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UKIP councillor: It is a tragedy Section 28 was repealed, gays want to destroy the traditional family

  • whosaywhat

    So far, as of yet, to date – every article I have read that has started “UKIP councillor” has not ended well. The trend continues.

    With that in mind I’ll say it’s the values and views of UKIP that need to be kept away from children.

  • micky

    It what I think about and work for every day thinking how I can destroy the traditional family…. yawn… i hoped the influence of thatcher might have past after all the parties etc last year…

    • David Greensmith

      You’d think that for all the time we’ve been trying to destroy the “traditional family” that we’re so crap at it, it doesn’t really need protecting from us.

  • Sparkyu1

    More UKIP being UKIP – but the defenders will flock to tell us how we should ignore this bigotry

  • anon

    Children need protecting from hate and bigots

  • Daniel Spence

    Wow! Nigel Farage sucks at keeping his dogs in line.

    • J.

      Don’t insult dogs, they have far more intelligence than any human associated with UKIP! :-)

      • Barry Scarfe


  • James

    Oh wow. I wonder if “somebody called me gay once” is going to become the new “I have gay friends”?

    • David Greensmith

      I would be that when he was called gay it was meant as an insult, so it doesn’t really count.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Iain McLaughlan said, “I think from 1977, [gay people] wanted to ‘destroy the heterosexual family’”

      You “think”, McLaughlan?

      You bloody well THINK?

      Produce the evidence from 1977, or any other damned date, that we homosexual citizens of the United Kingdom stated that our ambition is “to DESTROY the heterosexual family”.

      Will someone of influence, a radio or TV interviewer perhaps, please publicaly challenge McLaughlan on this point (and show him to be the hateful slanderous LIAR that he is).

      • CRW

        Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a nutter, but there was a document put out by Peter Tatchell et al in the “Gay Liberation Front” in 1971 that stated things such as:

        “The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family, consisting of the man in charge, a slave as his wife, and their children on whom they force themselves as the ideal models. The very form of the family works against homosexuality.”

        Many statements were made about the destruction of the family at that time.

        The movement at the time was really anti the family in general. I think that many people thought the destruction of the family was the obvious goal, not the integration of gay people into the family.

        Bad times breed extreme response, but it is all a bit irrelevant now, integration happened, the old activists mellowed and gay people got more and more everyday.

        • David H

          True. I’ve read the document myself and it has to be taken in context with the fact that it was also written pre-gender equality (not that we have that now, but it was before Women’s Lib). As we came out of the hippy era, communal living was the next big thing (which, of course it wasn’t) – so the “destruction of the family” concept was hardly GLF-centric but the way much of the youth movement was thinking.

          I read the document earlier today, when I made a comment, as I was still quite young back in 1971; but the comment you’ve quoted was incredibly powerful to me as it summed up growing up as a gay child in the 1970s.

          Hopefully, without boring anyone, I knew I was gay from being very young. Long before I knew what sexuality was I knew I was “different” – I just didn’t understand quite how. And one of the most vivid memories I have is of watching The Naked Civil Servant when it was first broadcast (I don’t recall why I was up so late on a school night), but I was captivated, because things started falling into place.

          Part way through my mother walked in and just said something derogatory like “bl**dy qu**rs” (she’s since moved with the times); but at around 8 years old that was one of the key defining moments of my life and one of the key reasons whymy family were absolutely the last people I came out to.

        • Pet

          It referred to the patriarchal family where women and children were as oppressed as homosexuals. We’ve come a long way since then… even if there still are this kind of oppressive families.

    • Steven Gregory

      He didn’t mention that he couldn’t answer with their ©ock in his mouth.

      • Joeoz

        It’s called lip reading.

  • anon

    I support the destigmatization of mental illness, so that UKIP members can all get the treatment they so desperately need.

  • Tayo

    “I have nothing against homosexuals”

    ah, the old “i don’t have a problem with *insert minority* but…”

    • anon

      Should we play UKIP LGBT microagression bingo?

      • anon

        UKIP 2014 LGBT bingo

        Gay Agenda
        Gay disease
        “I have gay friends”
        “It’s a lifestyle choice”
        You’re oppressing MY freedom of (hate) speech!
        Traditional family
        Protecting children
        Insinuating homosexuality is related to paedophilia.
        You [LGBT people] are obsessed with [LGBT issues]. GET OVER IT!
        Homophobia isn’t a real word (or it’s a propaganda term)
        Abomination / God doesn’t approve / God is angry
        Can’t help it, it’s my upbringing
        Makes [group X] feel uncomfortable.

