered to be made a Peer.

    • David H

      It would be well-deserved. He’s always been a real gent and a well-respected spokesman.

  • Lee Hobson

    It is due to brave campaigners like Michael we have the rights we have today.
    Good luck in your retirement.

  • John

    God i fancied him as a kid when he was in Eastenders hes never that old surely….maybe he is i ain’t no chicken no more either….all the best Michael

  • JW

    Michael will be sadly missed. We can only hope others will carry on his great work. He is right to be concerned about the rise of the right in Europe especially in relation to LGBT issues. The rise of the far right in France is a big worry. BNP leader Nick Griffin lost his seat here so at least the far right message here is one that the nation will not stomach. The fact that an openly gay UKIP MEP has been elected in Scotland might bring a glint of some hope to a ramshackle bunch who have frankly verbally blundered their way somehow to a position of higher visability, but you wonder how many voted UKIP as a knee jerk reaction against recent strong immigration statistics and never really bothered at looking at the persons true credentials, not of course that that should matter a jot. Is the LGBT community in for a hard time now across europe? I’m concerned a great deal.

  • That There Other David

    Hats off to him. Hopefully his retirement from the EU doesn’t mean complete retirement from public life. The UK could do with more like Michael.

  • George Broadhead

    Michael is a valued supporting patron of the gay Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust and the PTT wishes him a very happy retirement.

  • JonParker

    Thank you Michael, the UK was better for having you stand up for us all

  • mike

    I’ve met Michael a few times and he is always friendly, witty and knows his stuff; its a great shame he’s retired although I don’t blame him!

  • Toryboy

    Farewell Michael Cashman, I stood against him in 1999, but he made a significant contribution in the European Parliament that will be sorely missed. As recent events in Russia, Hungry, Uganda and UKIP show, much done, a lot left to do. I hope that like the late Tony Benn, Michael has retired from Parliament to spend more time on politics! Thank you for your contribution so far.

  • Sue Allen

    All FFLAG parents wish you a very happy retirement Michael, thank you for all you have done for the rights of our LGBT children! We salute you!

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