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UKIP candidate: PinkNews was ‘bigoted’ in its reporting on my naked photos which caused ‘Nazi outrage’

  • Steve

    Oh, they tell a story all right. #rumbled

  • An interesting thing about the Nazi attitude to Gays, apparently they only objected to effeminate gays. They didn’t mind the masculine ones who were quiet about it as they felt they made good soldiers.
    I’d have to search to find solid evidence of this, and there are probably accounts of masculine gays being sent to concentration camps too, but it is well documented they went for the cabaret artists who appeared in drag or wearing make up straight away.

    • Holy crap, first result that comes up when I typed in “nazi teachings about gay men” is this.
      And there’s much more written about this, so don’t assume that just because he’s gay he can’t have any Nazi Beliefs.

      • Paula Thomas

        Certainly would not make such an assumption. From Ernst Rohm (gay man and Hitler’s deputy until he was murdered in the ‘night of the long knives’ in July 1934) onwards gays have been on all sides, I believe there are even some who are Tories!!!

        • Steve Cheney

          Part of the advantage of being an invisible minority is that you can hide in the ranks of groups that despise you for safety.

    • Sister Mary Clarence

      Try googling ‘gay concentration camps’.

      They targeted anyone they could identify

    • James

      The only thing I can find that sounds anything like this from sources that are remotely reputable is that there were cases of suspected gay men convincing judges that they were straight by highlighting their masculinity and Aryan-ness. The Nazis definitely wanted to exterminate all gay men (and lesbians, though they tended to think that lesbians could just be coerced into being straight, whereas gay men needed to be killed or “treated”).

  • gary

    This gentleman is right and deserves an apology from Pink News. Pink News is fast turning into the Daily Mail with its ill-thought out , get-attention-at-any-cost reactionary headlines. It’s frustrating and disappointing. RuPaul recently quoted Animal Farm and I will post the same quote here as food for thought: ‘The pigs were never really interested in revolution, they secretly just wanted farmer John’s lifestyle’. Pink News should be ashamed of their reporting over the past year.

    • Sister Mary Clarence

      Are you on drugs mate?

      Have you seen the close ups of the tattoos and ‘art’ photos?

      They are telling a story alright, and its easily readable down his arm.

      Reichsadler German Eagle insignia, followed by ‘Let Us Pray’ stylised in the design used by the SS, followed by a Stuka dive bomber diving towards a Star of David.

      No, no, you’re probably right I’m sure its got something to his developing a love of animals, particularly birds of prey when holidaying in the forests of Bavaria as a child, and following a mix up with their tickets on the way home (maybe a double booking), it was touch and go whether they would make the flight, so there was a great deal of crossing of fingers and quiet prayers amongst the O’Doherty family. Eventually a lovely Jewish man at the check-in sorted it all out.

      Perfectly explainable – how silly that we should think anything untoward.

      • kevin odoherty

        I really have to correct you on a few points. The words beneath the large eagle read ‘Let us Prey’; it is an ironic conflicting of the words on my other arm which read ‘Let us Pray’. The configuration of the planes may have been used by the SS (you seem to know more about it than me), but in fact were taken from a book entitled ‘Planes of the Royal Air Force’ and are a Mosquito and Spitfires. Nothing German there. As for the Star of David, there is nothing fascist about its inclusion at all; you may as well allege that I am a Christian iconoclast since I have included a representation of God the Father. Fair enough if you dislike my tattoos, but at least be aware of the proper facts (and wording)

  • mike

    Hands who judged this man without knowing the full story? Strangely this happens a lot on pinknews the last place you would expect bigotry to be shown!

    • Sister Mary Clarence

      Yeah I’ll stick my hand up.

      Hands up who is stupid enough to believe the old tosh he’s now pedaling to get himself out of it.

      The more I do find out about him and the more I do get the ‘whole story’ convinces me that he’s poison.

      • J.

        Sister Mary, I cannot understand the messages on this page supporting this UKIP person and I equally don’t understand how/why those messages are being rated-up. Are the people urging a PN apology LGBT or UKIPers? Possibly they are among that small group of self-loathing LGBT people who are also UKIPers – and self-loathing they must be, because no self-respecting LGBT person would even contemplate supporting such a homophobic, misogynistic and xenophobic party. The UKIP candidate in the article is either mentally conflicted or, as you suspect, poison. Pink News owes him nothing and I just hope that the electorate in his constituency are being made aware of this story.

        • kostas.lacon

          Sometimes the selective “New Inquisition” of political correctness is disgusting…because it’s a form of fascism .

  • Anyone who knows anyone with tattoos knows that there are meanings to those wearing them that might not be so clear to the ignorant observer. This is something everyone should understand. Just because something “looks like” something to you, does not mean that this is what it is. The swastika (yes, even that!) has various meanings to various people, it was stolen by the Nazis to mean something completely different to the traditional symbolism of Indian culture.

    It’s also incredibly ironic that the Daily Heil – of all papers – was picking up on this story, given that it was an out and out supporter of the Nazis and worked to encourage the same extreme nationalism in this country during WW2.

