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Malta: Bishop who described gay unions as a ‘grave moral act’ meets with gay Catholics

  • Stephen

    Why are there so many stories about religious cults on here.
    Who cares what this guy thinks. He believe in ‘god’.
    He needs treatment for his mental illness.

    • Aron Sasportas

      Indeed, Sigmund Freud believed that religion was an expression of underlying neuroses. His books on religion are insightful.

      • Joseph Carmel Chetcuti

        While I am an agnostic, is Freud now the new Scripture? I will continue to be critical of the churches but I would defend the right of people to be gay Catholics.

        • Rumbelow

          Of course, just as you would defend the right of people to be Jewish Nazi’s too.

      • Freud also acknowledged something he called the “Oceanic feeling” as the basic for religious thoughts, which is just a basic need from birth on. So it doesn’t have to be all bad ;)

    • Don_Harrison

      Well said

  • Truth

    Sorry … what is a ‘gay catholic’? That, to me, is as incomprehensible as a Jewish Nazi. Why would ANY gay person continue to patronise an vile, bigoted outfit which spreads hatred against them? To any ‘gay catholic’ who might read this … stop being such a self-hater. You do not NEED these people. Find yourself a more fulfilling hobby – one from which you do not need the approval of a bunch of self-serving, self-appointed, ‘morally superior’ child-molesting con artists.

    • Joseph Carmel Chetcuti

      You are an ignorant and fanatical extremist.

      • Rumbelow

        That strikes me as a far too extreme accusation.

    • Joseph Carmel Chetcuti

      The advice I would give you is to disclose your name. You are obviously not man or woman enough to do that! Or are you the Incarnate Truth?

    • de Villiers

      That means every gay French person who is Catholic is also a Nazi. Idiot.

      • Rumbelow

        No de Villiers, it means what Truth said, that every gay person who claims to be a Catholic is continuing to patronise a vile, bigoted outfit which spreads hatred against them. Why would anyone do that?

  • John

    Faith is a very personal thing, i am gay catholic and proud of both, for those who believe in god no explanation is necessary. for those who don’t not explanation will surfice.. please stop knocking us ‘Gay Catholics’ there are plenty of us about…and not mental cases…in fact we are very intelligent…..

    • Don_Harrison

      I am a Gay Christian too but not Catholic. John well said for saying that.

    • Rumbelow

      Why can’t you believe in God or source without the unpleasant Catholic ideology though?

  • Joseph Carmel Chetcuti

    I imagine it was convenient for Scicluna to criticize same-sex unions given that he was about to represent the Vatican before the UN!!

    • Rumbelow

      A pragmatic career move then you think?

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