        • David Greensmith

          I see that “I’ve nothing against [X] but [insert exactly what you have against [X] here]” is missing from your list.

        • MDB

          you could borrow another of the US RWNJ’s favorites for everything….BENGHAZII !!!!! or how about the infamous Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve………….what total douchebags.

  • Mark Y

    UKIP = (politically correct) BNP

    • Barry Scarfe

      No, UKIP and the BNP are really quite different parties. You have to look at their economic proposals to ascertain the differences although there are many in other areas too. UKIP are basically that section of the Tory Party that never got over the fact the Tories knifed her in the back. They are MASSIVE Thatcher fans and have an economic agenda that is even more loony and globalist than even the lady herself dared to espouse.

      The BNP, on the other hand, has more centrist or even slightly ‘left-wing’ economic policies in that they don’t believe in a ‘let the market rip’ approach and admire the kind of economics practiced by post-WW2 Japan.

  • Rachel Marsh

    The word “promotion” is hilarious. Does he think if he was taught at school that there are different sexual orientations other than straight he would have woke up one morning and thought “hey, maybe today I should be gay, walk through the town centre holding hands with my partner and get my head kicked in”? Thankfully his view is in a minority these days and doesn’t matter how much kicking and screaming he does – most people are more educated than this twit.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Indeed, it is. How anyone who is reasonably intelligent can believe that people who are either homosexual or bisexual make an active, willing ‘choice’ over their sexuality is frankly beyond me.

      Why would anyone gay or bisexual wish to be gay or bisexual and be part of a 6% minority when they can ‘choose’ to be part of a 94% HUGE MAJORITY. To me, that JUST ISN’T RATIONAL BEHAVIOUR.

      • Steven Gregory

        If homosexuality is a choice, so is heterosexuality. But people like this loon would object to that, even though they initiated the idea.

        • Robert W. Pierce

          Of course, their answer to that would be..”no, we’re born normal,”

          • Steven Gregory

            To which I always reply: Straight is not “normal,” it’s just common.

          • Barry Scarfe

            Indeed. Sexuality is merely a matter of numbers. Being homosexual or bisexual is COMPLETELY NORMAL to a homosexual or bisexual person just as being exclusively straight is to an exclusively straight person.

            All of us humans are either gay, bisexual or straight. There is a fourth type called asexualism but as this very tiny minority of about 0.5% of the population don’t have any real sexual feelings then you could say they don’t have a sexuality.

          • Steven Gregory

            I’m glad to read your acknowledgement of asexuality. I’ve read a couple of articles and what I took away is that they’re not “un-sexual,” but they’re not compelled by sex, which can be very confusing for partners. We live in a world where just about everything is sexualized and asexual people don’t respond to such stimuli.

  • J.

    If gay people are such a threat to ‘traditional’ families, then opposite-sex married couples must feel terribly insecure about their own sexuality. Does he believe that the very fact gay people openly exist in society will suddenly cause men in traditional marriages to ‘become’ gay and leave their families? Some men in traditional marriages do, but that’s because they are actually bisexual or homosexual and never felt able to admit it. That however, is the result of homophobic views held by people like him and not the fault of gay people. Homosexuality isn’t catching. Anyone believing so does not have the ability to serve in public office.

    • Barry Scarfe

      This UKIP idiot probably thinks you can ‘catch’ homosexuality or bisexuality merely by walking past a gay or bisexual person in the street like you can with the common cold.

      I ac

  • wildseas

    The UKIP will never ever get my vote or from anyone with any intelligence. What a nasty caustic person ugh.

  • REALrenovato

    UKIP certainly appear to be a magnet for loony ignorant bigots – given the age of most of them is this an indication of the failure of the english education system to impart and promote knowledge and an ability for searching out truth from fantacy and delusion during the Thatcher years.
    Then again, as most of them also profess a religious belief it could be an indication that there is a corolation between religion, brain damage and an (In)ability to understand and retain facts.

  • David Greensmith

    He feels that children should be protected from the “promotion” of homosexuality. I feel that children should be protected against the promotion of bigotry.

  • Oliver

    The Gay Liberation Front’s 1971 manifesto was extremely critical of the married family, as are prominent gay activists like Peter Tatchell. Gay activists have a bad habit of being social radicals who by definition see the traditional family as an obstruction on the road to socialism which needs to be smashed.

