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Michael Fabricant: Blair once dubbed the Tories ‘homophobes’ – but we’ve moved on

  • D.McCabe

    Who is he trying to kid?

    The Conservative Party still have a lot of homophobes within their ranks, Peter Bone, Lord Tebbit, Nadine Dorries and David Burrowes to name a few.

    When these and all those who voted against or abstained from the Same Sex Marriage Bill have been thrown out of the party then come back and tell me that the party has moved on.

  • Stephen

    Fabricant is delusional .
    Over 50% of current Tory MPs are neo-fascist homophobic, extremist scum who think gay people are subhuman, undeserving of equal civil rights.
    How can he tell bare-faced lies when a majority of Tory MPs are such disgusting bigots.

  • Stephen

    Over 50% of Tory MPs belong in UKIP or the BNP thanks to their homophobic extremism.

  • Stephen

    Does Fabricant believe that his Tory colleagues who believe that gay people are subhuman and undeserving of equal civil rights should be expelled from the Tory Party?
    If not then why not?
    A gay person voting Tory is like a turkey voting for Christmas.

  • Jen

    It’s silly to pretend the Tories haven’t moved. 20 years ago they had one or two MPs out of 330 prepared to vote for LGBT equalities. Today they have about 150 out of 305.

    Like Labour, they move behind the curve of public opinion rather than dare lead it. They’re just that bit further behind the curve.

    (Though with Labour’s record of transphobia and deliberate delay on LGB issues the gap isn’t as wide as Labour would have us believe)

    • Stephen

      124 Tory MPs (about 40% of their MPs) are non extremist,
      The Tory Party remains the party of homophobic hatred in Britain.
      Fabricant is an idiot if he believes otherwise.

  • Truth

    Correction. SOME homophobic Tories have moved on. Others, who just can’t escape their irrational bigotry, have joined UKIP.

  • Sparkyu1

    Another Tory apologist piece? Really?

    What percentage of the Tory party voted against marriage equality again? What language did they use to demonise us? Don’t pretend the Tories are wonderfully reformed

    • Stephen

      This is a Tory website.
      Benjamin Cohen is a religious Tory who is constantly trying to underplay the fact that the majority of party he supports thinks he is subhuman and undeserving of equal civil rights because he is gay. The self-hatred is palpable.
      Expecting balanced reporting from this website is unrealistic.

  • TampaZeke

    Your sweet words say the party has changed but your party’s votes tell a different story. A majority of Tories voted against marriage equality.

  • Tayo

    certainly better than 20 years ago but theres still work to be done, most of your MPs didn’t vote or voted against same sex marriage just as one example.

  • Jones

    My Tory MP voted against same-sex marriage and for that will not be forgiven or voted for.

  • Homo Demon

    The Tories have moved on considerably from where they were. They still sit somewhere in the dark ages but they are longer prehistoric.

    • TampaZeke

      They’ve moved BOLDLY into the 20th Century!

  • de Villiers

    In England, the gay marriage was proposed by a Prime Minister from the right and was supported by 40% of the governing right-wing party.

    That would not have happened in any southern-European country or major countries such as Germany.

    • Stephen

      The fact remains that a MAJORITY of Tory MPs are extremist homophobic scum.

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