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US: Oprah scraps Michael Sam documentary plans

  • I have to say I agree with this decision. What enormous pressure there must already be on young Sam’s shoulders, to succeed in his chosen career, which is football, not homosexuality. Of course his importance as a role model is huge, but the trajectory of his career in this cannot be overstated. What good is a documentary if he can’t get on with pursuing his dream and showing young LGBT they can pursue their dreams too?

    I am sure, and I hope a documentary WILL be made soon enough, and that Oprah Winfrey will be the one to do it. For now, let’s just support Michael Sam and let him prove himself. Remember we’ve always said it’s Equal Rights, not Special Rights.

  • AdrianT

    I am pleased to hear. This is a crackers scheme that would have lost him support within the team and destroyed his career. Wait about five years when you have something to show and in the meantime focus on your sport, without jumping on the celebrity bandwagon.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Isn’t this admitting that sports and business are more important to society than sociology and anthropology? Sad… a golden opportunity is being pushed aside for the sake of money. If a documentary is ever made, it will be historical, rather than immediate… still, I do agree with what both Derek and Adrian have already posted.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Oprah never does anything that will offend the public at large in the U.S. It was a dead cert this would never get off the ground, her phobic viewers would have left en mass. She should stick to losing weight and staying in the closet.

  • I wasn’t sure about this from the start and couldn’t decide if it was a good idea or bad, but now that it’s been postponed I have to admit a feeling of relief and say that I think they’ve made the right decision here.

    There are numerous reasons why I think this, but the predominant ones are that he already has a lot to deal with and I think this would be a little too much pressure. It’s a needless distraction.
    In addition to that, there have been plenty of right wing bigots suggesting that he’s going to get “special treatment”, and that LGBT people want “more than equality”. This would have bolstered their ridiculous views.

    Ultimately, we want equality, and the more fuss is made about this event the more it seems to the ignorant that he’s getting more than just equality. We might understand the difference and the importance of his coming out and his career, but many of those ignorant fools will just be given more ammunition to attack him.

    I think it’s right that any documentary be thought about later. There will still be plenty of media and controversy in the meantime. It will make for a fuller story when it does eventually happen.

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