    • David H

      On a point of accuracy, it was critical of the concept of the man as the head of the family, the woman taking second place (bear in mind that 1971 was before women’s lib), so the “traditional family” outlined in that manifesto has pretty much destroyed itself as a concept without and help from the GLF. The document in itself is as much about gender equality as orientation.

      I don’t often agree with Tatchell, and his views against monogomy in the document jar with my own. However, the actual manifesto part simply called for (and I quote the bullet points directly):

      – that all discrimination against gay people, male and female, by the law, by employers, and by society at large, should end.

      – that all people who feel attracted to a member of their own sex be taught that such feeling are perfectly valid.

      – that sex education in schools stop being exclusively heterosexual.

      – that psychiatrists stop treating homosexuality as though it were a sickness, thereby giving gay people senseless guilt complexes.

      – that gay people be as legally free to contact other gay people, though newspaper ads, on the streets and by any other means they may want as are heterosexuals, and that police harassment should cease right now.

      – that employers should no longer be allowed to discriminate against anyone on accou nt of their sexual preferences.

      – that the age of consent for gay males be reduced to the same as for straight.

      – that gay people be free to hold hands and kiss in public, as are heterosexuals.

      So, whilst its authors may have been social radicals and perhaps somewhat poorly worded in its critique of then current society (although it’s written in the style of the day), their actual manifesto certainly wasn’t derogatory toward the family or radical and really laid the blueprint for what we hope to achieve in an equal society.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Well done, David H. The truth is always so beautiful.

    • Truth

      You are misrepresenting the manifesto. It was not critical of ‘the family’ per se but the traditional roles within, whereby the male was the breadwinner and his wife, a chattel who stayed at home to raise kids. ‘Activists’, by the very nature of their opposition to what they see as wrong, must necessarily be militant. I for one am extremely grateful to the likes of Peter Tatchell without whose bravery and persistence LGBT citizens of the UK would not be enjoying anywhere near as many rights as we currently do.

  • Rumbelow

    He needs to be loved, reassured and totally ignored.

  • lee

    what a arsehole firstly we are gay we DONT choose to be gay -secondly whats all this promotion – its about gay people having equally and not walking down the street or going to work in fear. Anyway on the promotion are there extra nectar or telco points for being gay

  • kane

    ‘…Nigel Farage complained: “All anyone wants to do is talk about the idiots in UKIP”..’

    its good to see what nigel farage thinks of ukip members

    • Barry Scarfe

      His party does seem to attract many. One thing that was good about UKIP or at least appeared to be was that unlike the BNP it didn’t appear to have a loony obsession about gays and bisexuals which wasn’t based-upon scientific facts. They didn’t appear to want to pander to these morons. As a nationalist reformer even though I don’t like UKIP that was a source of some admiration on my part but it seems as if I was wrong and UKIP has just as much intention of pandering to these cretins as the BNP wants to do.

      • Barry Scarfe

        I live in Brentwood in Essex (famous for that god awful show ‘The Only Way is Essex’) and in my ward these UKIP nutters now regularly come second whereas a few years ago the Liberal Democrats were always a strong second or even won the ward. It’s a Tory stronghold so of course UKIP have got a lot of ex-Tory loonies supporting them.

        • Barry Scarfe

          They came within a few percentage points of toppling the Tory candidate in my County ward last year and might well win my ward this year. They don’t need much of a surge to do it and my ward could elect its first UKIP councillor which would be the first in Brentwood as a whole.

        • David H

          I’m in North East Derbyshire, which is typically a Labour stronghold. There’s not actually very much immigration here, although some people obsess about it (buying the UKIP lies and half-truths). Typically, it’s the people who do have never met or seen an immigrant in their lives.

          Ironically here, what support UKIP has, is coming from people who would typically vote Labour (I’m speculating, but it could be a case that the Tories holding rank to give them a realistic chance of coming first if the Labour vote is split).

          Although, the anti-UKIP stance is also strong, with people who wouldn’t normally vote in Euro elections saying that they’re going to turn out to keep them out.

          I think it’s going to be an interesting result.

          • Barry Scarfe

            I find it strange that UKIP is attracting Labour supporters in a way. I suppose those ones who are doing this are ‘Old Labour’ supporters rather than the ‘New Labour’ ones. The ‘old’ Labour Party used to be pretty Eurosceptic and indeed we have only had a national referendum about the subject under a Labour government.

