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Eight of the most homophobic things UKIP candidates and supporters have said

  • Psychologist

    ONLY EIGHT ? :)
    Like we are surprised about UKIP supporters spurting out homophobic !

  • anon

    In our reprensative democracy, who are these old, out of touch, total crack pots supposed to be representing?

  • Danny Boyd

    And yet they have a gay section & I’ll bet gay people have voted for them…

  • docMfan

    This is pretty cheap journalism. Ukip are barmy and offensive – there’s no need to twist things to make a story. Gasper, for example, is too extreme even for ukip and the stuff you quote can’t be pinned on them. Putting a picture of Farrage next to someone else’s words is misleading too.

    PN you’re better than this. Report the news, not the smears. Ukip don’t need smearing; they’re bad enough all by themselves.

  • M2
  • Sarah O’Brien

    The same can be said for any and all of the political parties, the only difference is how each party deals with these individuals…

    • Jazatw

      I am not entirely certain that is true. I don’t see too many homophobic comments coming from LD, Labour and Greens. But i agree that UKIP certainly has no monopoly on buffoons and bigots

      • Rachel M

        And yet Sarah Teather (+ I think three others from the LD) voted against gay marriage. If actions are considered stronger than words then I’d say she was up there with the UKIP eight.

        • Louis E.

          Absolutely everyone ought to oppose same-sex marriage!
          Treating homosexuals as the helpless slaves of their hormones incapable of recognizing that their orientation is a disorder is the real bigotry.

          • Kelsey

            not sure if joking or actually believes this bull…. If the latter, congratulations on contributing to youth suicide.

  • Stephen

    This is a pathetic Tory website,
    Why shoujld a minor protest party like UKIP be getting sucg coverage on here when the real danger is the Tory Party.
    The Tories hate us, They have power,
    Pink News is a collaborator with Tory bigotry.

  • Rich

    Another pathetic article trying to smear UKIP. Everyone agrees they have members who have said ridiculous things, and them people have then been chucked out of the party or disciplined if their views haven’t changed. The “gay-weather” candidate was a Tory candidate back in 2012…however that gets swept under the rug. Yes it’s common sense to say people over 70 would be homophobic, that’s common sense, they grew up in a time when it wasn’t accepted and naturally they would be more homophobic than the rest of the country. I’m gay, and a UKIP supporter, who voted for an Indian councillor and a black councillor on my local election, which must mean i’m a homophobic, racist, xenophobic person…..or just one that understands the policies they want, supports a change from the political elite and is able to understand that what one person says does not denote a whole party. Branding parties like UKIP as homophobic is insulting to the word and does more damage when there are parties and groups who are actually homophobic and racist. Cheap journalism.

    • Liam

      Oh come on, ukip is still a small party and every week this crap comes out. Obviously the other parties contain bigotry, but it is laughable to claim that it’s the same concentration. Also, ‘they’re doing it too!’ is a pathetic excuse.

    • Jazatw

      It’s common sense to say people over 70 would be homophobic
      Oh really. It was common for people 70 years ago to be more racist. Does that make it acceptable? No it doesn’t.

      UKIP is a nasty party built on the politics of division. It seeks to divide society not heal it. They are not a solution to any problem.

  • Katie

    Members of Ukip have a tendency to be transphobic too. In the end, Britain’s first and to date only openly trans MP Nikki Sinclaire ended up leaving Ukip because of the abuse she was getting, together with her outright refusal to collaborate with Ukip’s European and US neo-Nazi allies. Maybe Ukip is a misprint and they should be called UKKKip?
    Having stated that however, since trans and also gender non-conformist MPs are absent from British Politics, I have a sneaking suspicion that the other three mainstream political parties (being largely institutionally heterosexist and gender normative) might be shy of being associated with trans people too – although they tend to mask their transphobia and intolerance of genderqueer people in more ‘polite’, ‘socially acceptable’ ways that they calculate they can ‘get away with’ and still come out on top as intelligent and progressive.