    This man talks a lot of sense, and I never thought I would hear myself say that about any member of UKIP. However, it does not make sense that a gay man, in a partnership, and with someone not British, would support this party.

    I don’t care how he tries to rationalize his involvement with this party, I really don’t understand how someone like him can support this group of simple-minded idiots when they are a direct threat to him, his relationship, his Human Rights, and the life and well being of his own partner.

    He talks sense, but there is something significantly broken in his mind if he thinks involvement with UKIP is anything but stupid and ignorant.

    • mike

      Are you suggesting the guy doesn’t know who he is standing for as a candidate or that maybe you are wrong about Ukip, i would suggest its one of those two options and he seems bright enough to me so it must be the second one.

      • Steve Cheney

        It seems to me quite likely that a UKIP candidate does not really know what the party stands for. Quite a lot of their voters don’t seem to.

      • I would say it’s the former.

        He may seem intelligent, but intelligence does not require common sense. A person can calculate the distance from here to Mars and the fuel needed to get someone there, and at the same time not use common sense to maintain their health.

        As for the UKIP “policies”, their one single policy is to abandon Europe, and those who support that policy have no idea of the damage they will cause to this country as a result.

        Two examples…

        1. Leaving Europe will significantly diminish our GDP, employment rate and competitiveness as large companies will be forced to make a choice between a European base and UK base. With access to a larger European market it is CLEAR and OBVIOUS that it is in their best interests to base their operations in Europe and not the UK. This will lead to a decline in employment, trade, and tax revenues. The cost of basics and luxuries will also increase as our reliance on imports increases and the cost of importing is on you, in conjunction with a rise in fuel prices. We will already be paying more for products in the coming years, and forcing companies to move to Europe will increase this again as we become more isolated from the European market.

        2. Human rights will be affected as we trash the European Human Rights laws that HAVE served us so well. Forget the nonsense and BS about “straight bananas” and all the rest, the European Court Of Human Rights and the laws we all agree on for equality and furthering the rights of all HAVE served us better than any other nation outside of Europe. This is completely undeniable and is based in absolute FACT. Removing this bedrock of Human Right for *whoever* to re-write as they see fit is extremely dangerous. If that group is likely to be even remotely right wing (as UKIP has proven consistently to be) then the risks to Human Rights in this country are ten-fold once we abandon Europe.

        However much people want to debate politics, there are several things that cannot possibly be denied by a logical mind. Clearly, this man, and many UKIP followers, are not logical.

    • As I say below, don’t assume that just because he’s gay he doesn’t have any Nazi beliefs. (Though I’m not suggesting he is definitely a Nazi either, just adding to the debate) Read this.

      I do agree with you the man seems to be intelligent and gives good reasons for the tatoos he has, sounds like he just enjoys being provocative, and he has every right to do that. Not all members of UKIP are bigotted or racist and we must realise that. At least Pink News have published this article and admitted they were wrong not to research it more before publishing. They’ve given him his right to reply which is admirable. He sounds like a really interesting guy, shame he supports UKIP.
      I think the bigger thing to be concerned about with UKIP is the fact they seem very Thatcherite and anti working class, they are worse than the Tories even. The things about the EU are just a cover, if people want to vote for a party that wants out of the EU look into “No to EU”

      • Should also point out that is a pro Nazi site and people might find someof what it says upsetting.

        • J.

          Upsetting? Yes and rightly so. Nazis were responsible for many millions of deaths and would gladly have history repeat itself. Nazis do NOT deserve to breath oxygen when it is their intention to restart a holocaust.

          • BlessPapaBenny

            Oy vey! This is a second shoah! Never forget the six trillion!!

        • James

          It’s not a pro-Nazi site, it’s promoting Scott Lively’s homophobic propaganda book “The Pink Swastika”, which asserts that the Nazi party was dominated by gay men and that their homosexuality somehow led to the Holocaust.

          • Yes looking into it further reveals they are in fact white supremicists who don’t like the Nazis for some reason. The only other sites talking about this in detail seem to be far right Christian sites from America, so it’s clear what their agenda is.
            I still wouldn’t be surprised to find that leading Nazis were in fact secretly gay and had some weird double standard about masculine and effeminate gays though, they were all very messed up conflicted people (not suggesting gays in genral are, just saying the Nazis definitely were very messed up conflicted people). Ernst Rohm is written about quite widely too, not just by white supremecists. Just researching this this afternoon I found a number of groups for gay men with far right views, gay skin heads etc too, one can only imagine how many there are hidden from search engines.
            I’ve studied the Nazis extensively myself and there’s a lot of things being repressed about what else they were doing besides what they teach us in history at school. They were very into the occult for example, that’s why alarm bells rang when the man in the article above mentioned Thor, though the Nazis were more into Odin. He’s a norse God who legend had it the Runes were revealed to. Many Nazi symbols are in fact runes that have been manipulated or contain runes.
            They also did a lot of clinical research in the concentration camps, most of the early research into artificial insemination comes from the Nazis, as they were trying to start a master race. They also loved to experiment on identical twins, probably trying to work out how they could create a race of identical people. There are survivors who talk about the terrible things they saw being done their twins who subsequently died.
            Plus much of the knowlege we have about the stages of hypothermia apparenly comes from experiments carried out on people in these camps.
            The establishment obviously doesn’t want us to be too familiar with all this as it looks bad since Britain and America didn’t just destroy the research. It’s no secret now that America hid Nazi scientists and had them carry on working in America.
            Plus most leading political figures imitate Hitler’s body language and other things like dramatic pauses and facial expressions as he was such a good public speaker. and managed to practically hypnotise people as he spoke.

