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Watch: Jamaican gays and trans people forced to live in storm drain

  • Don’t help countries unconditionally! Demand they implement measures anti-cruelty first!!!

    • anon

      Since human rights are universal, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to give aid “with strings attached”, that they work to improve human rights for all their citizens.

      Anything else is like letting a kid choose their own breakfast cereal. Left to their own devices, they’re just going to choose that sugary chit.

      • Thank you for supporting this idea. i hope the same would apply to other countries too, like Nigeria and Uganda. Demanding respect for Human Rights as condition for help, is not a bad thing.

  • SpaceDandy

    Tear fell from my eyes seeing those poor people suffer homophobic.

    • James!

      It could have been me in that video but most LGBT people in Jamaica don’t get that old they are usually killed before 30. Please support JFLAG who are fighting for LGBT rights

      • SpaceDandy

        As a gay man off course I will support it.

  • Thomas

    We should encourage all our families, friends and work colleagues never to visit this savage and uncivilised nation – their treatment of their gay citizens is no different from the apartheid governments of South Africa in the 70s and 80s and this island should be treated the same. Boycott Jamaica and Jamaican products until this evil and revolting mantle of oppression is lifted!

    • James!

      Whilst I partially agree with your comment the stop murder campaign did nothing but make Jamaican LGBT people more hated. I was also on the receiving end when that campaign started. I personally wouldn’t visit the island and fell out with a friend who went there on holiday with his bf. I suggest supporting JFLAG who are fighting for the rights of LGBT people there.

  • Truth

    Appalling and outrageous. The race, once subjugated by slavery, now treats its own people in the same manner. And all because of white man’s religion. And what, one asks, has The Queen – as head of The Commonwealth – done about this and other human rights abuses?

  • twinkie1cat

    Bet a nice boycott of the tourism industry by Americans would help! And I agree with the folks below. No foreign aid to countries that abuse human rights. I would make an exception for food and medical aid if it was administered through non-profits only and could not be touched by the governments. You don’t want the poor to suffer because the government is full of conservative perverts.

    This goes for Africa too. I mean really, why do you think Boko Haran was able to steal those young girls. It’s because the government of Nigeria is not setting a good example of equal rights for EVERYONE.

  • Rachel M

    Highly religious countries seem to be obsessed with gay issues. It’s the same every time – high incidence of murder and huge amounts of poverty but according to local law enforcement the biggest issue is always the gays. I think a lot of it is a big distraction technique to draw attention away from the real faults within their own society. Jamaicans should be angry about their children being shot and their families not having enough money to eat, not what is Simon who lives a mile away in the storm drain is doing. Love not hate!

    If I hear one more heterosexual person saying they are sick of hearing about gay rights as things are equal now I think I will scream. Videos like this enforce the fact we should continue until not a single person (no matter what sexuality/gender) fears for their life or feels ashamed of who they are.

  • Vernal Scott

    Please sign the petition to bring change to Jamaica:

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