            Voting UKIP is at the moment at least a big ‘up yours’ to the political Establishment of Lib/Lab/CON. In short, its a VOTE AGAINST Labour/Tory/Lib Dem rather than a VOTE FOR UKIP.

            I am sure that many Labour voters if they looked at UKIP’s economic stance ie an even more fanatical embrace of economic globalism than the Tories, FLAT TAXES for all so that the ultra-wealthy pay as much as a dustman ect would be loath to vote for them. At the moment, these Labour voters are either unaware that is what UKIP stand for or they ignoring it in a vote against immigration and the EU.

            UKIP’s vote though is still composed mainly of ex-Tories, a few ex-Lib Dems and people who previously stopped voting at all.

  • Jones

    Anybody want to do a whip-round to buy this guy a ticket to Russia? One way.

  • Truth

    What IS a tragedy is that we are still having fo listen to vile, irrational homophobic hate-mongering bigots like this in the 21st century. Why are people like this not arrested for incitement to hatred? Isn’t this exactly the role Stonewall should be playing – making complaints to the authorities on our behalf?

  • Jamie B

    We keep hearing all this about UKIP,but what about the tory party,hardly well known gay rights campaigners are they?Apparently Cameron did`nt get great support from his party,when he was trying to get gay marriage legalised.

    • Daniel

      The majority of the Tory party voted against Marriage Equality last year. It was only the fact that most Labour and Lib Dems voted in favour that it went through.

  • Cal

    Strange way of trying to destroy families by asking for the right to marry and have “legitimate” children.

  • Psychologist

    The truth is, this man, UKIP parish councillor (Iain McLaughlan) is showing clear signs of being somehow in FEAR of homosexuality. Given that the homosexuality of OTHER people impacts directly on HIM by a total of 0% – one therefore wonders just WHOSE homosexuality he is ACTUALLY in fear of !
    Did he say …… “I have been called one (a homosexual) many a time” ?
    Really Mr McLaughlan ….. I wonder why ?

    He also says “it is a tragedy Section 28 was repealed … etc ….” !
    During the 15 years or so that section 28 was allowed to exist in schools, homophobic bullying in schools more than doubled during those years. Bullying causes a great deal of psychological damage to children. Mr Mclaughlan seems to think that’s ok.
    I say … his attitude is homophobic, and he is clearly unaware of the level of damage his uneducated, bigoted, homophobic views cause.

  • JD

    Really, do we – Why would healthy, same sex, consenting adults really want to actively destroy the type of family where incest, sexual abuse, infidelity and probably peaodophilia are traditions – The institute of marriage seems to be doing all the destruction very well themselves!

    • Barry Scarfe

      Yes, many of these people moan about the ‘traditional marriage’ being destroyed but many straights haven’t exactly strengthened the institution themselves. As a good example we have Britney Spears with her marriage that lasted for a grand total of 56 days!

  • Steven Gregory

    It seems as if UKIP morons line up like paratroopers and someone sends the to the fore one-by-one “GO!… GO!… GO!…”

    • Psychologist

      Yes Steven, it certainly looks that way doesn’t it !
      I wonder who the NEXT one will be ?

  • It continues to amaze me that the crazies apparently know more about what we think than we do.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    No, you stupid bigot, it’s hetero adulterers, some of them serial adulterers like a few of them sitting in Parliament who are the real threat to ‘traditional’ family whatever that is as well as those heteros who choose to have children outside of marriage, long before equal marriage and other equality issues ever existed.

  • Mac

    Its a lot better to protect children from blatant ignorance and those who choose being a fool over wisdom.

  • Wonder Wiggle

    What really destroys the traditional family, high taxes, extra taxes, poverty, high cost of education, medical care affordability, low wages, no wages, petrol, food utility prices, high cost of anything essential, rent, clothes, shoes, i could go on and keep listing, but you get the idea, the families are so stressed with making ends meet, floating above debt, they not really got the time to worry about gays ruining their family, the gov’s doing quite a good job of that already.

  • Gary D. Sargent

    I find his remark amusing for it is the heterosexuals, themselves, who are destroying the “traditional” family; what with their adultery, promiscuity, divorce, spousal and child abuse. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  • john dingo

    he is just as bad a homophobe brian souter, boss of stagecoach

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