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UK: Gay miners’ strike film wins Queer Palm award at Cannes

  • anti-communist

    An award meaning what? These people are jokes if they think they mean something. Thanks for lady Thatcher and what she did! UK would have been Cuba (without the climate) today without her.

    • Bikerman

      Utter rubbish. The economic crisis that we are crawling out of was set in train by that hateful divisive woman and her dogmatic fetishisation of deregulation and a blind belief in market forces. My only satisfaction is that if there is a god she is burning in hell.

      • anti-communist

        You get F, sit down!
        The economic crisis is DIRECT result of the disastrous Labour Government Mismanagement and their wasteful spending. Compare different indicators of free market countries like Singapore, Australia and socialist countries like Cuba, Venezuela. The comparison may upset you.

        • Bikerman

          ‘you get F, sit down?
          Read and educate yourself. Our economic problems go way back before the Blair/Brown government. They broadly aped the Tories for the first couple of terms. Reagan and Thatcher dismantled the regulations and safeguards put in place after the Great Depression of the 30s. I can remember the b’tch very distinctly say ‘Oh I do believe we can trust the banking industry to regulate itself’ and now we all understand where that lead to. Arthur Scargill was out of control but what happened to the miners was class war with the British police used like soldiers. It was disgraceful and unnecessary.
          She is the most hateful and divisive politician in history and she is burning in hell.

          • anti-communist

            Wrong again, second F. I am very educated, especially in economic matters, I honestly I can give lectures if I have to (not the case here). Thatcher made many radical reforms, that were necessary such as the privatization of many inefficient state industries, cutting taxes, bringing down wasteful government spending. Not the mention the galloping inflation rate in the end of the 70’s that had to be tamed by interventionist monetary policy. Of course there was a losing side of this reforms, but that won’t change the fact that in the end, Thatcher made Britain’s economy more competitive, more efficient, less wasteful. If those reforms were not carried out, Britain would have ended in the most positive scenario like Wallonia, one of the poorest region in Western Europe, which still relies heavily on its steel and coal industry and strong financial support from the much richer Flanders (surprise they are socialist, and one of the most prominent trait about the socialists is that they are dependent on other people’s money). In much worse scenario, Britain would have ended like Cuba. As for the crisis, it is, in the most general sense a result of spoiled relationship of government interventionism and banking corruption management. In the UK however, the Labour government grossly mismanage it, increased debt, it run enormous deficits, wasted tax payers money on inefficient incentives which were at the times criticized even by
            German social democrat Peer Steinbrück. All those Labour policies lead to the non-recovery that Britain experienced.

          • Bikerman

            Ooo, you’re very educated; me too. I have a string of acedemic letters after my name but I don’t bandy them about in discussion. It is broadly accepted by those in the centre ground that the most recent crisis was caused by an oversupply of cheap money, much of it from China combined with deregulated, greedy, corrupt traders and bankers (such as Lehman Brothers) – nothing to do with the ridiculous over-spending of Gordon Brown, which could have been easily rectified.

            You are ‘proud to be anti-communist and anti-communities’. There are no communists operating effectively in the UK and if you are anti-communities then you really are out there on your own space-station

            Now I’ve got more important things to do on a Sunday afternoon than read your extremist nonsensical views, like filing my nails and giving myself a pedicure.

          • anti-communist

            Wrong again for the third time.

            If you have some education, given your postings it has been a waste of money and efforts (just like a socialist). It is anything but broadly accepted that oversupply of cheap money much of it from China combined with deregulated, greedy, corrupt traders and bankers (such as Lehman Brothers). These are cheap talking points in Leftist manifestos. The banks corruption problem was a failing of the government to tackle, and to reinforce the rule of law. Many factors led to the crisis, with the two most important being government interventionist in the market while failing to penalize freeloaders and even encouraging them (whether they in low or high positions it not important). There are other factors as well. Anyway Labour Government mismanagement was so disastrous that it is was not easy still to rectify.

          • anti-communist

            The fact that you don’t have proper argumentation and you can’t debate it doesn’t mean other people’s views are extreme, it means your is – far-left probably. It doesn’t make you appear just wrong, but ridiculously wrong.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Ooooh how Guardianista.

  • Bazza

    I am proud to say I marched with the miners and against Thatcher, and any GLBTI person who supported Thatcher, is against equality for GLBTI people and human rights.

    • anti-communist

      You are proud that you are loser?
      I am proud to be anti-communist and anti-communities. I support the freedom of the individual against the collectivist “equality”.

      • Bikerman

        You must be American GOP or T-party

      • SpaceDandy

        It’s about socialism not communism.

        • anti-communist

          there is no substantial difference between the two.

    • Bikerman

      Good for you. I wish I could have. I was working as a struggling young teacher with a new mortgage that soared to 15% YES 15% under Thatcher’s glorious government.

  • Rich the sutHrIVer

    Thatcher lovers-sit this one out. I can’t wait to see it.

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