  • geekham

    I’m heartened to see docMfan and Rich writing balanced and fair responses and I too am dismayed by the poor quality of this dismal PN propaganda. No one said ‘poofters should be shot, there was simply a hypothetical speculation as to a possible (if unlikely) outcome. The headline is just alarmist.#
    In no 6 of the three things mentioned only one relates to gay people and it is arguable that this was an ignorant rather than a homophobic remark
    In no 5 Section 28 did not legislate against the discussion of homosexuslity in schools; the PN reporter shows himself more ignorant than the councillor he is criticising on this one, which hardly inspires confidence.
    In no 4 as I have said in other discussions Farage did not in the Paxman interview suggest let alone claim that it is OK to be homophobic at the age of 70 and over. I suggest PN readers don’t take PN at their word here but take the trouble to listen to the interview. It is reprehensible that PN misrepresent the UKIP leader in this way.
    No 2 describes what is clearly a criticism of David Cameron and one which is clearly shared by many British people; it is not in itself homophobic.
    In no 1 the councillor mentioned (Sam Fletcher, though the reporter is too lazy to have done the research to tell you this) simply lacks understanding and is honest enough to admit this. I don’t see homophobia here though the reporter apparently sees it everywhere.
    PN is really scraping the barrel here and such sloppy reporting does not fill me with confidence that what appears in PN in the future is to be trusted as fair and unbiased reporting.
    Please take note.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    I have yet to see a photo of Farage not gurning like a rubber faced geriatric off his head on bad E’s.

  • Tina Torrontes

    I am so relieved my own area elected ZERO of these #UKIP bigots. Keeping my fingers crossed for when they count the #EuroElection results tomorrow. The increasing support for these people really frightens me – remember the Nazis also started off as just a tiny eccentric protest-party.

  • davidhill

    Now that the dust is settling from the local elections and the coming EU results will be known in the near future, it does not matter who people vote for in reality, as nothing ever changes other than things gets worse for 90% of the people. Indeed people are fooling themselves if they think any of our politicians can really make a better life for us. It is just an impossibility for them as they are not really interested in the people but only themselves and the party. Indeed ‘Partyocracy’ rules supreme and once in office they basically do what the party wants and not what the people want. One has only to look at our illustrious politicians over the past 20-years and how they have feathered their own nests and not the people. One who stands out is Blair who through his highly secretive Blair Associates according to some mainstream media sources made £20 million in a single year. Indeed he is associated with all manner of governments no matter if they are good or bad in human rights terms. Therefore we the people are just mere pawns in the whole process and if anyone again thinks different, they are fools. Vested self-interest and what they can get out of the system is our politician’s primary concern, not a better life for the people. Until people realise that democracy is really partyocracy, change will never come as we as pawns are just voting for the opposite things that we wish to see happen for our families, our grand children and our great grandchildren. Indeed in many ways our political class undermine any progress in living standards and where politicians in the main are predominantly responsible for the vast financial crash (under Labour) and a negative economic growth with inflation taken into account post the financial meltdown by the Conservatives. They never took a blind bit of notice of Greenspan’s warnings in 2003 that the financial markets had to be brought under control and a clear 4 years+ before the crash. All in all the politicians are responsible for the vast majority of debt that has been amassed (so-called liberating of markets et al) and also the decline in living standards for 90% of the people. The other 10% of course and the politician’s friends, have got richer. So who is the fool, the voters or the politicians. A question hard to answer in reality as it is an eternal circle. But one thing is for sure, the vast majority of the people in the UK get poorer by the year and where you might one day be one included in those depressing national statistics – for you have a 90% probability of getting on the list.

    The ‘Establishment’ Makes Amends but where the ‘Establishment’ does not change its spots when it comes to its own (what they did to Alan Turing, a criminalised gay who saved millions of lives in WW2 but committed suicide through these actions) –

    Democracy died a death when ‘Partyocracy’ and ‘Corporatocracy’ Corrupted the System and became the New way to Control People and run a Nation –

    Vast Corporate & Political Power in the West have Impoverished the People of the USA and the EU over the past 30-years – and unfortunately it will get far worse as things will not change for the better –

    UK’s Debt is far more than what people really think –

    The EU-USA Trade Agreement if our politicians vote it through will be a Disaster for the People of Europe & the People of the USA –

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