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UKIP candidate: Gays will stop marrying because they are ‘promiscuous prisoners’

  • Tayo

    there not promiscuous because they’re gay. there promiscuous because they are men. :)

    • Steve Cheney

      Not all men are promiscuous.

      Some of us can’t get laid for toffee.

      • Johnny

        Perhaps you’re not going about it the right way or are you married?

        • Steve Cheney

          I mostly just stare over my caipirinha and whimper to myself.

          Dudes dig that, right?

          • Johnny

            lol…I have to be honest Steve – I had no idea what a caipirinha was (I am a beer and whiskey man myself) but with a quick google search I am now with you.

            Yeah – no, not if your single. I would ditch the cocktail and keep the whimpering within the domain of the bedroom. If you are married (and monogamous) I have no advice but wish you the Best of Luck.

          • Paul – Canada

            Abstain for 3-5 days, no porn. You’ll be so horned up by the third day, whimpering will be but a passing thought.

          • Steve Cheney

            I haven’t had sex in, like, 5 years.

  • Truth

    Oh dear. Another sad, religiously-brainwashed homophobic bigot …. all of which appear to be pre-requisites for representing UKIP. So folks, you know what to do. Get out there and vote …. unless you want apathy to result in a substantial UKIP victory!

    • Bikerman

      Another bigoted, old, Christian white man. It’s getting kind of familiar.

  • Rumbelow

    John Kearney obviously has had extensive personal experience of promiscuous homosexuality and he feels this wide personal knowledge plus his amazing psychic ability gives him the right to voice such predictions rather than having to wait and see… which is really quite remarkable for such a repulsive and otherwise out of touch and bigoted old Catholic man.

  • Sparkyu1

    UKIP keeps on throwing out bigotry – it should be part of their party motto

  • David Atherton

    another day, another bigoted UKIPer…..

  • Joe McDougall

    Yet another ‘bad egg’ that ‘doesn’t reflect the party’ ?

    • Steve Cheney

      Nah, you’re thinking of racists. Homophobes have never been chucked out of the party for homophobia.

  • ian123

    More a theocrat than a would be politician. Probably envies Islam’s empire building and would love to be a part of renewed Christian empire building.

    • Steve Cheney

      It’s weird because in the very next breath they’re likely to be screeching about the “creeping Sharia”

  • Steve Cheney

    Weird old man is weird and old. And male.

  • Maryland Kid

    I completely agree that that members of the public ought to have the ability to freely and openly dislike gay people. I merely reserve the right to return the favor.

    • Rumbelow


      • Maryland Kid

        I’m not sure what that means.

        • Rumbelow

          I posted a comment in the wrong place and removed it, my bad

  • geekham

    Pink News can be useful in bringing to light stories affecting members of the LGB and T communities but its reporting can be dismayingly sloppy if not misleading or downright inaccurate. Where, for instance, does Nigel Farage suggest that it is permissible for the over 70s to be homophobic?

    • Rumbelow
      • geekham

        Er, read that, now where is the quote from Nigel Farage supporting Pink News’s claim?

        • Rumbelow

          Try Newsnight, Jeremy Paxman interview with Farage as it says in the PN story I provided a link to, the dialogue is all there .

          • geekham

            Well, thanks for your pointers but I had, of course, already seen the interview when it was live and have now watched it again. I’m not convinced you have, though, as there is no statement from Farage confirming either the statement in the headline or the assertion in the text. If you can please let me know what it is. Otherwise I will stick with my original view that it is shoddy reporting and, sadly, such reporting is not uncommon in PN.

    • Steven Gregory

      Is your Google broken?

      • geekham

        I don’t think so; why do you ask?

        • Steven Gregory

          If you used it, you could avoid asking stupid questions.

          • geekham

            Perhaps, then, you could answer the question.
            And acquire some manners…..
            You won’t find a quote supporting either the irresponsible headline or the assertion in the body of the text.
            Passing off interpretation as fact is not good reporting.

          • Steven Gregory


          • geekham

            Thank you for confirming, as I suspected, that you’re incapable of doing either.
            Good night, Steven.

          • Steven Gregory

            Enjoy your fantasy life of assumption.

  • ‘promiscuous prisoners’???
    WTF is the stupid old buffer talking about?
    Someone needs their medication upped!

  • Psychologist

    This sort of homophobic-style comment seems to be a regular occurrence from UKIP members/supporters. So my conclusion is, there must be something about the party which attracts them.
    Although, the Conservatives have their own share of homophobes too !

  • Chris in LA

    Promiscuity has not inhibited heterosexual men from getting married — in some instances, more than once.

    • lee

      Nor the vicar down in Dorset having it off with one of his flock (not sheep, a woman) dirty sod -oh and he was against gay marriage etc

  • Robert W. Pierce

    So how would this demented freak explain why over the past 30 years, hetero marriage has been in decline?

    • Steve Cheney

      Gays have been ruining it for them. Honest upstanding heterosexual men are now forced to consider the possibility that their wives could be men, at all times. =(

  • Pablo

    You can tell this guy was a loser in high school.

  • Steven Gregory


    If you want an example of a senior with wisdom, go over to the piece about actor Olympia Dukakis: she is class and honor personified.


    • Truth

      No – it’s a religious thing. It’s all these people seem to obsess over: what homosexuals get up to. VERY strange if you ask me. They obviously have ‘issues’ of their own ……

  • AndyAS

    Could there possibly be a link between the ‘refusal’ to discipline this hate-monger now that Election campaigns are over ??????? I don’t see UKIP shutting up any time soon – it will be interesting to see how Farage & Co react now they no longer have to worry so much about their public appeal.

  • Martin R

    What about the divorce rate among “straight” couples being at an a-time high?

  • jamessavik

    Excuse me but WT suffering F* do these old farts know about gay people?

    Did they read a book? Did they watch a movie?

  • Christopher T

    I’m 22 and happily gay. I’ve had a partner for 3 nearly 4 years and I work bloody hard within management for a reputable company. At what point does this make me promiscuous? Never seen so much toff. Plenty of straight men ” sleep around” if not more the gay men do go to somewhere like Newcastle and ask how many birds one guys pulled and if he remembers their names. Not just there but everywhere is the same we are all human. Who cares if I love a man, it just happened and wasn’t a choice. I think it’s about time people got with the times and embrace change.

    • Truth

      It’s amazing how much these fine, upstanding god-bothering heteros profess to know about homosexuals and their lives. How DARE this old bigot make such a pronouncement! On what evidence is he basing this assertion? To me, this is simply ‘Incitement To Hatred’ and, as such, he should be arrested and charged with an offence.

  • twinkie1cat

    I have found over the years that bigots are not just bigoted in one area. They don’t like ANYONE who is different from them whether its blacks, women, gays, Mexicans or poor people in general. Even people with disabilities they often think should be institutionalized and some go so far as to favor throwing the elderly into nursing homes. They are also usually anti abortion and anti-birth control, which of course makes sense only to Catholics.

  • halling

    Not even a dark room mate!

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