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Michael Sam’s agent: Oprah documentary will not film in the Rams stadium

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    Michael, are you sure this is a good idea? It might be construed as a distraction from what the Rams do, which is play football to paying fans. You just being you has already been a distraction to them in a very positive way in my eyes due to the fact that I would have never given the Rams a 1st glance because I hate sports. I just don’t want to see you do something that will hurt your chances to be a great footballer and make us prouder than we already are if that’s possible. Just thinking…..

    • Paula Thomas

      I see your point but this is exactly what the Rams do: make money (Oprah will be paying them as well as Michael) and market the team to new audiences. In this case to LGBT people and given that this is Oprah, to women.

      • Jon (Malaysia)

        Thank you for pointing this out. Point taken, I certainly wouldn’t have given the Rams a glance if it weren’t for Michael, and I know I won’t follow the games because it bores me to tears, but I might chance to see some of their sponsors when I check out how he’s doing, so maybe it can be a win win. Still just thinking……. :)

  • I’m torn on this I have to say.

    On the one hand this is an important moment in American history (whether the right wing bigots want to admit it or not), but on the other LGBT people have been campaigning for the right to be equal, not “special”.

    I worry that the perception of this is going to do him more harm than simply being the first openly gay player in the sport and getting on with it.

    Wouldn’t it just be better to let everything die down, then kick some serious ar*e on the pitch to prove all the bigots wrong?

  • Brian Apple

    Shouldn’t Michael Sam get a few games under his belt before doing anything like a documentary? This all seems like a shabby marketing exercise with money in mind.

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