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Facebook apologises after banning Queer as Folk producer for celebrating marriage equality

  • Fordicus

    The trolls who made the false reports that led to the ban should actually be banned now.

    • Leonard Woodrow

      I agree! Anybody who keeps reporting posts as offensive when clearly they are not, should be banned permanently.

    • Steven Gregory

      I agree, it’s tantamount to fraud and should be taken seriously.

    • Absolutely agree. The God page (very funny) is constantly under attack from right wing Americans and evangelical Christian activists who report every single thing on there. From what I’ve heard, they have regular campaigns where they organize on other sites to attack the page by reporting content.

      These are the people who should be banned.

  • That There Other David

    Mistake? This is so common it looks like a policy. Close your accounts people. Facebook is not friendly to us.

    • anon

      Centralize the majority of internet dialogue on Facebook? I could see that was a bad idea 8 years ago. If I had anything fascinating to say i’d throw up a WordPress blog, and no amount of expensive american lawyers would ever be able to take it offline. However I don’t have anything that interesting to say.

      • As somewhat of an internet-savvy person, I have always been telling people that they should not be relying on any third party site to safeguard their content. Uploading things to free services and expecting to have control and ownership is naive. WordPress (hosted as opposed to independent, there are both versions), Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook… they are all taking your content and hosting it for you, and you have no recourse if they suddenly one day decide to remove it.

        If anyone has anything they want to create on the internet, with security in place to maintain your control and ownership, you should pay £5 a month for a domain and hosting, with weekly back up downloaded in case the hosting company goes out of business.

  • Paula Thomas

    What is most disturbing about these cases is that there are probably others that we haven’t heard about because the victim walks away without protest with their self-confidence reduced a little bit more.

    • SC

      Most do. My roommate’s boyfriend posted a picture of them kissing (absolutely not pornographic and with no nudity). Facebook would have nothing to do with it. We simply responded by saying goodby to Facebook and moving to G+; have never looked back. And yes you can open a Google + account just for your private matters and still keep a business Google Plus account. You can have several of those accounts with access both in your mobile devices and your computer; the Android G+ mobile application is amazing. Facebook is sooooooooooooo very yesterday.

      More on G+:

  • Brian Apple

    Facebook has been making a lot of anti-gay mistakes lately. Mistakes? Sure.

  • bomber90

    So Facebook bans anyone celebrating gay marriage but you report any of the hundreds of homophobic groups on there and they say they are complying with community policy and so won’t ban them. Double standards I think

  • Steven Gregory

    I generally like FB, but its arbitrary policies which seem to fall into the hands of anti-gay morons on too many occasions, are troubling, offensive and annoying.

  • Phil

    Mistakes? These are not mistakes, these are homophobic staff that should be disciplined.

  • Aaron

    Stories of LGBT people being thrown off Facebook for innocuous reasons seem all too frequent for it to be a series of mistakes. Must be a software/moderation bias built in

    • SC

      Tis why many of us have left Facebook altogether and moved to Google +. Google Plus gay communities are thriving. I was never a fan of Facebook in all honesty; and lately it has become a grandma’s hangout, the place where mom and dad go to keep track of their kids who have now fled to Twitter.

  • Daniel

    The bans are part of an automatic algorithm which detect certain phrases. The “mistake” is that it hasn’t been corrected from the obviously faulty programming.
    This would be another reason I don’t use that social media platform.

    • As I understand it, the bans are not automatic. The reporting of posts and pages is, and when a certain threshold is reached an employee reviews the content to decide if a warning, ban or other action is needed.

      If this is correct, then it’s not simply a matter of an automated system being too ruthless, it’s about bigoted staff supporting the bullying and attacks against people who they dislike.

    • David H

      To be fair, Pink News isn’t much better when it comes to algorithms. I posted a comment some weeks ago in which I made a very legitimate reference to a chap who used a diminutive of his given name Richard and it was pulled straight away.

      I thought after the infamous Sc-nthorpe incident all of these algorithms were supposed to be fixed. At one time, my surname was even banned, which is why I just go by David H!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Facebook needs to clean up its act. Far too many of these incidences are occurring lately especially when it’s gay-related. It’s founder Mark Zuckerberg needs to take a closer look at who he’s hiring to work for him. He supports equal marriage apparently.

    • This is always happening, but only a few stories ever make it to the press. The problem is obviously that some staff reviewing homophobic reporting of posts and pages are using their own bigotries to make a decision, and Facebook seems to have no real policy internally for staff to follow.

      It’s about time FB started showing some accountability here. If you or I received homophobic abuse from an employee at Starbucks we would know what was done about it, but FB (just like other non-customer facing internet companies) have a wall of secrecy are permitted to just say they are “working on it”.

      If this was happening so consistently with any other company there would be investigations into the policies of that company and some public accountability for them to face.

      • Robert W. Pierce

        Totally concur with that. It isn’t good enough. Now let’s see how FB grovels.

  • Timmybear

    You know, I don’t mind an honest bigot/double standard junkie, but when you LIE and say it was a ‘mistake’…a consistent pattern of removing gay posts when almost entirely parallel straight posts are NOT, is NOT a mistake – it is a policy, and one far clearer than the amorphous ones Facebook SAYS it follows.

  • Joe Trembly

    This was not just a mistake…it is endemic of a greater issue within the ranks of Facebook. Those who advertise on Facebook should DEMAND more than a simple apology. If sorry is enough, then Donald Sterling should be allowed to own the Clippers. Exactly…sorry just doesn’t cut it anymore. Unacceptable actions require more than just an apology.

  • Kristen McMinn

    Interesting that pages full of hate mongering and even calls for violence often get left up when they’re reported, but stuff like this gets banned “accidentally” regularly.

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