          • James

            The idea that the Nazi hypothermia “experiments” produced any useful results is a persistent myth: have a look at

            There were quite a lot of examples of Nazis torturing people and pretending they were doing science: often they had no real goals and didn’t record any useful results or conclusions. In general, Nazi Germany was very poor at science, as their ideology tended to get in the way of everything else, and obviously they kicked a lot of great Jewish scientists out of the country. It’s well-documented that people from the V-2 rocket programme (one of the few areas in which the Nazis were technologically ahead of the Allies) were recruited by NASA – nobody’s trying to cover anything up (the British and American governments did lots of completely terrible things in those days, and virtually none of them are still alive to worry about their reputations being tarnished).

            I really don’t understand why you want to believe that lots of senior Nazis were gay. Obviously we know about Ernst Röhm and a couple of others, but that was one of the reasons Röhm was so disliked and ultimately sidelined and killed.

      • J.

        Nancy, you’ve written: “At least Pink News have published this article and admitted they were wrong not to research it more before publishing”. I’ve read the article and cannot find where Pink News have admitted any wrongdoing.

    • Gareth

      There’s black and minority ethnic members in UKIP too. Along with anti-LGBT gay journalists in the right wing press. It’s like a kind of Stockholm syndrome.

  • Christopher Saxon Whittle

    Poor show on this one, I have to say pinknews.

    Anyone with silly tattoos on their arm wouldn’t get my vote (let alone if they are ukip) but still shouldn’t be hounded about their personal appearance

  • J

    Can’t say I disagree with him.

    • J.

      Another “J”? – well I’m ‘J’ too and I DO disagree with him.

  • Paula Thomas

    Quick, someone get this guy a dictionary so he can look up the meanings of words before he uses them!!

  • J.

    Dualism Art Project spokesperson: “He is a very humble classy cultured educated
    actor/model”. Can someone please explain to me how appearing nude in a photograph where another man snorts a white powder off the naked body of a woman is humble, classy or cultured? I suppose his private activities is his business, not mine.

    Also, I had no idea that this man is gay! How on earth does a gay man, in a civil partnership with a foreign man and supportive of equal marriage, stand as an election candidate for a homophobic and xenophobic party? It doesn’t make any sense.

    • I’ve often found in life that when you encounter something that appears to make no sense, or is a paradox, that often what you have done is misunderstand the starting conditions. Here, you can’t understand how a gay, cosmopolitan man could possible support a homophobic and xenophobic party – so, we have two choices, either he is not as enlightened as he and his freinds reckon, or UKIP is not the bunch of fascist the media tell you they are…

      Tell me, have you ever found the media to be unreliable, at all, in any way in the past? Do you really think it is impossible that they might be lying to you now?

  • David Jordan

    Has he actually read his own party’s manifesto?

    • J.

      He must be snorting too much ‘white powder’ (like his ‘model’ colleague in the photo) to know or even care.

  • Mark Y

    Can’t stand UKIP. But I did think printing images of someone and claiming they were a nazi just because they had some tattoos was an infringement on their privacy. PinkNews was low to do this. The sort of thing you would see in gutter press.

    If the man in question had said that Jewsish people were disgusting, and that homosexuals are an abomination, then I could understand the story more – but really? Judging someone on a tattoo?

    I’m also not sure a nazi would EVER have a star of david tattooed on their arm -EVER.

    Maybe this is the first pinknews retraction and apology? – or they need to do some journalism and prove this man is a nazi.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    If he reads this I’d like him to know I’d totally smash his back door in Rubbered up though, you just don’t know what these UKIP guys get up to.

  • rapture

    My friend whose hindu , has a swastika on her back ,just below Manuman, the monkey god. Certain symbols have been used well before the Nazis took them.
    Anyhow, it was not the tats that bothered me, ukip member is enough and most of em would hate tats/piercings etc.

    • kane

      hitler borrowed swastika and reichsadler eagle from roman empire symbolism

  • kane

    feeling a bit embarrassing pinknews?. anyway, original story didnt mention that the bloke was gay or homo/trans phobic, so why report it in the first place.

  • Ron

    A gay ukipper? It’s political correctness gone mad, a sad day for britain.

    I suspect that he isn’t a nazi but I don’t believe the explanation of his tatoos. I would guess that he maybe had some more extreme beliefs when younger and his tatoos had a different meaning originally. Now he simply changes the narrative along with his beliefs. It’s just a hunch…

  • kostas.lacon

    Really I don’t appreciate the selective politically correct ” New Inquisition” …
    Sorry but it’s disgusting !

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