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NFL commentator: Michael Sam will inspire more players to come out

  • Leonard Woodrow

    Well said! It is a shameful blot on sport everywhere that being a member of a minority group reflects negatively on their career.

    • sJames6621

      here in MD its taken a year and a half to get this ball rolling

      but its happening – another step on the way to equality and showing that gays are everywhere

      BTW talking with govt ministers in Iceland and Denmark, nations where the closet is almost zero, about 8.5 to 9% of people admit they are gay

  • Steven Gregory

    Bravo for Ryan Reynolds: a line has been established and those on the side supporting Sam sound intelligent and modern, those on the other sound stupid and dense.

    I’m glad Reynolds brought up the part about waiting on the documentary, and how rookies should be seen and not heard. In Denver we had Tim Tebow who released a couple of books that only made Tebow seem like an egomaniacal prat.

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